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Lessons In Liberty, Democracy, and Eternal Vigilance

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Here are some important lessons in liberty, democracy and civil rights:

From the eloquence of Captain Jean-Luc Picard

(Too bad our politicians, pundits and intellectuals typically lack such uncommon common sense)

On the 75th anniversary of VE Day, the day we defeated fascism in Europe, 75 years ago, we should be aware, though few are, that we are facing fascism again.

The Western oligarchs of Davos, the billionaire class that effectively rule the world, are consolidating their power. Few realize yet what is going on. They had better realize it soon.

Solidarity must be balanced with freedom, or we will not have a loving, compassionate society, but a brutal and ruthless gulag, where all life has no value, but the state is the sole value.

Here are some eloquent, extremely important words, on what it means to be free, and what it takes to stay that way.


May 8, 2020


“That’s how it starts. The road from legitimate suspicion to rampant paranoia is very much shorter than we think.”
– Captain Picard

“With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably.” – Captain Jean-Luc Picard

“The first time any man’s freedom is trodden on, we’re all damaged.” – Captain Jean-Luc Picard

“We think we’ve come so far. Torture of heretics, burning of witches – it’s all ancient history. Then, before you can blink an eye, suddenly it threatens to start all over again.” – Captain Picard

“Villains who twirl their moustaches are easy to spot. Those who clothe themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged.”
– Captain Picard

“She, or someone like her, will always be with us, waiting for the right climate in which to flourish, spreading fear, in the name of righteousness. Vigilance: that is the price we have to continually pay.”
– Captain Picard


(From, The Drum Head)

“Unprecedented” – Reality vs Delusion

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Every day, 25,000 people die of hunger. Every day, more than 25,000 people die from degenerative diseases caused by toxins, pollution, obesity and poor diets. Nobody is sounding the alarm about these two killers, which dwarf all others. Madness has gripped the world.

Every 100 days, over 5,000,000 people die of poverty and hunger, junk food and obesity. Nobody notices. But a virus kills 200,000 in the same time span, with less than 1/20th of that death toll, and it’s a global panic and hysteria, with a fascist global lockdown, a police state invoked, and global house arrests, as everyone chants the cultish chorus, “unprecedented!”

Unprecedented madness, is what it is. What’s next, the Inquisition?

Watch for it.

Every year a tragic event happens. 300,000 to 600,000 people die globally of the flu. Most are very old, very ill, or immune compromised, but it is still tragic, of course. In 2020 fewer people have died of a novel coronavirus (a new form within the cold and flu family of viruses) than from previous years’ typical flu deaths.

Let me repeat that. Fewer people have died from this new flu, or flu-like respiratory infection, to be precise, called covid-19, than have died this year from the flu, and fewer than the number that die every year from the flu.

More people die in a typical year, year after year, from the flu – yet we did not invoke a global fascist police state, mass global house arrests, sweeping unconstitutional powers for governments, and suspension of constitutional rights and freedoms for the people, in response to the previous 300,000 years of human history, when we faced typically higher death rates from the annual flu.

Simple logic and common sense fails the people, and the intellectuals, alike. Nobody fact checks? Reason has fled them.

Clearly the numbers don’t add up. This is not about public health. It is a power grab, with an extremely exaggerated relatively minor health issue used as the propaganda narrative to justify and cover it up. It is staring us in the face, like the emperor with no clothes, but people can’t see it before their eyes. They are being severely brainwashed, virtually every second, by a truly unprecedented global propaganda campaign. And it is working with unprecedented success.

If the business and political elite were truly interested in human health, the US would already have a universal public health care system; Britain would not be trashing the NHS; Big Pharma would be strictly regulated and monitored, not put in the driver’s seat; poverty, hunger and malnutrition would be eliminated; war would be stopped; toxic pesticides and other pollutants would be banned; and the fast food and processed food industries would be heavily taxed, to drive up their prices, deter their food-like products from being consumed, and fund mass public education on what truly healthy food and lifestyles look like – to make just a partial and incomplete list.

None of that is happening. This is not about human health. It’s about elite power. The Davos set wants it all.

