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Conspiracy Theories vs The Known Facts: Fascism, Oligarchy, & Elite Rule – vs – Freedom, Democracy & Rule By The People

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As Piers Robinson has said, it’s gotten to the point where questioning power (powerful states, individuals, corporations, institutions or groups) in any way gets you labelled a conspiracy theory. In other words, we’re not supposed to question the powerful.

The powerful can do no wrong, and are therefore above any possible question of wrong-doing. Such notions are of course utterly deceitful if cynically expressed, or else delusional, if honestly held.

Of course power can and should be questioned. That is not only legitimate, but also critically essential to a free and open, democratic society. When the possibility of questioning those in power begins to close down, then you know the society is closing down, and fascism or some other form of tyranny is moving in. That is when questioning power becomes, not only legitimate and vital, but urgently required. Such is the time now in the West, and around the world.

As the saying goes, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts abolutely.” And it is true: which is why it is also true that the price of democracy is eternal vigiliance.

“Wait and see” …there are times when such a response is simply psychotic. If you are crossing the railway tracks and you hear a train whistle, then look up to see a freight train barrelling toward you, it would be psychotic to respond by thinking, “Let’s wait and see what happens.” You get off the tracks. And if others are also in danger, you call out to others to warn them as well, naturally.

There are times when the danger is clear, and must be both acknowledged, and acted upon. Anything less would be simply insane.

Well, there is a clear and present danger, very much akin to a freight train barrelling towards us at high speed – yet the great majority of the people are either asleep on the tracks, or are taking a “wait and see” attitude, unbelievably.

The fact is, however, despite the mass somnambulance, the great majority of people in the world have lost faith, trust and confidence in the political and business elite, international institutions (such as the IMF, WTO, World Bank and ECB), the economic and political systems, pundits, “experts”, and the major media. This is hopeful. Loss of faith in these “leaders”, institutions, power structures, systems, “authorities”, oligarchs and elites, means that common sense is not yet dead.

There is a global awakening taking place, and people are highly aware that corruption is quite common, if not systemic – and it is systemic.

People know now, that individuals, groups, institutions, corporations, states and groups, sometimes do indeed carry out dark deeds. And of course they know that the darkest deeds are kept secret, or are disguised.

These things are simply common sense: evil exists; or dark deeds, if you prefer to call it something else. We are not five years old. We know that while, as Chomsky said, “The great majority have basically decent impulses”, there are always a few in every generation who are ruthlessly predatory, filled with egomania, power-lust, hatred, or insatiable greed. And it is perfectly clear that people in power are equally capable of dark motives and dark deeds.

In fact, it is arguable, and easily demonstrated, that allowing power to be highly concentrated in society attracts the corrupt and the power-hungry, and ends up giving the worst among us great powers to abuse. The logical response, therefore, would be to hold the powerful to a much higher standard of questioning and skepticism, because the known risks for abuse of power are proven to be so great.

The longer term sensible response would be to place more effective checks and balances on power than the framers of modern democracy had felt necessary. Clearly they were wrong. Their checks and balances were not sufficient. Now we must correct the error, and very soon, if not right away.

Democracy and freedom are founded on the most basic premises: these are, among others, that freedom is a value to preserved; that democracy, or rule of the people by the people, especially if it is constitutional democracy, with rights and liberties, and a voice, guaranteed, or at least constitutionally protected, for all, offers greater freedom and also less danger of abuse of power than any form of oligarchy or elite rule; that any government, institution, individual or group can be corrupted by power; that the greater the concentration of power, the greater the danger of power being abused, and being abused more severely and more systematically, until democracy and freedom themselves are destroyed; and that an informed and engaged public, a free exchange of ideas and information, and the questioning of power, and the transparency and accountability of power, are therefore essential and critical to both freedom and to democracy.

That makes questioning authority, elites, and powerful groups, institutions, organizations, corporations, individuals and states, not only acceptable and legitimate, but an urgent duty and a moral imperative, at all times, and especially when signs of growing concentrations of power, abuse of power, and assaults on democracy, civil liberties and freedom are underway – as they clearly are now, and have been for well over fifty years.


And as the global death toll from coronavirus reaches 58,000, or 1/10th the typical yearly death toll from the common flu, and manufactured hysteria becomes the really dangerous pandemic, while fascist machinations contine to exploit the crisis, it is more critical than ever to think for ourselves, and to question everything. The virus is real; but the danger has been greatly exaggerated – and most importantly, the crisis has been used by elites, both East and West, to consolidate their power by stripping the people of their power, their liberties, and their rights. It is critical that we question this emerging global police state now.


Some people may dismiss what I am saying, when I speak of a global corporate take-over or coup – something which should be obvious to all by now, and is now obvious to most people -by calling me a leftist; as if that precludes or ends all possibility of rational discussion or debate, or in any way alters the facts of the matter.

