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Genocide Ahead

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I don’t enjoy bringing bad news, but I feel a duty to help others, and to protect them when I can, which includes warning them of danger, as well as pointing out the ways to better health, happiness, freedom, peace and joy, and a better world for all.

The signs are clear. The direction is unmistakable. We are heading rapidly into fascism. Genocide is coming again, if we do not change course, it must be said. The primary targets, however it is labelled, camouflaged or concealed, will be the activists, the dissidents, the thinkers and intellectuals, the non-conformists, the anti-authoritarians and the non-compliant. But it will spread from there. It always does.

Stand up and speak out now, for democracy, freedom, civil liberties, and human rights for all, under all conditions, even in emergencies or crises, and especially during emergencies or crises, or be prepared for darkly grim times ahead.

These are the facts. Deal with them as you will.


September 17, 2020

Never Surrender

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I pray the more pessimistic among us, who have warned us, such as Orwell and Huxley and many others, are wrong. We must, in any event, do everything in our power to avert the darkly dystopian future that is now rapidly being created for us, and change course. Freedom and democracy are only dead so long as we allow them to be. The power is in our hands. Use it now – wisely, peacefully, but above all, boldly, and without delay.


September 12, 2020


Brave New World Revisited

Brave New World



Iron Heel

A Handmaid’s Tale

A Letter To The Future, by James Corbett

And my essay: Flash Drive Revolution

“Conspiracy Theory”

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Remember what Chomsky said, summing it up perfectly:
“The term “conspiracy theory” is used to poo-poo institutional analysis.”
Exactly. And what does that mean? It means the phrase was coined by the FBI in the 1960’s to discredit the theory that the Deep State, the military industrial complex, had a role in the assassination of JFK, RFK, MLK and Malcolm X. The term conspiracy theory was hatched to scare people away from questioning power elites.
Now the lemmings repeat the phrase, like Pavlov’s dogs drooling on cue, thinking it makes them look intelligent. It doesn’t. It makes them look like hapless idiots.
So far, 50+ years later, nevertheless, the strategy has worked extremely well overall – but not on everyone. A growing minority are unafraid of asking questions of powerful groups and individuals, and are not frightened off by mindless, asinine name-calling.
Keep it up. Question everything.
An awakening of humanity, which really got underway in the 1960’s with the Civil Rights movement and other powerful popular movements, continues to grow. It is soon to reach a tipping point. A new renaissance is dawning – slowly.
The official narrative is most often a false narrative, based in part on ignorant people parroting what they are told, and deceitful people knowingly spinning lies for the pursuit of power and self-interest.
Did governments, military elites, “intelligence” agencies, and other powerful groups knowingly lie to get the people to support a war on Iraq? Of course they did, and we have the proof.
Could it be possible that elites are lying again, and the (rapidly shrinking) majority of people have simply been deceived, once again?
Of course that is entirely within the realm of possibility. But examine things for yourself.
Question everything.
August 20, 2020

Know Your Enemy

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Know your enemy and know yourself, and you will be victorious. – Sun Tzu


Never underestimate what a few individuals will do in pursuit of wealth, privilege, or power. The danger of a sociopathic powerful few being able to carry out monstrous acts, because the many refuse to believe such horrible acts are not possible, is an ever present danger.

The price of freedom, as well as democracy, truly is eternal vigilance. And sadly, the war on freedom and democracy is now in endgame in 2020. Inform yourself, and resist. Remember, the people always have the greater power.

And do read, or read again, Brave New World, 1984, Necessary Illusions, Escape From Freedom, The Shock Doctrine, The Ecology Of Freedom, the speeches of Martin Luther King Jr., The Discourse On Voluntary Servitude, and Thoreau’s short essay, On Civil Disobedience.

We need maximum clarity and inspiration now.


August 15, 2020


Lest we forget (the awful power of denial):


Chaim Engel, Sobibor survivor, interview with USHMM, discussing arriving at the death camp:

“Well let me say that we hear in Poland what happens with the Jews. They kill Jews and they gas Jews and things like that. 

