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Lockdown Turns Out To WORSEN Public Health Outcomes, Causing Deaths From Cancer & Other Diseases To Rise Dramatically

Collateral damage matters

This is important to understand: deaths from cancer, heart disease, suicide, addiction, poverty and malnutition are all skyrocketing, as a result of the *political decision* by elites to put the world under lockdown. UNICEF says 1.2 million children may die as a result.

The virus hysteria is just that: irrational, greatly exaggerated fear that is far out of proportion to reality, and it is based in political and economic motives of elite power and greed, not in science, evidence, reason, or common sense.

The draconian, medieval, authoritarian measures truly do create more harm than benefit to human health, are sowing immense suffering for the great majority of people, and primarily benefit the ruling corporate elite who have effectively taken over governments, the major media, and the global economy.

The Italian government study on covid-19 mortality showed conclusively that if you are not over 79 years old, WITH pre-existing major health problems, your chance of dying is nearly zero. Younger people dying from the virus are few, and virtually all have pre-existing major health issues.

The epidemic spread quickly in China and quickly subsided, as in Italy and most other areas, and also gave us a clear picture. Total deaths from coronavirus remained a fraction of a pecent of the Chinese population.

This does clearly corroborate the view that the virus danger was vastly exaggerated. No evidence exists, however, to indicate lckdown helped general health outcomes; in fact, the evidence shows it actually does the opposite.

Note that both the US government Department of Labour and the WHO are on record as having said masks do not work. The US Department of Labour further stated masks do reduce oxygen to the brain and body to below acceptable safe levels.

Note also that such conflicting statements, along with all dissenting thought and inconvenient facts, are actively being suppressed by governments, major media and Big Tech.

Also note that Facebook has set itself up as the world’s fact checker. The brazen hypocrisy and Machiavellian/Orwellian deceit is staggering. Given that Farcebook, like Google and Big Tech in general, is a sleazy corporation that is now proven to be engaged in selling influence to manipulate public opinion and sway elections – in favour of Trump in 2016, via Cambridge Analytica, for example; is proven to be censoring and suppressing information and dissenting voices in favour of a standardized global corporate empire narrative; and is enmeshed, eagerly, up to its eyeballs, in the new global surveillance and Orwellian police state: to anyone who would take Facebook seriously as a reliable source of information, fact checking, or truth, I say, Good luck – and give me a call if you ever decide to venture back to the real world.

Global deaths by the new coronavirus are proven inflated, due to conflating dying *with* coronavirus vs dying *from* it. Still, official global deaths are roughly 700,000. Meanwhile, yearly deaths from the common annual flu are 300,000-700,000.

Accurate overal mortality rates turn out to be closer to 0.1% – not the wild eyed estimates of 19% or higher. Deaths during the Black Plague were 30% of Europe. We are invoking a police state for a 0.1% mortality rate, and screaming in hysteria, “It’s unprecedented!”
(If you have zero knowledge of history, it is.)

“Stay home. Stay alive.” Says the darling news source of the left, which I used to admire. (DemocracyNow! will have to forthwith change their name to DemocracyNever!)

The average life expectancy in the US is 78. The median age of people dying from covid-19 is 84. Anyone with any slight functioning grey matter can figure out what that means. It means the hysteria, the lockdown, and the authoritarian measures are all utterly devoid of any basis in science, or sanity.

I do not agree with Austrian economics, but this speaker makes perfect sense in terms of analyzing the lockdown hysteria:

See Lockdown analysis on 21st Century Wire, Trends Journal, The Corbett Report, Global Research, Boiler Room, and GreenMedInfo, for further information.