Considering that the entire poliitical spectrum has been very deliberately slid far to the right over the past 50 years, in a highly conscious elite response to the cultural awakening of the 1960’s, which liberal elites in the Trilateral Commision called, “an excess of democracy”; considering that even the US Democratic Party, the British Labour Party, and the Canadian Liberal Party, are now wholely owned organs of the ruling corporate elite, and have become supporters of a far right take-over of the economy, the political process and the government by big business, and that all of them are now far to the right of Eisenhower, a moderate Republican; and furthermore, considering that anyone who is not far to the right of FDR, is now considered a radical leftist – I will wear the badge with pride.

In any case, it means nothing to dismiss someone as leftist – especially in light of what we have just now described.

Others may dismiss me by calling me a “conspiracy theorist” – which is a meaningless term, designed simply to shut down all debate or discussion.

I agree with what Chomsky said about the phrase. “Conspiracy theory is a term that is used to poo-poo institutional analysis.” Exactly.

As Chomsky has said, “If you want to understand a society, you have to look at where power lies.” That should be self-evident – that should be politics or sociology 101.

What Michael Parenti said on the matter was also  instructive, as well as amusing. He said (I’m paraphrasing from memory here), “People say to me, “Do you think there are powerful men who meet in a ROOM somewhere?!” To which Parenti replied, with his New Yorker piercing wit, “No, I don’t think there are powerful men meeting in a ROOM somewhere. They talk about their plans while skydiving, 5,000 feet in the air…. Of course they meet in a ROOM! Where do you think they’re going to meet?”

And he went on to point out the obvious: powerful men, and a few women, have certain shared class interests. Dockworkers get together to discuss their shared interests. Librarians get together to discuss their shared interests. Teachers and nurses and auto workers and miners get together to discuss their shared interests. But people think it’s inconceivable that business elites might get together to discuss their shared interests?

Let’s not be absurd. Of course the billionaires get together to discuss their common interests. We even know where and when: it’s called Davos, at the World Economic Forum. It’s no secret. Maybe some people have heard of it. That’s the group that Canadian philosopher John Ralston Saul called, “the new royal court”, ” the new Palace of Versailles” – the group that the leading business journal in the Western world, The Financial Times, called, “The de facto world government.”

What theory? These are simply known facts.

Most of the elite grew up in the same rich boys neighbourhoods, went to the same rich boys schools, belong to the same rich men’s clubs. And the newcomers to the plutocratic oligarchy tend to join gleefully into the ranks, sliding effortlessly into the ruling ideology of self-serving, self-justifying, self-deceiving vanity, narcissism, egomania, power-lust and greed, rationalized by pretenses of being world-benefactors.

A scumbag like Bill Gates, who got his start by stealing and cheating, can schmooze comfortably with the self-aggrandizing Rockefeller clan, and be “one of the boys”, because he has joined the same rich man’s clubs, and has adopted the same rich man’s delusions of grandeur and self-deceit.

Elite clubs have been described as a mafia poker game. Once in a while someobody pulls out a gun and shoots someobody else at the table – and yes, everyboody in the room is competing with everybody else in the room – but they all want the game to continue, and nobody wants their game interrupted for any reason, especially by outsiders.

We know that the world’s power elite get together to plan their common interests in effectively ruling the world. We even know the names of their clubs – they’re not secret: the WTO, the World Economic Forum, the IMF, the World Bank, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commision, the Bilderberg Group.

We know most of their elite boys clubs, their names, and a good deal about them. And they show a few common, recurring themes: the elite hate democracy – because it limits their power, and puts restrictions on their actions, and their global looting and profits; and they do love power, and will use various Machiavellian methods to maintain and increase and consolidate their power.

These are the two overwhelmingly predominant and consistent themes among the elite rich boys clubs. And they are not very surprising. They indicate what Adam Smith refer to as, “the vile maxim of the masters”, which he said was, “all for us, nothing for anyobody else” – which is still, to this day, the clear maxim and philosophy of the ruling elite.


I myself consider there to be only two US Presidents who are worthy of respect, to my knowledge (though, admittedly, as a Canadian, my knowledge of US history is glaringly spotty and incomplete, despite, I think, the broad patterns being understood fairly well). They are Thomas Jefferson, one of the founders of the country, and the only true democrat among the founders, the rest being elitist oligarchs, as we can see from their own words; and Eisenhower, a Republican President who warned us of the military industrial complex, and the potential rise of a technocratic fascism.

Jefferson warned us of exactly what I have been writing about, except that he wrote it in 1812, over 200 years ago. He said, “I pray we shall crush the birth of the moneyed aristocracy in its infancy, for already it bids defiance to our laws and seeks a contest of strength with our democratic government.”

But he was just a conspiracy theorist, of course. We needn’t take him seriously.