But we really as young people, we really didn’t believe that something like that is possible. We thought, “Maybe the younger people will be taken to work – maybe only the older people…..” 

You just didn’t want to believe, because it was so incomprehensible, so unbelievable that something like that can happen that you just – even if you had the intelligence, you didn’t believe it.”


Testimony from the Eichmann trial:

Attorney General: When you came there, did you know what was the place you had arrived at?

Witness Lindwasser: No. I knew it was Treblinka, but we did not know the purpose.

Q. Had you heard about Treblinka in Warsaw?

A. We had heard about Treblinka.

Q. Did you know that Jews were being exterminated at Treblinka?

A. We did not believe it.

Q. You did not believe it. Why?

A. Why? This would, perhaps, be difficult to answer. Possibly, it is an individual matter for each person. One simply could not grasp that such a thing was possible – actual extermination. Rumours reached Warsaw that the Germans were sending people out to work. And simply, it was better to cling to this idea.

Personal Sovereignty, Body Sovereignty – The Foundation Of A Free Society

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All our laws rest on constitutional law. All constitutional law rests on habeus corpus, and “the Great Writ”, the Magna Carta. The central axiom and ultimate foundation of all rule of law, all constitutional law, and all human rights, rests upon the principle which was set down and re-affirmed in the Magna Carta, 800 years ago: the principle that each individual has the natural and inalienable right to the sovereignty of his or her body and person. That means, you cannot be swept up off the street, or removed from your home, summarily arrested, and held indefinitely, without trial, for example.

The sovereignty of an individual over his or her own body and person means it is both unethical and reprehensible – and, since we have come to realize more fully the meaning, and have begun to apply the principle more honestly and more consistently – as well as illegal, to enslave, torture, rape, or murder another person or group of people. If there is no body sovereignty, then all these crimes and evils become commonplace, because the door has been thrown wide.

Without the fundamental respect for the sovereignty, and the sanctity, of the individual over his or her body and person, we put ourselves and all others on the level of beasts; and worse, on the level of bags of meat, to be rendered up, by anyone, or any powerful group, governent or institution, as they see fit.

In short, we become cattle, and the world becomes a slaughterhouse.

Without habeus corpus and the Magna Carta, and more fundamentally, without a fundamental respect, in both law and culture, for the natural and inalienable sovereignty of the individual over his or her own body and person, all evils are possible, and truly, all hell is set loose on Earth.

These are critical things to understand, and to remember; especially now, when the absolute bedrock of our most fundamental rights, along with freedom and democracy, is being systematically undermined, and destroyed.

There is, in reality, no absolute freedom, nor any true control, since there is no linear causality, and all things and all individuals and living beings are interdependent. That also means there can be no true body autonomy. However, while any form of individual autonomy is always a pipe-dream and an illusion, sovereignty over one’s body and person is fundamental and inalienable.

Remove our basic instinctive, intuitive, legal, cultural, spiritual and moral respect for the sovereignty of the individual over his or her own person and body, and every evil and abuse of power, from minor annoyances, to slavery, torture, mass internment and mass murder, become not only possible, but inevitable.

Stop now and think. Reflect deeply. We are sliding down a very slippery slope into a hell of our own making; but it is not too late to change course.


August 15, 2020


Jonathan Turley, Joel Bakan, and everyone of sound mind and good conscience, please weigh in on this critical subject, at this critical, pivotal time.

We need to speak up, before we are all silenced, or worse.

The trends toward authoritarianism were clear since at least 1970 and the Powell Memorandum, to all who were paying attention. Now, it is no longer coming. It is here.

Central in what is coming globally, will be the battle, hopefully non-violent, between the authoritarians and the anti-authoritarians. Central to that, will be the question of mandatory, enforced vaccinations – and worse.