What is unprecedented is a billionaire, Bill Gates, Mr. Pharma, and his billionaire pals at Davos, using their financial control over the World Health Organization and world governments, along with their financial control – or in most cases direct ownership – of the media, to drive an agenda of mass global house arrest, shutting down the bulk of the global economy, knowing it would demolish the global economy, which would cause vast suffering for the 99% and a feeding frenzy and boon for the 1%, and would cause a Great Depression of unprecedented proportions, in what is an act of global economic warfare of the 0.1% against the great majority of the people.

(How are these things not obvious to everyone – not even to the intelligensia?!)

A virus did not do that. A virus did not demolish the global economy. The Davos plutocrats and their political minions took a wrecking ball to the global economy, in order to force a mass restructuring, knowing it would cause mass global death and suffering, but would be a further vast transfer of wealth and power to themselves.

Some concern for health that is.

Yet the bleating flock and intelligentsia alike, all blame a virus for the economic wreckage – which is about to make the 2007-2009 Global Financial Crisis look like a child’s picnic – when it was self-evidently a planned demolition of the global economic system. That is a stunning, unprecedented level of propaganda success.

Psyops success of unprecedented proportions, is what that is. No wonder Bill Gates looks like a grinning, gloating ghoul. It’s a feeding frenzy for the super-rich, and a self-coronation, as the 99% are gutted, and liberty and democracy are destroyed.

There is nothing unprecedented about this “pandemic” – other than the hysteria and fascist measures surrounding it. We must get clear on these basic facts.

Our minds have been high-jacked by a psyops campaign of social engineering designed quite simply to consolidate the power of the ruling corporate elite and their political and technocratic minions, and to destroy democracy, freedom and constitutional rule in order to accomplish that goal.

“Unprecedented”. If I hear one more blinkered unthinking idiot utter that word, I think I’m going to throw up on their shoes. What’s unprecedented is global fascism, sheep!

Check the numbers. Compare the death toll to the flu, which is still a higher death toll. The mindlessness and unquestioning blind obedience to authority are almost unfathomable. And yes, it is disgusting, and vastly more dangerous than any germ.


There are two great dangers in human society above all. They are: the truly grave dangers posed by power mongers, and by obedient sheep – and the sheep are by far the greater danger. It is the collusion of cowardice which endangers us above all else.

The power hungry few are only dangerous because the docile majority yield up their power to them. Otherwise, the power hungry never rise to anything more than petty tyrants, swindlers and thugs. 

All the truly great dangers are avoided if the people simply embrace their power. But they are taught to mistrust themselves, and that is the root of the problem.

What is unprecedented now, in 2020, is the extent to which the great majority have surrendered and abandoned, and disavowed, their own common sense and basic intelligence, and have blindly succumbed to a propaganda narrative designed to brazenly swindle them of all their remaining power, democracy, rights and freedom, in order to turn the oligarchs in Davos, Wall Street, Brussels, Basel and the City of London into God-kings. That is unprecedented, and that is extraordinarily dangerous.

We are now facing a second wave of fascism; but this time, the people are asleep. That is unprecedented, and that is gravely dangerous. That must change very soon, or freedom and democracy, all our rights and liberties, and the future of our species, will be effectively terminated. 

Think! Think for yourself, and question everything. Then unite the people, and embrace your power; and as Bob Marley said, stand up for your rights.


In 2020, the vast majority of people, politicians, governments, bureaucrats, health authorities, business and political leaders, media pundits, academics, activists and intellectuals, across the political spectrum and around the world, have swallowed an elite-manufactured propaganda narrative that has severely misled, deceived, deluded, manipulated, and virtually lobotomized them all, save for a handful of exceptions, dissidents and rebels.

I have never seen anything remotely like it, nor did I expect dissidents, intellectuals and activists to be so easily neutered, intellectually eviscerated, and rendered political eunuchs, serfs and slaves, all spouting the official party line.

The intellectuals of the centre, left and right would be highly prescient, alert and aware, forward-thinking and well-informed as to what is happening and what is unfolding – if this was 1970. But it’s not.

We’ve had 50 years of a slow-motion neoliberal global corporate fascist coup, and it is now coming to completion. But the intelligensia, the left, and the people in general, remain oblivious, as if this was 1970, 1980, or even 1990 or 2000. It is not. This is end game. And the people had better wake up very soon, including their popular “leaders”, or we are doomed to slavery under neofeudal global fascist corporate rule.