Eisenhower, I would say – who was, again, a Republican, and a conservative – was the last US president worthy of respect, from what the historical record clearly shows, and also, the one who warned us of the growing power of the deep state, the shadow government, or the power elite, which he called, the military industrial complex. If agreeing with Eisenhower, that the military industrial complex and the shadowy power elites its serves, should be viewed with caution and skepticism, and watched carefully for potentially great abuses of power, makes me a conspiracy theorist, then call me a conspiracy theorist – along with US President Eisenhower.

Under those, most reasonable stipulations, I will happily accept the badge, though I still think it misdirects the people from the actual issues at hand, and thus, serves only to cloud the people’s judgment and their minds.

We know that the richest three men in the US now control as much wealth as the poorest half of Americans. We know that the richest eight individuals in the world now control more wealth than the poorest half of humanity. The figures show us unmistakably that we have moved from liberal democracies, 200 years ago, into crony capitalism dominated by business elites, to the full merger of busines and the state, which is corporatism: which, as Mussolini himself said, is the proper term for fascism.

Whether you are left, right or centre, the fact of growing and unchecked concentrations of power remains, and has reached extreme degrees.

There is nothing theoretical about it. The question is, what are we going to do about it?


March 22, 2020

The Decline, Decay, Death and Rebirth of Democracy and Freedom

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The two greatest threats to democracy and freedom in the West, or to peace, justice, equality, or even a viable future for humanity, are without question, the currently reigning de facto world government of neofeudal corporate oligarchy, also known as neoliberalism, and the fascist order which it is rapidly morphing into. The Red fascism of China’s totalitarian corporate-Mandarin model is simply the mirror image of the corporate neoliberalism in the West – and the two have effectively merged, like the double coil helix of a mutagenic DNA which is the new cancer spreading over the world, and devouring all. We either come to understand these three phenomenon better – the neoliberal corporate oligarchy of the West, and its mirror in China, and the global fascist order they are clearly transmuting into – or we will soon be slaves, living in a poisoned, gulag world, watching the Earth slowly die.


What is fascism?

Fascism and neoliberalism are widely misunderstood. As is the state of contemporary China, though perhaps less so because it is so stark. This must change.

Fascism is widely confused with flags and banners, slogans, marching styles – outer drapings. It is even more widely confused with racism, xenophobia, and a very malignant kind of nationalism. The latter three elements are common to fascism, but they are not the heart of fascism. The heart of fascism, and the only essential element, is what Mussolini himself defined it to be: it is the merger of business and the state.

And that is exactly what we have seen over the past 50 years, with the de-linking of the US dollar from any real world connection (the 1971 decoupling of the dollar from gold, and unilateral abandonment of the gold standard by the US), the birth of heavily financialized global crony capitalism, and the emergence of neoliberalism and corporate globalization. All of this represented the slow-motion fascist coup which is the big business take-over of both government and the global economy.

Fascism is not men in black uniforms goosestepping in the streets, necessarily. It is the hyper-concentration of power in the hands of the few, whereby big business has effectively usurped and taken over the powers of democratic governments.

It is not the window dressings we need to be afraid of, but the lust for power which is at the core of fascism, and which has clearly been at the core of neoliberalism, its for-runner, for well over 40 years.

What is neoliberalism?

First of all, neoliberalism is not static. It is always changing. The cancer stage of capitalism describes it well, as the Canadian philosopher John McMurtry put it. And it is always morphing. There is no permanent state of neoliberalism. It began with crony capitalism, and is moving toward its culmination, which is fascism.

The central tendency of neoliberalism is the same as crony capitalism, or capitalism itself: it is the tendency to concentrate wealth, and therefore power, in ever greater degrees, in ever fewer hands.

What began as liberal capitalist democracies in the late 1700’s, quickly devolved and descended into crony capitalism, which means societies effectively ruled by business elites.

That wasn’t much of a step, since that was essentially the starting point of Western liberal capitalist democracies. They were dominated by land-owning elites, merchants and manufacturers from the outset. It was easy and natural to continue that trajectory.

Thomas Jefferson saw what was happening in 1812, when he said, “I pray we shall crush the birth of the moneyed aristocracy in its infancy, for already it bids defiance to our laws and seeks a contest of strength with our democratic government.”

But we failed to listen. We did not place checks and balances, or any effectual limits on the natural tendency of capitalism to concentrated capital and wealth, and thus to concentrate power. The result is neoliberalism: a social order in which business elites – the less than 1,000 corporations and 1,000 ultra-rich individuals globally, who meet yearly at Davos – effectively rule the world, and every major nation and government, with few exceptions.