It is not a question of being in favour or against vaccination, to be clear – and the point must be emphasized. It is a fundamental question of whether we live in a demcracy and a free society, or whether we will allow ourselves, or others, to be treated like cattle, with all of our most basic and fundamental rights stripped away. That question, we are actively or passively deciding, right now. Speak up.

Covid-19 In Perspective: An Open Letter

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The following letter I wrote and sent out in response to a virtual town hall meeting this evening with our local MP and a local environmental group. I am sharing it here because I think it summarizes a contextualization of covid-19 and other major issues which is critically and urgently needed. Our society is facing a pandemic loss of perspective, above all, I would argue, and that is the most deadly and dangerous pandemic of all.

The ruling business elite don’t care about issues of public health, justice, inclusion, peace, or the environment. They have proven by their actions that they care about power and wealth for themselves, above all; and everything else, and everyone else, is expendable. That means, we must remove them from power.

That means, we either address and resist the “new normal” which is corporate-run authoritarianism, and restore constitutional democracy, or we can forget about all our dreams of justice, health, or environmental protection, for they will be nothing but dreams, while our world is destroyed, along with our freedoms, while the middle class, the poor and the Earth continue to be devoured by the billionaire plutocrats who now rule the world. This is the new normal we must face, or we can forget about having any claim to be living in the real world, much less changing it.

This is not dystopian fiction. This is the real world. This is happening. We need to snap the people out of their stupor – and now.

June 23, 2020


Hello to all,

Thank you to all for your time and thoughts. Philip, I am glad to hear your support for local economies, local farms, and buy-local and buy-Canadian programs and economic shifts, in particular, I want to say firstly. Rebuilding local, regional and national economies is critical; as is the greening of our economy, communities and society. But that is not what I want to focus on in this open letter.

I want to address something that will present a difficult conversation for a number of people, and I am glad to hear that you, Philip, emphasize that such conversations are essential to have in a mature and democratic society. They are.

My views are expressed more systematically, at length and in depth in my first two published books, and in more than 450 published essays. But I will summarize briefly here, echoing what others have mentioned in terms of the need for justice and balance.

Briefly, we cannot separate issues of power, from issues of justice, peace, health, or the environment. If we wish for positive change in any of these or other areas of our society, we must, most centrally, address issues of power.

That may sound vague at first, but what I am referring to is the growing hyper-concentration of power in society – and a corresponding crisis of democracy – particularly over the past 50 years of neoliberalism and corporate globalization. The great sociologist C. Wright Mills wrote of this decades ago, in his monumental work, The Power Elite. Noam Chomsky has written of it extensively. See Necessary Illusions, Year 501, Class Warfare, and, Requiem For The American Dream. Peter Phillips also wrote a definitive work recently, called Giants: The Global Power Elite.

In short, the richest 1%, and actually the richest fraction of a percent, have acquired vast, unaccountable, oligarchic power; and democracy, constitutional rule, and freedom, are dying as a result.

Swiss systems analysis of the global economy, US ivy league studies, the best geopolitical, economic and sociological analysis, and even the Financial Times of London, have confirmed it: democracy is dying – that is, being destroyed – while we are being driven, at break-neck speed, into a new empire of global neo-feudal corporate oligarchy.

Now, in 2020, we have gone from a world which former Canadian Governor General John Ralston Saul described as being effectively ruled by the corporate elite at Davos – which he called, “the new royal court”, and “the new Palace of Versailles”, and which the world’s leading business journal called, “the de facto world government” – to an openly authoritarian society.

In response to a crisis, out of fear, we have imported the authoritarian social model of China – or allowed it to be foisted upon us. That should be deeply concerning to us all. Why is this not being discussed?

If we are concerned with human health, then we must: 1. halt environmental pollution and degradation, and stop climate change; 2. end poverty and malnutrition; 3. educate people on healthy diets and lifestyles; and most obviously, 4. fully fund health care in Canada – and restore the funding which has been repeatedly slashed over the past four decades, by both Liberal and Conservative governments, by the two dominant parties and our political elites, who frankly care so deeply about our health, that they had to massively de-fund and undermine our public health care system.

