My Major Work – Enlightened Democracy: Visions For A New Millennium

Enlightened Democracy clarifies where we stand as human beings in the world at this time, at the dawn of the 21st century; and crystallizes the values, principles and awareness we will need to move through this century and beyond, with confidence, inspiration, boldness and vision. It is an encapsulation of five thousand years of human experience and learning: an overview of what we need to know in order to survive, and thrive, in the coming decades and centuries ahead.

Humanity is now in danger of crossing a threshold of no return. We have set into motion, and continue stubbornly to set in motion, causes and conditions which are destroying the basis of life on this planet. In short, we must make major changes in our society now, or we will cross this threshold, the human species will go extinct, and there will be no future of any kind for the children of humanity. And all the evidence makes it abundantly clear that the changes which are urgently needed in the world today are not going to come about so long as a handful of corporate giants and business elites continue to dominate the economy, the financial system and the political process, and to effectively rule the world. Simply put, democratic revolution is now a matter of survival. And time is running out.

The rightful power of the people to govern themselves through genuine citizens’ democracy has been usurped and stolen by a handful of robber barons and corporate elites. Two hundred years ago Thomas Jefferson saw this danger, and warned us of it. But we refused to listen, and instead, gave in to the awful power of denial. More than two centuries later, the corporate high-jacking of our democracy and our world has become so blatant, so obvious, so undeniable, so brazen and extreme, that by now, virtually everyone can see it. The question, of course, is what are we going to do about it?

Enlightened Democracy puts forth a bold vision for moving forward, and healing our very troubled, beautiful world – and for sparking the inspiration, and catalyzing the action, that are needed in order to fulfill that mission, as Thomas Paine put it, of creating the world anew.

“Passionate, powerful and extremely lucid.” – Robert Carter, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Trent University

Volume one of the book is available here, through Amazon. Please order your copy now – and send one to everyone you know. We need real change, and we need it immediately, and without delay.

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