But the important realization is that neoliberalism is not the final end point of this historically unfolding trajectory. It is just a mid-point on the arc. The descending arc of modern democracy runs from 1776, through crony capitalism, through neoliberalism, to its natural conclusion – which is the full merger of business and the state: which, again, as Mussolini said, is called corporatism – which, as he said, is the proper term for fascism.

There is nothing new with neoliberalism. As Chomsky said, it is not particularly new, and it is not particularly liberal. What it is, is a bid for power. Business elites 200 years ago simply wanted more and more wealth and power, and they got it. 200 years later, having effectively taken over the global economy, the financial system, the media, much of academia and the church, and most governments and international institutions in the world, the ruling business elite are now seeking to consolidate their power – before they lose it.

They are keenly aware that they have been in the midst of a rapidly deepening, global crisis of legitimacy, which is quickly coming to a global tipping point. Their advisors have told them what this means. It means the Western corporate oligarchy could collapse like a house of cards, virtually overnight, just as the Soviet Empire collapsed, between 1989 and 1991.

The Western elite are terrified of losing power, and at the same time, have never had such dizzying heights of power – although it is increasingly, and undeniably, fragile. They simply want to batten down the hatches and hold onto what they’ve got – as the new rulers of the world – by any means necessary. Fascism is simply the most expedient means to their desired end. In fact, it is the only means available. It is either that, or it is major compromise with the people, and the tolerating of real democracy – which they decidedly do not want; or else, losing power altogether – which they are adamantly opposed to.

The Western elite see the resort to a more authoritarian, and highly controlled, technocratic, scientific fascism, as their only means to keep their power, without having to compromise with the pesky 99.9%, or demands such as justice, fairness, equality, freedom, democracy, civil liberties, green politics and environmental concerns, or anything that might require a sharing of wealth or power.


In 2020, we are seeing the Western and Eastern oligarchies carry out a test run and a social engineering project with a global mass house arrest and lockdown of society, rationalized by a greatly exaggerated public health crisis.

The facts are coming in now, to confirm what should have been obvious from the beginning. The mortality rate in Europe this year is no higher than in the three previous years, and in fact lower, despite the “pandemic”. The centre, right and left all swallowed the hook, line and sinker of this latest propaganda war, and accepted the trial run of fascist lockdown – cheerfully. They will, it is hoped, soon come to their senses, and check the facts, and more importantly, question the rationalizations for a global police state.

What was emerging in 2019, was a global wave of democratic uprisings, and the beginnings of a wave of global democratic revolutions. This explains the 2020 lockdown, along with the end of the line for the ability of vast money printing to keep afloat a wildly unstable global economy, while the germ theory standard narrative does not fit the facts.


Whether it is sooner or later, the people must reclaim their democracy, and their freedom. And in China, they must discover that this is, in fact, a better way than the Maoist neoliberal Confucian-Orwellian totalitarianism, which they currently have.

In the world’s biggest democracy, which is India, with the second largest middle class in the world, the people must decide if they wish to see the death of the Gandhian dream, of freedom, democracy, self-government and independence, tolerance and peace, as the country which for thousands of years has been one of the great spiritual beacons of the world, descends into a narrow-minded, bigoted, petty and brutal, barbaric neoliberal/neoconservative corporatist oligarchy and fascist state, a la Modi, sowing war both within and outside its borders, like a mad leper devouring his own flesh; or whether, perhaps, they can imagine something better.

Whatever transpires in the weeks, months and years ahead, we will not see neoliberalism last. It is rapidly descending, or morphing, more precisely, into the full merger of business and the state, which is fascism. Only the willfully ignorant or most dogmatic of ideologues can refuse to see this most obvious fact by now.

Whether this new, second wave of fascism lasts decades, or is but a brief flash, is up to the people to decide. But if it lasts for long, not only will freedom and democracy, human rights and dignity be crushed, at least temporarily, but so too, will all chances and all hopes for a green and sustainable society, or even, a viable future of any kind for humanity on Earth.

This is our last stand. Make your choices well.


Roughly 650 years ago, in the mid-1300s, the Black Plague spelled the beginning of the end for feudalism. While the global pandemic of 2020, so far, and by all present measures, is infinitely smaller in magnitude than the Black Death, the draconian lockdown and mass house arrest of three billion people has caused an economic meltdown that is fanning the flames of social unrest, which were already extremely high and rising by 2019. We can look at that lockdown and its implications in two broad ways – other ways being frankly deceitful, or else delusional. Ominous and disastrous, is one side of the implications. Potential for great, tectonic social change, is the other side, and equally as real. However, with the neo-feudalism which we are now facing, both East and West, we do not have 400 years to throw it off, and rise above it. If it takes us 400 years to overcome our present global neo-feudal order, then humanity, by all likelihood, and almost certainly, will have ceased to exist, for the global ecosystems of the world will have long since been destroyed.