(It is called blatant hypocrisy, of course. Or sheer deceit. And of course, the situation is similar or worse in the UK and the US, regarding elite concerns for public health, where “austerity” programs likewise rule, while the feeding trough for the elite is bottomless.)

More deeply and more centrally, if we do not address the growing hyper-concentration of power, and the new normal of authoritarianism, then we will have no functioning democracy with which to address any other issue: including health, peace, justice, economics, or the environment.

What will you do, most fundamentally, to uphold constitutional rights and freedoms, as well as democracy, in a time when they are being swept aside in the name of security?

Let us remember the wise words, “Those who are willing to sacrifice a little liberty for a little security, deserve neither, and will lose both.” And we are now losing both, make no mistake.

And by the way, this statement and question is directed to all of us, and not only our local Member of Parliament.

This question, to me, is absolutely fundamental; and it is shocking, I must say, and deeply disturbing, that this most fundamental issue is being brushed aside. This must change, and immediately.

J. Todd Ring,

Author of:

Enlightened Democracy: Visions For A New Millennium


The People vs The Elite:
A Manifesto For Democratic Revolution,
Or, Survival In the 21st Century and Beyond


What Is Fascism?

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Disturbingly, many people don’t know what fascism is. Many more think they know, but do not. Here is a brief definition. It is critical that we understand this, and right now.

Mussolini said fascism should properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of business and the state. Roosevelt defined fascism as the business take-over of the state. Either way you describe it, it amounts to the same thing; and that is exactly what we have now.

Why should we care?

Many people are apathetic, and most are in deep denial. It must be spelled out, why we should care that freedom is destroyed and fascism instituted. I will not do that here, in this brief essay, but I will say this.

We must not confuse outer trappings and distinctive types of fascism for fascism per se. Mussolini’s Italy and Nazi Germany are two examples of fascism, both hideous of course. But fascism requires no flags or uniforms or mass rallies. In fact, under medical martial law, rallies are now banned. The present day fascism in 2020 presents a democratic, cosmopolitan, multicultural, even humanitarian facade. But its heart is darkness.

All that is required for fascism is the merger of the business elite and the state, and the power hunger of the few. We have that now complete.

All that is required for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing. Tragically, we have that, too.



June 19, 2020

Marcus Aurelius & The Delusions Of Authoritarianism

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Marcus Aurelius is an interesting character, and in some respects I imagine he is deserving of the adulation that has been heaped upon him. (He showed the best and the worst of Stoicism, which is always a double edged sword, at best.) But in the end, he was an emperor, and he upheld imperialism, war and slavery. He should be judged for that, as well as his sometimes beautiful words.

I do not think people should be expected to be faultless, but to preach self-liberation, freedom and independence, while ruling over a brutally aggressive and repressive imperialist slave society, is a bit much. You could say this is the mind-addling effect of Stoicism, and it is; but it is also the sheer self-deceit and self-delusion that is common in all ages, and especially among authoritarians and the elite.

It seems to me that Marcus Aurelius was the Obama of the ancient world. He talks a good line, but what were his policies? They were an affirmation of empire, slavery, war and authoritarian rule. How little has changed in nearly 2,000 years.


June 18, 2020

Church & State, Business & State: Restoring Freedom & Democracy, Before They Are Completely Devoured By Medical Martial Law, Or By Any Other Means

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In the near future, we could very easily see the kind of totalitarian society with a theocratic face that Margaret Atwood warned us about in, A Hand Maid’s Tale – but whether we do or we don’t, we already have what Chomsky has described (in January 2020) as a global dystopia, in a blending of the fascist-totalitarian nightmare worlds envisioned by Huxley and Orwell. It would seem that the majority of people, both spiritual and non-spiritual, or secular, are perfectly fine with that. This must change soon, or we will face great horrors ahead.