Rouse the people, and their leaders, now. The hour is late, and liberty, democracy, and the people, are under full frontal attack.

Know your enemy, and know yourself, and you will be victorious in a thousand battles, said Sun Tzu, the unrivaled master of strategy. Well, it would appear that the people do not understand themselves, for they do clearly do not trust themselves, and have no confidence, but bow down before the elite, and roll over like trained poodles. Nor do they or their popular leaders and intellectuals understand the enemy. That too, is undeniably clear.

The only enemies, in truth, are ignorance, greed and hate. But, that being said, there are opponents: individuals and groups who stand in the way of a better, freer, greener, more just, and yes, healthier world. The principle enemy in that sense, far and away, and with no comparisons, is the ruling oligarchy or cabal of corporate elites, and their servile political minions, dupes and hirelings. And the business elite, the plutocrats, are led by a cabal of their own, mainly bankers, Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Tech, who are truly sociopathic, and who are quite simply fascist: they are in love with power. This is nothing new; nor is it particularly surprising. It is, however, extremely dangerous.

To under-estimate the global power elite now would be disastrous – in a tragically unprecedented, cataclysmic, and horrific way. But that is precisely what the people, and their leaders and intellectuals, are busy doing. Never before have they been in greater danger; and never before have they failed to recognize or understand the real danger, so thoroughly and completely.

Wake them now.

Echoing and accepting the elite narrative, that a virus caused a global lockdown, and a virus destroyed the economy, hands them victory in their fascist coup by propaganda war. Stop handing your slavers their power! You are imprisoning yourselves.

What would Jefferson, Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. say to us now? I am sure they would say, “What are you waiting for? Unite the people, and stand!”

May 3, 2020


The left better wake the fuck up, to put it starkly and most frankly. Here is a prime example. Ann Pettifor, along with Michael Hudson, Ellen Brown, Max Keiser and a few others, clearly understands finance, banking, money and economics, at least to a high degree. She clearly does not understand politics, and, like most intellectuals, and the great majority of the people, radically misunderstands what is going on with coronavirus 2020. This is what is truly dire – not a germ, not even elite power games. Good-hearted Ann needs to go back to square one and understand politics, sociology, class, and above all, the systems dynamics and machinations of the global power elite. Most intellectuals are failing utterly in terms of grossly and dangerously misunderstanding what is going on with the corona event, so she is not alone. She illustrates my point perfectly here:

Ann Pettifor on Coronavirus Capitalism – YouTube

See also:

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And more than a dozen others on my blog on this topic.

Never surrender. It ain’t over ’till it’s over.

And download, save and share all of these references. Censorship is rising fast.

The Real Resistance: Lessons From History

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It does not require a majority to defeat tyranny and defend liberty, but only a small and dedicated minority – as we saw in the American and French Revolutions, and in the defeat of the first wave of fascism, which arose in the 1930’s (and was greatly loved and applauded by Western elites) and was defeated in WWII. We now face the second wave of fascism, though the sleep-walking great majority see it not.

Actually, this is the third wave of fascism. The second wave was installed by Washington and its allies around the world between 1944 and 2019 – the most obvious, or at least well-known example, being the CIA-backed coup in Chile, September 11, 1973, when democracy and freedom were destroyed, and the neoliberal corporate fascist police state of Augusto Pinochet was installed – which both brutalzed and effectively enslaved the people, and also destroyed the economy. (Sound familiar?)

Now, the Third World fascist model, having been perfected by Washington and its allies over the past 75 years, is being brought home. 

Don’t we all feel safer now? 

“We’re all in this together.”

Yes, lemmings, we all sing the joyous praises of our shackles and chains and mass house arrest, and sing the praises of the benign and all-saving aristocracy of the ruling oligarchy and crypto-fascist elite.

Orwell would shudder. Freedom and democracy are dying before our eyes, and as George Carlin and Jonathan Turley said, no one seems to care.

While it does not require a majority to defeat tyranny and to defend freedom, it does, however, require courage, and a spine – at least among a few. 