Whatever we are going to do, we had best reflect deeply, and be clear as to the true meaning and implications of our actions. What we do not need now is to sow our own slavery, or our own destruction, thinking that is the road to freedom, to happiness, or to a better world. Moreover, whatever we do, we had best do it now. We have simply run out of time for any kind of dithering, delays, avoidance or evasion, procrastination or hesitation. The time, quite simply, is now.

Democracy must be reborn. It truly is, now or never.

April 8, 2020

Welcome To The Brave New World

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Speaking of censorious scrupulosity….

While censorship is rising rapidly, with Google, Facebook and Twitter, as well as the major media, controlling and restricting what people can see or read, say or share; Facebook is now blocking me from posting my own essays from my blog to my Farcebook page. Welcome to the Brave New World. The global police state has truly arrived.

Follow my blog if you want to stay informed. Big Tech is now squarely in the business of surveillance, social engineering, censorship and social control.

Time to re-read 1984, Brave New World, and Brave New World Revisited, We, A Handmaid’s Tale, and Iron Heel – and Erich Fromm’s, Escape From Freedom, as well. It’s happening now. It’s here.

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Six Founding Principles Of Good Government

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Public Policy 101:

Tax “Bads”, Not Goods

Public policy, or government policy, should reflect certain basic principles. Let’s set out a few. Not everyone will agree, but polls repeatedly show the great majority, from the moderate grassroots right, across to the left, in general agree, and in general strongly agree, with much of what I will set out here. Where they don’t, we need to discuss further, until clarity and a general consensus are reached. This is critical, and it is also urgent, given the present, intertwined, severe crises we face: so we had best get on it.

1. Freedom should be protected and preserved. (Why? Because it is better to be free than to be a slave. And because freedom is best in light of, and most conducive toward, the fulfilment of human creativity and potential. Such things should not need explaining, but sometimes do.) That means, among other things, that constitutional law must be protected and preserved, and when necessary, ammended or changed to accomadate what is, hopefully, a growing, or rising cultural awareness and awakening. Attacks on our liberties and constitutional rights must be viewed with great wariness, at the least, and in general, strongly and forcefully opposed.

“States of emergency” do not justify a rollback of such liberties and rights, but only highlight our need to preserve them; and test our moral courage in difficult times, when it is easy to be seduced into throwing them overboard in pursuit of an eternally ellusive security that tends always to cost far more than it delivers.

(You don’t surrender your freedoms in order to preserve them, as we did after 9/11. Nor do sane people surrender the liberties of all in order to defend, theoretically, but in reality uselessly, against a germ. Epidemics and other disasters must be met with great compassion – not a police state.)

2. Since freedom is a core value to be preserved, democracy, or rule by the people, must therefore be preserved, and also advanced.

Excessive concentrations of power, alng with the inevitable abuses of power which stem from it, is the greatest danger, or certainly one of them. Freedom and constitutional democracy are among the core components of any serious answer to that very real and ever present danger.

(“When men are ready for it”, no government shall be what they have, as Thoreau said. But that time is not now. Right now, the people need the state to counterbalance the powers of the corporate oligarchs. Libertarians and anarchists need to realize this fact, as Chomsky also expressed, or else cease to pretend to be dealing with the real world.)

Elite rule, or oligarchy, is always the enemy of both democracy and of freedom. This is political-economy axiom number one.

In a heavily financialized, state-sponsored corporate capitalist economy, which is what neoliberalism represents – or corporatism, as it should be called, more precisely – and which is what now rules most of the world, we can either abandon democracy, freedom, civil liberties, an open society and constitutional rule, and embrace the new world empire of global neo-feudal corporate oligarchy, which is increasingly descending into a global police state; or we can vigorously assert our rights, and protect our vanishing freedoms, civil liberties and democracy, break up the big corporate empires, and apply bold, unflinching anti-trust legislation to make democracy and freedom real, and justice, peace, and survivability, real possibilities. Those are the two choices, broadly speaking. Right now we are heading for neoliberal corporate fascism. (In fact, it looks like we may well have arrived.) If we want something different, then we’re going to have to change course, and we’re going to have to act – and now.

Oligarchy and democracy cannot coexist. One must go. The elite want democracy to die. They naturally prefer oligarchy. We should be aware, however, if democracy goes, then freedom goes as well. We must be perfectly clear on this.

And of course, as US Presidents Jefferson, Jackson and Lincoln understood, if the nation’s central bank, which prints and creates the nation’s money, is privately controlled by banking elites, rather than publicly owned and democratically controlled by congress, as the US Constitution set down, then “all talk of sovereignty and democracy will be idle and futile”, and freedom and democracy will be no more, because the banking oligarchy will rule the people, the nation, and the land. That is now the case in the US, as in most nations. Making the Federal Reserve publicly owned and democratically controlled, therefore, along with the ECB in Europe and other central banks, is essential if freedom or democracy are to survive. If we are serious about either freedom or democracy, then this very likely must be step one.