Separation of church and state, in light of this recent development, could be viewed as the least of our worries. What we need is a separation of the crypto-fascist corporate elite from power. That is the crux of it. Nothing less will do.

Any honest or sensible assessment of the present conditions of the world in 2020 will confirm the obvious. The global corporate oligarchy, composed of a few hundred billionaires, primarily representing the big banks, Big Pharma and Big Tech, along with the political, military, “intelligence”, and technocratic elites who are their loyal minions, have effectively staged a very successful global fascist coup. Only the willfully ignorant and the deeply deluded can fail to see it. A sensible, and bold response, is urgently needed.

Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Thoreau show the way: it is mass non-violent civil disobedience, mass resistance, and a non-violent popular democratic revolution; or it is a form of mass slavery ahead, and a gulag for all who are not among the ruling elite – with liberty and justice for none, unless you are among the 0.1% ruling elite.


Imagine returning to a time, not that long ago, when emperors selected popes and popes selected emperors, in a constant struggle for power; a time where war lords and the landed aristocracy, emperors, clerics, and the new moneyed aristocracy, struggled for centuries to see who would rule the land. That was our history for the better part of 2,000 years. Few would like to return to it.

Today we have a simpler, but greater danger facing us. The war lords, emperors and landed aristocracy have effectively merged under the new global empire of banker rule – facilitated by Big Tech, Big Pharma, and the military industrial security complex, with the liberal, social democratic and conservative political elite acting as loyal vassals and servants to their new neofeudal overlords.

We are in great danger, but the people are distracted and confused, and are terrified of the latest bogey man, what is essentially the flu; and they are busy sacrificing their freedom, in the name of an illusory security – and are about to lose both freedom and security as a result.


We could sleep soundly at night, comforted by the fact that the new global corporate empire prefers an unofficial state religion of nihilistic narcissism, escapism, materialism and consumerism – along with the obvious worship of power, authority, the elite, control and obedience, fame, money, cultish group think, conformism, technocracy and the state. I would not recommend such naive complacency, however, for a number of reasons. The price of both democracy and freedom truly is eternal vigilance – and we are losing both, right now.

The separation of church and state is an important principle to uphold, it should be remembered. And it means not only that the church cannot control the state, but also, that the state cannot control the church. Thus, the separation of church and state is vital to freedom of religion, and also to freedom of thought, belief, conscience and expression.

With the accelerating concentration of power in society under corporate rule over the past 50 years, which is coming to fruition now in the full merger of business and the state – which, as Mussolini said, is corporatism, and the proper definition of fascism – all principles of constitutional rule and limited government are being shattered as we speak, so anything is possible now, from theocracy to prison labour camps; although the latter is more likely, and likely more dangerous.

We must now re-assert the founding principles of constitutional democracy and freedom, or else live in a “new normal” that is an Orwellian police state, and a global fascist-corporate regime.

To do that, a number of things are needed. Most essential is to break up the Global 100 biggest corporate empires, including the big banks, Big Pharma, and Big Tech. Separation of business oligarchies and the state is imperative, or our future will be bleak, and we will indeed be slaves.


May 29

Race, Class, Empire & Authoritarianism

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The new empire we live under is a global neofeudal corporate imperialism, which is now morphing into fascism, to be precise. It is systemically racist, self-deluded, and culturally arrogant in the extreme, but its primary allegiance is always to class. Everyone who is not among the 0.01% ruling elite is viewed as expendable.

Recent events in the US have a long history behind them, of course. The main question now, is whether issues of race and police brutality will further divide the people, or possibly unite them. If it is the former, then the US is a powder keg, primed for civil war, as I wrote in an essay in 2006. If it is the latter, then there is real hope for the nation.

The people must unite to reject hatred, violence, empire and authoritarianism, since these things endanger and injure us all. That is the one and only hope for a better future, and a better world.


June 9, 2020

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