April 29, 2020


Piers Robinson – Geopolitics & Empire podcast

Robert Epstein – Geopolitics & Empire

America Has Created A Global Dystopia – Noam Chomsky, Scheer Intelligence

Necessary Illusions: Thought Control In Democratic Societies – Noam Chomsky

Escape From Freedom – Erich Fromm

The Herd Mentality – Gerald Celente

The French Resistance and Vichy France – The Smithsonian (subject only: not exact title)

On Civil Disobedience – Henry David Thoreau

The Discourse On Voluntary Servitude – Etienne de La Boetie

Writings and speeches of Gandhi and MLK

Glenn Gould On Orwell

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Yo, listen up, blokes!

(He says, in order to mash and mangle and generally have fun with various voices, inflections, accents and colloquilisms, as Gould was fond of doing himself, rather playfully, but with very serious thought and musings injected into his playfulness – very much like the dark humour of the Orwellian film, Brazil.)

Glenn Gould was an eccentric genius, but he was eminently sane; unlike his society, and ours, which is fundamentally insane, and becoming (in some ways)  steadily more so – especially in its drift towards authoritarianism, neofeudal globalist corporate oligarchy and a police state; which the prescient saw well in advance, while the lemmings still can’t see it when it slams them between the eyes, as it is doing right now.

Glenn Gould, one of my heroes (and my favourite musician), speaks ironically here in this short audio clip about Orwell and the love of freedom, versus the love of prison – and battleship grey. How utterly fitting now, in 2020, as the people beg for their chains.

(Read, or read again: Necessary Illusions, The Shock Doctrine, Escape From Freedom, 1984, Brave New World, and Brave New World Revisited – and, On Civil Disobedience, The Discourse On Voluntary Servitude, the writings and speeches of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., the story of Jesus driving the money changers out with a whip, and, The Herd Mentality, by Gerald Celente.)

Liberty and constitutional democracy die now, unless the people refuse to be stripped of their freedom and their rights, and effectively shackled and chained. We cannot afford to underestimate the gravity of what is taking place before our eyes. It is a technocratic corporate fascist coup, and nothing less.

(We need a million Churchills now, despite his glaring faults; or at least, the humiliating defeat of the ubiquitous Chamberlains, Quislings and Vichys.)

What we are seeing is simply the fulfilment of what Adam Smith called, “the vile maxim of the masters”, which, as he  said, is, “all for us, nothing for anybody else.”

Or as George Carlin put it, speaking of the plutocratic oligarchs, the ruling 0.01%: “They want it all.”

Or as the world’s leading trend analyst, Gerald Celente put it:

“Let’s call it like it is. It’s fascism….This is as old as history.  The money changers have taken over. That’s all this is about.”

Well, what are we going to do about it? Pray for prison, and demand our cells be painted grey?

Or perhaps something more sanguine, and sane.


April 29, 2020

Recommended listening:

Chomsky on global dystopia – Scheer Intelligence podcast

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The Boiler Room podcast – on destroying America for the sake of AI supremacy

Pink Floyd – Sheep

The speeches of Martin Luther King Jr.

On Civil Disobedience – Henry David Thoreau

And Glenn Gould, on Orwell and the love of freedom, versus the love of prison, and grey:

Crisis Point: Leadership Needed From…Anywhere, Now

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Imagine if real leadership from the grassroots comes now from the moderate, democratic/republican right, and not the centre or the left. Considering that the centre and left, almost without exception, have their heads up their asses, this mortifying development is entirely possible.

Let us hope that basic sanity, in terms of resisting authoritarianism, comes from a broad-spectrum coalition, however; because that is what we will need to defeat the oligarchs in their current bipartisan neoliberal/neoconservative joint effort at a slow motion fascist coup. 

For the record, I supported Ron Paul in 2008 & 2012, because he was the only anti-authoritarian (and anti-imperialist) in those corporate coronations erroneously called elections. I supported Sanders in 2016 and 2020 because he was the only conceivably winnable candidate who is a genuine constitutional (small d and r) democrat or republican, and was not on the oligarch’s payroll or lackey squad. Left and right mean nothing if we do not have basic rights and freedoms. That is something the high-handed and supremely pretentious, blinkered centre and left need to figure out, and now.

The people had better wake up fast. The global showdown between democracy and oligarchy has now reached endgame.