Step two is a global reset, by way of a debt jubilee, a mass debt cancellation. The people will continue in debt bondage and debt slavery until this happens. (See Ellen Brown and Michael Hudson.)

Furthermore, if it’s going to be a stable currency, which is necessary for a stable economy, and which are both in turn needed for sovereignty, democracy, independence and self-determination,  then it will also require a Tobin tax, also known as a Robin Hood tax, a tax on financial speculation, to protect the currency and thereby also the people from finanical warfare and extortion. Further, some real world backing is needed, such as gold or silver, or perhaps most usefully, a combination of gold, silver, and Bitcoin. (See Ellen Brown, Max Keiser, James Altucher, Gerald Celente, and Michael Hudson.)

Another point that must be made clear regarding freedom and democracy, is that if loan agreements or “trade” agreements, or any other treaties or agreements, effectively nullify or over-ride the democratic powers of sovereign nations, parliaments or congress, and render the people therefore powerless – as is the categorically the case with regard to the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO and NAFTA, or the SPP, for example – then these binding and positively anti-democratic ties, treaties, agreements, arrangements, or “advice”, must be rejected, severed, abrogated, and terminated, without hesitation or delay. Alternative, freer and fairer, more democratic agreements must be sought, and can and will be found, since the great majority of the people want exactly those kinds of alternatives, and immediately.

However these intertwined issues are addressed, our actions must now be bold and swift, clear-minded and unhesitating. Oligarchy, neo-feudal corporate rule, and the power of bankers in particular, are the principle threats to democracy and freedom now, as well as to the 99% of the people, and to the Earth. They must be stopped. (And by now, this means revolution is required –  and urgently so.)

3. Government policies should benefit the people broadly, and not only one select group – for example, the big corporations and the richest 1%, as it does in most nations now. (Hence the need for revolution. Jefferson would unquestionably agree. So, I am sure, would MLK.)

4. Government policy should follow a least harm, maximum social benefit model. Supporting the planet-killing fossil fuel industry, and other polluting industries, such as the chemical-biotech pesticide industry, for example, is both unwise, and self-destructive. It is also morally bankrupt, genocidal, ecocidal, and suicidal – that is, sociopathic, and insane.

Big Oil, Big Chem, Big Pharma, Big Agra, Big Tech, the military-industrial-security complex, and the big banks, among others of the Davos neo-feudal global corporate oligarchy, currently rule over most governments, as well as financial system, the major media, and the global economy. If this is not quickly changed, it will mean a toxic, barren, gulag society ahead, followed by extinction and collapse. (Revolution is needed, and now, I say once again.)

5. Government policy should impose and intrude as little as possible, while seeking to be a vehicle for the people to protect themselves from any and all threats, both foreign, and domestic.

From 1812 on, when Jefferson gave his clarion warning, the greatest threat to the people has been what Thomas Jefferson called, “the new monied aristocracy”.

(We are facing oligarchy and neoliberal fascism now because we failed to listen to prescient minds like Jefferson. We had better corect that error, and immediately.)

Government has been in the business, since that time, for over 200 years, and with few exceptions, of aiding and abbetting the mass rape, looting and pillaging of the many by the few – at least since that time, and to a very high degree, for many centuries before.

Placing some limits on economic predations by the rich upon the many, therefore, and requiring the rich to share some portion of what they have plundered from the many and the Earth, is not only fair, just, and legitimate, but is the moral responsibility of any and all moral governments. Until a more just economic system is created, this is the very least that honest men and women of good conscience can do.

It is also the least that the prudent can do – for the simple reason that, any growing, unchecked power, including in the form of great empires of wealth, will eventually devour all, including the merely afluent and rich, and including our freedom, as well as our democracy.

Both conscience, and also prudence, therefore, require checks and balances, and limits, on great wealth, so as to protect the people, and to preserve our freedom from being taken over and destroyed by any and all, new or old forms of tyranny.

(Libertarians and conservatives, who, in general, are conditioned to believe that any form of government action, other than keeping up an ever-expanding military industrial security complex, empire and war machine, is an unnecessary and dangerous action, should consider this: if you refuse to tax, regulate, and thereby reign in the great economic powers of the oligarchs and the giant fortune 500 corporations, then you automatically allow these same vast economic empires to continue to grow unchecked in power: that means, they will sooner or later devour all – including your precious liberty, your rights, your constitutional protections, and yes, your assets; and quite possibly, your personal freedom – and you may find yourself in a society that all too chillingly resembles, not Eisenhower’s America, but Stalin’s Russia. In short, you either help the people stop the plutocrats from destroying and devouring everything, and building a new global police state and a gulag society, and a ravenous neo-feudal global order; or else, very likely, you will be next in line to be devoured. Get it now. Understand this now. We need your help. Now. Right, bloody, now.)

