If You Are Going To Vote, Read This

Things are changing rapidly in the world, but as of this moment, we can say a few things about the major political parties of the Western world, with reasonable certainty. It is now undeniable, that by their actions, the major parties of the Western world, including the Democratic party of the US, the Liberal party of Canada, and the Conservative party of Britain, have clearly demonstrated that they have followed the lead, or the orders, of the true rulers, who are the business elite of Wall Street, Bay Street, the City of London, Basel and Davos; and due to that unholy alliance, these parties have all demonstrated that they have formed what was a previously unthinkable alliance, with the totalitarian Communist government of China, and are busily and rapidly importing and implementing the Chinese Communist model of totalitarianism, here in the West.

(We must realize that it is clearly no mere “conspiracy theory” that the world’s billionaires and corporate oligarchs, who meet annually at Davos, in the World Economic Forum, have effectively taken over the world. Even the leading business journal of the Western world, the Financial Times, calls the World Economic Forum the “de facto world government”. And what is their demonstrated modus operandi? They are quite literally neo-fascists, egomaniacs, and neo-Malthusians.)

That, of course, makes all of these parties utterly unsupportable. To support any of them, would be to support authoritarianism – or what has been variously called technocracy, totalitarianism, Communism or fascism – and all of these are appropriate terms, since they all represent essentially the same thing, with variations of flavour and inflection only: they represent the culmination of a decades long war on democracy, freedom and constitutional rights, in favour of elitism and authoritarian rule.

To support any of them, therefore, is not only unconscionable, but would mean that we are complicit in the final destruction of democracy, freedom, constitutional rule and human rights, and it would mean we are supporting our would-be slavers. Every thinking person, every person of courage, conviction, or of principle, and every sane person, must reject them, and reject the new rise of authoritarianism – which is a blend of fascism, technocracy, and totalitarian Communism.

As for the other major political parties of the Western world, including the Republican party of the United States, the Conservative, NDP and Green parties of Canada, and the Labour party of Britain, I have seen no clear, strong or firm rejection of authoritarianism, or the Chinese model, from them. That makes them, as well, unsupportable by anyone of principle, or of sound mind. They have become Quislings, and are ominously silent about the new authoritarianism, or are else, and more commonly, are actively cheer-leading for it.

For the record, I will repeat what I said in my first book, Enlightened Democracy, from 2014, where I clearly warned of the growing trend towards corporate fascism. I would support almost any party, candidate, or political movement, that is firmly, and in practice, not just in principle or in rhetoric, opposed to authoritarianism and the destruction of freedom and constitutional rule.

We are entering a very dark time now. As I said to a very gentlemanly older man who came to my door to canvass for the Conservative party of Canada, anything is better than totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is the worst thing possible. And that is precisely where we are rapidly headed, in Canada, the US, Britain and Europe, and in most nations around the world.

Even the normally staid and compliant Church of England has taken a stand, saying that the churches have never been closed in the history of England – not even during the Blitzkrieg, not even during the Great Plague, which killed a third of Europe (compared to the fraction of one percent from covid) – until now. The church leaders made a very clear and strong, unequivocal public statement, in which they said that the current authoritarian measures which are being implemented pose a grave threat to freedom and constitutional rights, and may spell the death of democracy. We would be foolish in the extreme to dismiss such warnings.

What we are seeing, is the culmination and final phase of a decades long war on democracy, and a slow-motion global corporate-fascist coup: one which has been waged successfully by the global corporate elite and their loyal minions in government, academia and the media; and now, recently, with the allegiance and support of the totalitarian regime of Communist China.

Remember, the business elite, and most of the political elite, across the Western world, openly praised fascism in the 1920s and into the 1930s; then actively supported and orchestrated fascist coups, viciously destroying democracy and freedom, across the Third World, for the past 75 years. They have no qualms with fascism, and in fact prefer it. Nor do they have any real qualms with totalitarian Communism, despite their decades of rhetoric. Their motives and interests are proven by their actions, over the past 100 years: they value their own wealth and power above all other concerns. Anything that increases their wealth, and more importantly, anything that increases their power, is both acceptable and desirable to them. That includes fascism, Communism and totalitarianism. These are the harsh realities we must now come to see, and to viscerally understand. Denial now, would be truly disastrous.

I would prefer a government that is left libertarian, along the lines that have been clearly laid out by people such as Kropotkin, Rocker, Chomsky, Bertrand Russell, Bookchin, and Yanis Varoufakis. But as I said in my first book, the first priority, which dwarfs all others, is for the people to reclaim their democracy, and their constitutional rights, and to resist, reject, and defeat the rising tide of global corporate fascism.

I would support a liberal, conservative, libertarian, social democrat or green government, so long as it was truly and genuinely opposed to authoritarianism and to fascism, and was serious about defending and restoring constitutional democracy, freedom, and human rights for all.

What we most need now, is an alliance between all political parties, political candidates and representatives, and all political movements, which are authentically anti-authoritarian, and strongly and actively in support of constitutional democracy, freedom, and constitutionally guaranteed human rights for all. This is the most urgent task of our time. If we lose on this most central of challenges, or if we are too blind and bewildered to even recognize it as the central task, then all is lost, and it is a dark age ahead, marked by the total destruction of democracy, freedom, constitutional rule and human rights, and by a deeply Orwellian global empire, ruled by the Western billionaire elite, and their new partners in Beijing – while the people and the planet continue to be eaten alive, and enslaved, by the ruling oligarchs, and with accelerating speed.

Unite the forces of freedom now, or watch as darkness envelopes and devours the world.

J. Todd Ring,
August 19, 2021

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  3. This is extremely important. We are at a pivotal moment in Canadian history, and in the history of the world. People need to understand what is going on, and what our choices are.

    If you are Canadian, you need to watch this.

    Aug 18th- Canada’s Snap Election…Every Canadian Needs To Watch This

    https://youtu.be/PPcHw5yQhwA via @YouTube


  4. Intimately related, is this.

    If you have any doubts as to Bill Gates, listen to the most credible source on political-economic analysis in the world: Vandana Shiva. As with Davos, Gates is interested in power, not health.

    Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World



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