The Brave New World is here. But the vast majority are asleep; and worse, they are sleep-walking while cheering on their slavers, and begging for their shackles and chains.

Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders, the grassroots right or left – it doesn’t matter now: we need leadership to resist corporate fascism, and it matters not where it comes from.

Unite the people. Wake the people. Defend democracy and freedom, before we lose them. And we are losing them now.


April 25, 2020

Cognitive Dissonance, Mass Insanity & Covid Hysteria

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Check the numbers. The disease is not ravaging us, is not unprecedented, but has killed 1/3rd the death toll of a typical year of the common flu. DOES ANYBODY FACT-CHECK ANYMORE?! 

If 300,000 to 700,000 deaths per year from the common annual flu, which is typical, and happens every year, is not considered a pandemic, then the covid-19 virus, which  has killed 170,000 world-wide, also does not merit the term pandemic – much less mass quarantine, mass house arrest, lockdown, and shut down of the economy and the society, sweeping government powers and suspension of fundamental constitutional rights and freedoms.

Are there any sane people left who can accomplish basic reasoning? Only a rare few it seems. Even the best of the best have temporarily lost their capacity for rational thought. My God, we are in great danger – for that reason above all. The people are being manipulated en mass by power mongers, and even the best are deceived by their propaganda. Terrifying.

See Trends Journal, The Herd Mentality, to set the facts straight. Virtually all the alternative media, and even the best analysts, have been suckered, duped, taken the kool aid, and been deceived. Chilling.

But, at least whispers of dissent, and questions about draconian, authoritarian measures, are finally being raised. They must grow far more powerful, and fast, or we are doomed to live in Orwell’s worst nightmare.


April 25, 2020

By the way, I have great respect for these two men. That makes their error in not questioning the core narrative even more alarming, and all the more disturbing.

Scheer Intelligence on COVID as a justification for mass surveillance:

Conspiracy Theories vs The Known Facts: Fascism, Oligarchy, & Elite Rule – vs – Freedom, Democracy & Rule By The People

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As Piers Robinson has said, it’s gotten to the point where questioning power (powerful states, individuals, corporations, institutions or groups) in any way gets you labelled a conspiracy theory. In other words, we’re not supposed to question the powerful.

The powerful can do no wrong, and are therefore above any possible question of wrong-doing. Such notions are of course utterly deceitful if cynically expressed, or else delusional, if honestly held.

Of course power can and should be questioned. That is not only legitimate, but also critically essential to a free and open, democratic society. When the possibility of questioning those in power begins to close down, then you know the society is closing down, and fascism or some other form of tyranny is moving in. That is when questioning power becomes, not only legitimate and vital, but urgently required. Such is the time now in the West, and around the world.

As the saying goes, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts abolutely.” And it is true: which is why it is also true that the price of democracy is eternal vigiliance.

“Wait and see” …there are times when such a response is simply psychotic. If you are crossing the railway tracks and you hear a train whistle, then look up to see a freight train barrelling toward you, it would be psychotic to respond by thinking, “Let’s wait and see what happens.” You get off the tracks. And if others are also in danger, you call out to others to warn them as well, naturally.

There are times when the danger is clear, and must be both acknowledged, and acted upon. Anything less would be simply insane.

Well, there is a clear and present danger, very much akin to a freight train barrelling towards us at high speed – yet the great majority of the people are either asleep on the tracks, or are taking a “wait and see” attitude, unbelievably.

The fact is, however, despite the mass somnambulance, the great majority of people in the world have lost faith, trust and confidence in the political and business elite, international institutions (such as the IMF, WTO, World Bank and ECB), the economic and political systems, pundits, “experts”, and the major media. This is hopeful. Loss of faith in these “leaders”, institutions, power structures, systems, “authorities”, oligarchs and elites, means that common sense is not yet dead.

There is a global awakening taking place, and people are highly aware that corruption is quite common, if not systemic – and it is systemic.

People know now, that individuals, groups, institutions, corporations, states and groups, sometimes do indeed carry out dark deeds. And of course they know that the darkest deeds are kept secret, or are disguised.

These things are simply common sense: evil exists; or dark deeds, if you prefer to call it something else. We are not five years old. We know that while, as Chomsky said, “The great majority have basically decent impulses”, there are always a few in every generation who are ruthlessly predatory, filled with egomania, power-lust, hatred, or insatiable greed. And it is perfectly clear that people in power are equally capable of dark motives and dark deeds.