6. When taxing, or raising funds for public projects, that is, tax “bads”, not “goods”. This should be obvious. Taxes, fees, fines, etc., discourage certain things, are a disincentive to certain things. Spending, funding, grants and loans are inducements, stimuli, incentives, to certain things. We want to create jobs, so we ban payroll taxes, which create disincentives to hiring and job creation, for example. We tax pollution, if we wish to survive, or to breathe.

If you want a market economy at all, whether in a mixed economy, which is best, or in any form, then you have to tax big business and subsidize small business. You put checks and balances, or strong disincentives, on the growth of monopolies and cartels, by taxes or anti-trust legislation for example, otherwise, you get monopolies and cartels dominating both the economy and the government, as we have now, and a neo-feudal economy and social order, which we also have now. At present, most nations are neoliberal, thus, taxing the 99% to lavishly feed the 1%. This is economically foolish, and sociologically, politically, and ecologically, suicidal.

We tax luxury goods as well as pollution; but we put no tax on general consumer spending, because: a) it is regressive and hurts the poor, the middle class, and small and medium businesses, by far the hardest; and b) because it discourages economic activity in a crude and unthinking way.

(“No” to sales taxes, but yes to luxury taxes and pollution taxes. This should be a “no-brainer”, an obvious principle.)

We tax great wealth, because great wealth should be shared; but more importantly, because great wealth means great power – and you cannot let great power accumulate unchecked, either economically or politically (or in finance or the media, equally critically), or you will have oligarchy in the end, and one or another form of fascism; and both democracy and freedom will be destroyed, and the people will be reduced to serfs once again – and worse, will be enslaved.

If we do not soon come to understand, and soon apply, these six most basic and fundamental principles of good government, of justice, of democracy, and of freedom, then these warnings will come to pass.

It is two minutes to midnight now – if not later. We have lost all time for delay. Now, we must be swift, for we are in darkest peril, as the oligarchy of business elites, have clearly taken over.

April 5, 2020

Waiting For The Crazed Clown Show To End – Or, Welcome To The Brave New World

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I don’t know when I will be able to go to the gym or library again, or a park, or my favourite local bookstore or record store – or whether they will still be in business when this is over, if it does indeed end; or when I will be able to leave the country (what is this, the Soviet Union?); or when I will be able to see my daughter, who has been kept separated from me for nearly a month now, in her own separate quarantine – under mass house arrest, like the other three billion of us.

Remember how people lost their minds, so to speak, in utter outrage at Trump separating families – as they rightfully were outraged? Well, this is pervasive now. We now have a world filled to the gills with governments that make Trump look like an arch anti-authoritarian.

When this crazed clown show that is being imposed by our neoliberal, eternally benevolent, corporatist, fascist governments will end, I do not know. But I pray it is soon, for the sake of us all. The Western elite, as is also happening in the East, are killing people en mass by economic warfare. The people cannot, and should not, and will not, take much more.

No, we do not accept the sweeping, draconian, authoritarian, quite literally fascist powers the elite have granted themselves, in what looks like a bid to out-do China in totalitarian control; nor do we accept the sweeping away of our cherished liberties, which our parents, our grandparents, and our great grandparents  fought and died for.

The draconian, authoritarian, literally fascist measures of mass quarantine and enforced “social distancing” are not helpful, do not protect life, have no valid scientific basis, and are utterly unjustified. Moreover, they are killing millions slowly through economic warfare – far more, many orders of magnitude more, than will die by this virus.

And do note: the people and governments who have been implementing, colluding with, or cheer-leading the present extreme, draconian, fascist measures, are going to take a severe hit to their credibility, and very soon.

(You’d better start back-peddling now – though it will be on record, and remembered, have no fear. You sorry lot will not be forgotten. Your credibility is now shot.)

Check the numbers for a critical, and urgently needed regaining of perspective. 58,000 deaths globally from coronavirus in the past four months, vs 110,000 from the common flu, 1.9 million from cancer, and 2.3 million from poverty and hunger – numbers which are soaring now, thanks to the fascist lockdown and economic warfare waged by the elite.

This global wave of authoritarianism has nothing to do with protecting public health – despite what the dim-witted bureaucrats and rank and file medical community may firmly believe. This is about power.

And no, it is not just far right governments like Modi, BoJo and Trump, but the equally far right corporatist neoliberals in Canada, Europe, and around the world, as well.

This is a bipartisan corporate fascist coup on a global scale.

And no, the people will not take much more.

The voices of sanity, which were just a handful only a few weeks ago, are growing in number. Even the BBC is tolerating (some slight) dissent! Lo and behold. Wonders never cease.