August 9, 2020

For critical perspective, see my earlier 2020 essays:

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Mandatory Vaccination – With Extremely Dubious Safety Profile

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Here we go.
(My apologies for the strange formatting – WordPress decides on occasion to be buggy, and I am not techno-savvy enough to correct for its bugs. Hence the stars to divide paragraphs. Sorry.)
Note: I’m not anti-vaccine. I’m anti-stupid. Taking any pharmaceutical drug that has not been adequately tested for safety, is just plain dumb.
And that is exactly what is about to be pushed on the people, in the form of mandatory injections of drugs, sold at multi-trillion dollar profits by pharmaceutical companies with decades-long histories of corruption and deceit – including companies which were established by selling drugs and other chemicals to the Nazis in WWII.
All pharmaceutical drugs need to be rigorously tested – by independent parties, not the vendor drug company – for safety and effectiveness. Decades ago, such strict protocols were breached, and abandoned, according to the US government Office of Technology Assessment, after Big Pharma had gained “institutional capture” and took over the regulators. That meant that, according to the same US government assessment, 80% of pharmaceutical drugs were, prior to 2020, inadequately tested for safety. (That was before things got really bad.)
That would explain why another US government agency, the General Accounting Office, stated that 200,000 people die every year from pharmaceutical drugs *correctly prescribed and correctly taken*. That’s the equivalent of a fully loaded jumbo passenger jet crashing every single day.
But of course, the corporate media did not report it. And the major governments did nothing about it – because they are deeply concerned with human health…. Er….no – because they are deeply corrupted by Big Pharma, and other corporate giants.
But now that the hysteria has been whipped to a full froth around the world, by the same corrupt governments and major media, and the corporate elite who rule them both, we can dispense with even minimal and inadequate testing on the new rushed covid vaccine – for a virus that remains roughly as dangerous as the annual flu, as the CDC and others have confirmed.
Don’t you feel more secure already?
Does anyone remember Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction? It turned out that he didn’t have any. It also turned out that it was a conscious, deliberate lie by the US government and CIA. Hundreds of thousands of people – mainly women, children, non-combatants and the elderly – were killed based on that lie: a lie which the media universally parroted, and Western governments dutifully parroted, and the majority of the people naively believed. Have we learned nothing about the nature of power and propaganda in the past century?!
Does anyone know who Hitler credited with his inspiration for propaganda during WWII? The US and Britain. He said they won WWI due to their superior propaganda machine, and he would not make the same mistake again.
Question everything. Question especially the official narrative. It’s called doublethink, or newspeak – and you’d have to be insane to believe it.
August 2, 2020
Further information:
Look into it for yourself. But do question everything.
See also:
The Corbett Report
Trends Journal
Global Research
American Herald Tribune
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The Boiler Room
Piers Robinson
Importing From China – an essay from my blog
and my first two published books:
Enlightened Democracy, and, The People vs The Elite – both are on Barnes & Noble now
Lastly, for reliable, truly science-based health information, I am aware of only two sources remaining, shockingly. They are:
Gary Null

Distance Yourself From Evil, Not People

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The Boycott Big Tech Movement Begins Here

First rule: Question everything, and think for yourself.

Second rule: Don’t support your slavers. (Gandhi, MLK and Thoreau would understand. It’s time for mass civil disobedience.)

Nothing is free. If you want to say no to Big Brother, you have to pay for better tech that itself says no to Big Brother. That means boycotting Big Tech. It’s a transition we need to make. Start by ditching Google. Then Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Android….

Marco Polo is worth looking into, as well. (A video calling service) They refuse to use annoying ads, and more importantly, they refuse to sell client data or to be part of the new global surveillance state. 

Also of note: There is a new tech company making sleek black phones, tablets and laptops, which are not only built to last three times longer, but are built from the kernel up to be deeply resistant to the new global surveillance apparatus. Sorry the name escapes me at the moment. See the excellent podcast, Geopolitics & Empire, and you’ll find it; along with an extremely important interview with Robert Epstein on why boycotting Big Tech is imperative (my extrapolation).

See also, My Seven Simple Steps, by Robert Epstein, for further resistance to Big Brother.

The MAGATS – Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple, Twitter, and the “social media” giant Farcebook – are all deeply embedded and eager partners with the new global corporate police state. We need to begin an exodus away from them, an intelligent social distancing campaign that brings people together, face to face, and in groups for rallies and protests, meetings, conferences and blockades, under freedom of travel, speech and assembly, and distance ourselves from the Big Tech tools of the corporate police state. Now that would be…pardon me, will be…intelligent social distancing. Distance yourself from evil – not from people.