In fact, it is arguable, and easily demonstrated, that allowing power to be highly concentrated in society attracts the corrupt and the power-hungry, and ends up giving the worst among us great powers to abuse. The logical response, therefore, would be to hold the powerful to a much higher standard of questioning and skepticism, because the known risks for abuse of power are proven to be so great.

The longer term sensible response would be to place more effective checks and balances on power than the framers of modern democracy had felt necessary. Clearly they were wrong. Their checks and balances were not sufficient. Now we must correct the error, and very soon, if not right away.

Democracy and freedom are founded on the most basic premises: these are, among others, that freedom is a value to preserved; that democracy, or rule of the people by the people, especially if it is constitutional democracy, with rights and liberties, and a voice, guaranteed, or at least constitutionally protected, for all, offers greater freedom and also less danger of abuse of power than any form of oligarchy or elite rule; that any government, institution, individual or group can be corrupted by power; that the greater the concentration of power, the greater the danger of power being abused, and being abused more severely and more systematically, until democracy and freedom themselves are destroyed; and that an informed and engaged public, a free exchange of ideas and information, and the questioning of power, and the transparency and accountability of power, are therefore essential and critical to both freedom and to democracy.

That makes questioning authority, elites, and powerful groups, institutions, organizations, corporations, individuals and states, not only acceptable and legitimate, but an urgent duty and a moral imperative, at all times, and especially when signs of growing concentrations of power, abuse of power, and assaults on democracy, civil liberties and freedom are underway – as they clearly are now, and have been for well over fifty years.


And as the global death toll from coronavirus reaches 58,000, or 1/10th the typical yearly death toll from the common flu, and manufactured hysteria becomes the really dangerous pandemic, while fascist machinations contine to exploit the crisis, it is more critical than ever to think for ourselves, and to question everything. The virus is real; but the danger has been greatly exaggerated – and most importantly, the crisis has been used by elites, both East and West, to consolidate their power by stripping the people of their power, their liberties, and their rights. It is critical that we question this emerging global police state now.


Some people may dismiss what I am saying, when I speak of a global corporate take-over or coup – something which should be obvious to all by now, and is now obvious to most people -by calling me a leftist; as if that precludes or ends all possibility of rational discussion or debate, or in any way alters the facts of the matter.

Considering that the entire poliitical spectrum has been very deliberately slid far to the right over the past 50 years, in a highly conscious elite response to the cultural awakening of the 1960’s, which liberal elites in the Trilateral Commision called, “an excess of democracy”; considering that even the US Democratic Party, the British Labour Party, and the Canadian Liberal Party, are now wholely owned organs of the ruling corporate elite, and have become supporters of a far right take-over of the economy, the political process and the government by big business, and that all of them are now far to the right of Eisenhower, a moderate Republican; and furthermore, considering that anyone who is not far to the right of FDR, is now considered a radical leftist – I will wear the badge with pride.

In any case, it means nothing to dismiss someone as leftist – especially in light of what we have just now described.

Others may dismiss me by calling me a “conspiracy theorist” – which is a meaningless term, designed simply to shut down all debate or discussion.

I agree with what Chomsky said about the phrase. “Conspiracy theory is a term that is used to poo-poo institutional analysis.” Exactly.

As Chomsky has said, “If you want to understand a society, you have to look at where power lies.” That should be self-evident – that should be politics or sociology 101.

What Michael Parenti said on the matter was also  instructive, as well as amusing. He said (I’m paraphrasing from memory here), “People say to me, “Do you think there are powerful men who meet in a ROOM somewhere?!” To which Parenti replied, with his New Yorker piercing wit, “No, I don’t think there are powerful men meeting in a ROOM somewhere. They talk about their plans while skydiving, 5,000 feet in the air…. Of course they meet in a ROOM! Where do you think they’re going to meet?”

And he went on to point out the obvious: powerful men, and a few women, have certain shared class interests. Dockworkers get together to discuss their shared interests. Librarians get together to discuss their shared interests. Teachers and nurses and auto workers and miners get together to discuss their shared interests. But people think it’s inconceivable that business elites might get together to discuss their shared interests?