The unanimity of propaganda and group think is beginning to crack. However, there is a long way to go to cut through the fog, the manufactured panic, the hysteria, the fear-mongering “divide and conquer” strategy which is the core of what this is about, and the lies – and there is no time to spare.

The major media, the alternative media, and most governments and health authorities, have failed the people completely and utterly – including the WHO, of course, which has been effectively bought and paid for by Big Pharma for some time.

Remember the lesson from Saddam’s WMDs. Or the total corruption of the OPCW. Have we learned nothing? Remember that those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Moreover, as Goethe said, “Those who cannot learn from 5,000 years of history are living hand to mouth.”


To repeat, this is a global neoliberal/neoconservative joint endeavour which is nothing less than a corporate fascist coup. It is the oligarchy, both East and West, consolidating their power, because the rapidly growing wave of popular protests were terrifying them, and they are afraid of losing power.

This is the elite’s response to a global crisis of legitimacy, which, by 2019 had reached the tipping point. Their reaction is clear: it is a fascist lockdown.

Note the war criminal Henry Kissinger’s statement on COVID-19: “The world will never be the same after the coronavirus.” This statement, remember, is from the man who is on record as having ordered genocide in South-East Asia – “Send everything that flies. Kill everything that moves.”

Time to wake up. This is a power grab.

April 4, 2020


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And especially the following article:

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And this above all, confirms yet again what should have been obvious all along:

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These few sources, along with myself, are the only ones at present, that I know of, who are getting it right on the coronavirus event.


The Faux Left, and, The Urgent Need To Unite The People

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What’s called “the left” is really a few camps, very narrow in range:

There are neoliberals such as Hilary Clinton, Obama, Biden, and the Democratic party establishment, who (like Tony Blair and new Labour in Britain, and the Liberal party in Canada) are in reality extreme right – they are corporatists, like the neoconservatives, which means, as Mussolini said, fascism: which is the merger of corporate and state power.

Then there are centrist liberals, but by now, they are so spineless, and mindless, that they effectively support the neoliberal fascists, having no idea what they are doing.

Then there are the FDR-style liberal-progressives. Sanders is a good example. Harmless, but not revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination, and generally obtuse, oblivious, well-meaning, but self-neutering. I pray to be proven wrong, but do not expect it.

100 or 90 years ago, they were the leading edge. Now they are a throwback, and too timid and unimaginative to get the job done: which is, to defeat the corporate oligarchy, not seek a compromise with it, or to petition it, or plead with it, but to defeat and dethrone it, and to replace it with genuine citizens’ democracy, civil liberties for all, and constitutional rule. That means revolution – real revolution. (Gandhian, but uncompromising.) They don’t seem to understand that, though they soon may, now that the neoliberal fascist lockdown – which the dithering left, centre, and grassroots right, all seem oblivious to – is underway.

Then there are democratic socialists, but most are really Sanders-progressive-FDR liberals, and greatly lacking in boldness, as well as vision and strategic intelligence: self-neutering, again, by and large.

That represents 98% of what is CALLED the left. But there is far more than this left in the world. Far more.

More importantly:

There are thinking liberals, conservatives, socialists, libertarians, anarchists and greens, who have some understanding of what is really going on. They disagree on a great deal, but they, in general, all agree that constitutional democracy, with civil liberties and freedom for all, is vastly preferable to fascism or oligarchy – which we have now. They, the not silent but marginalized majority, need to unite, and to stand up now.

“The resistance” – what a sad and tragic, dangerous joke. The neoliberals and the neoconservatives are two wings of the same ruling corporatist oligarchy. They must BOTH be overthrown, and now.

Planetary-health wise, there is no time left for compromising with either neoconservative or neoliberal corporate crypto-fascists, even if that were morally tolerable, which it is not. Both must go. It is now a matter of democratic revolution, or slow death in a gulag society.

Let us choose wisely – and choose now.

April 4, 2020

The Central Issue: Oligarchy vs Democracy

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The central issue, now as always, is not about wealth, or distribution of wealth. It’s not about bread and butter issues. It’s not about taxes or spending, budgets or allocations, or who gets what and how much. It’s about power. The oligarchs know that. The elite know that very well. The other 99.9% of the people had better learn it fast, or we will be discussing budgets and social programs from inside a gulag. This is what the contemporary left, in 2020, fails utterly to realize. If we don’t correct that blindness very soon, I can assure you, we will regret it profoundly, and immeasurably.

That is to say, the central question is whether we will have real democracy, or whether we will live under an oligarchy and elite rule. The consequences of that choice are becoming clear – and they are quite stark.

You know what side I am on. Now comes the time for all to choose. And yes, that does mean now. Further delay in deciding, or acting, will cause regret so deep there are no words to describe it.

We must choose now. We must get clear, and now.

The barbarians are not at the gates. The barbarians are in power. We must remove them from power now.


April 4, 2020

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