Let’s not be absurd. Of course the billionaires get together to discuss their common interests. We even know where and when: it’s called Davos, at the World Economic Forum. It’s no secret. Maybe some people have heard of it. That’s the group that Canadian philosopher John Ralston Saul called, “the new royal court”, ” the new Palace of Versailles” – the group that the leading business journal in the Western world, The Financial Times, called, “The de facto world government.”

What theory? These are simply known facts.

Most of the elite grew up in the same rich boys neighbourhoods, went to the same rich boys schools, belong to the same rich men’s clubs. And the newcomers to the plutocratic oligarchy tend to join gleefully into the ranks, sliding effortlessly into the ruling ideology of self-serving, self-justifying, self-deceiving vanity, narcissism, egomania, power-lust and greed, rationalized by pretenses of being world-benefactors.

A scumbag like Bill Gates, who got his start by stealing and cheating, can schmooze comfortably with the self-aggrandizing Rockefeller clan, and be “one of the boys”, because he has joined the same rich man’s clubs, and has adopted the same rich man’s delusions of grandeur and self-deceit.

Elite clubs have been described as a mafia poker game. Once in a while someobody pulls out a gun and shoots someobody else at the table – and yes, everyboody in the room is competing with everybody else in the room – but they all want the game to continue, and nobody wants their game interrupted for any reason, especially by outsiders.

We know that the world’s power elite get together to plan their common interests in effectively ruling the world. We even know the names of their clubs – they’re not secret: the WTO, the World Economic Forum, the IMF, the World Bank, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commision, the Bilderberg Group.

We know most of their elite boys clubs, their names, and a good deal about them. And they show a few common, recurring themes: the elite hate democracy – because it limits their power, and puts restrictions on their actions, and their global looting and profits; and they do love power, and will use various Machiavellian methods to maintain and increase and consolidate their power.

These are the two overwhelmingly predominant and consistent themes among the elite rich boys clubs. And they are not very surprising. They indicate what Adam Smith refer to as, “the vile maxim of the masters”, which he said was, “all for us, nothing for anyobody else” – which is still, to this day, the clear maxim and philosophy of the ruling elite.


I myself consider there to be only two US Presidents who are worthy of respect, to my knowledge (though, admittedly, as a Canadian, my knowledge of US history is glaringly spotty and incomplete, despite, I think, the broad patterns being understood fairly well). They are Thomas Jefferson, one of the founders of the country, and the only true democrat among the founders, the rest being elitist oligarchs, as we can see from their own words; and Eisenhower, a Republican President who warned us of the military industrial complex, and the potential rise of a technocratic fascism.

Jefferson warned us of exactly what I have been writing about, except that he wrote it in 1812, over 200 years ago. He said, “I pray we shall crush the birth of the moneyed aristocracy in its infancy, for already it bids defiance to our laws and seeks a contest of strength with our democratic government.”

But he was just a conspiracy theorist, of course. We needn’t take him seriously.

Eisenhower, I would say – who was, again, a Republican, and a conservative – was the last US president worthy of respect, from what the historical record clearly shows, and also, the one who warned us of the growing power of the deep state, the shadow government, or the power elite, which he called, the military industrial complex. If agreeing with Eisenhower, that the military industrial complex and the shadowy power elites its serves, should be viewed with caution and skepticism, and watched carefully for potentially great abuses of power, makes me a conspiracy theorist, then call me a conspiracy theorist – along with US President Eisenhower.

Under those, most reasonable stipulations, I will happily accept the badge, though I still think it misdirects the people from the actual issues at hand, and thus, serves only to cloud the people’s judgment and their minds.

We know that the richest three men in the US now control as much wealth as the poorest half of Americans. We know that the richest eight individuals in the world now control more wealth than the poorest half of humanity. The figures show us unmistakably that we have moved from liberal democracies, 200 years ago, into crony capitalism dominated by business elites, to the full merger of busines and the state, which is corporatism: which, as Mussolini himself said, is the proper term for fascism.

Whether you are left, right or centre, the fact of growing and unchecked concentrations of power remains, and has reached extreme degrees.

There is nothing theoretical about it. The question is, what are we going to do about it?


March 22, 2020

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