“Social distancing” doesn’t work. The science indicates 27 feet is needed. Six feet is useless – unless you want to sow panic and fear, and divide and conquer the people, which of course is the elite-driven objective, which the lemmings blindly obey.

Masks don’t work, as even the WHO admitted. They do however cut off oxygen to the body and brain, lowering immune resistance as well as functional intelligence – which partly explains the mass insanity and loss of ability to think critically or to use basic common sense reasoning.

Mass quarantine, which is mass house arrest, doesn’t work, as Sweden and Taiwan have proved. In fact, it is causing alienation and economic devastation to soar, which will, if continued, result in surging poverty, sickness and death.

Moreover, this is not the Plague. The global death toll from covid, a new form of the cold and flu family, is under 300,000, while annual death tolls from the flu are 300,000-700,000.

Basic math, anyone?

Think for yourself.

Check the facts. Question everything. You are being lied to. Mass hysteria has taken over.

The covid crisis needs to be understood for what it is: a Davos billionaire oligarch-driven agenda of: 1. Mass distraction, 2. Divide and conquer, 3. Economic warfare, that is, class warfare, of the 1% vs the 99%, and 4. A pretext for a power grab, and the final stage of the 50 year process of neoliberalism, which has been the corporate take-over of society on a global scale, and the merger of business and the state, which as Mussolini said, is the proper definition of fascism.

Where is the left? I hope you are starting to get this right, or will soon. This is a corporate fascist coup.

Of course, to frame the issues in this way will put the 60-80% of people who have become complete lemmings, into total panic, hyperbolic mouth-foaming fervour, and vitriolic hysteria; but it simply must be done.

I’ve explained these issues countless times. Read my blog essays if anything here is surprising or alarming. It certainly should not be. And I am not willing to repeat myself ad nauseum.

The propaganda war is beginning to fail. People are asking questions, at last, and are waking up. The mouth-frothing, screaming, self-righteous, deeply hypocritical defenders of the “new normal” of pseudo-medical fascism, are losing. Keep questioning. Keep speaking the truth. Keep pressing the facts over hyperbole. 

Saddam Hussein did not have WMDs. A giant lie launched a war causing hundreds of thousands of deaths. Now we face mass distortions that will kill millions and enslave billions, if we don’t cut through the illusions, distortions, propaganda, hysteria and lies.

Choose solidarity and caring *with* freedom; or choose virtual lobotomy, and slavery to a brutal new Orwellian order. There is no third choice, other than in fantasy and delusion.

Remember what Emerson said, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” Sane, mature, confident people can admit when they were wrong. Insane, childish, petty, and weak-minded people cannot.


May 10, 2020


Privacy is a misnomer. The entire issue has been mislabelled. Freedom from surveillance and manipulation is the big issue. Vastly more important than privacy is that we don’t cooperate with our slavers: the new global corporate fascist police state. Just say no to Big Brother. See My Seven Simple Steps for important tips, as a starting place. #BoycottBigTech! #BoycottBigBrother 

The Plague: Then & Now

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Europe did not respond well to the biggest plague in its history, in 1347-1351, to put it mildly – with anti-semitism, pogroms, scapegoating, witch trials, burning heretics at the stake, torture, self-flagellation, misanthropy, self-loathing, death cults, cultural morbidity and dark obsessions, paranoia, highly dubious medical practices, xenophobia, soaring cultural and religious intolerance, dogma, conformity and group-think, etc.

But, to be fair, the Black Death did kill 30% of the population. Many people were sadly but understandably panicked. We have panicked, in 2020, over what amounts, statistically, to the common flu.

(Nerves of steel, I tell you. Clear-mindedness under pressure – to astounding degrees.)

By comparison, fewer than 300,000 have died globally from covid-19, which is comparable in death rates to the annual flu – with 300,000-700,000 deaths per year. That’s fewer than *one death per ten thousand people* from covid-19, versus *one in three dead* from the Plague.

We have utterly lost all perspective. The people have broadly lost their minds. Mass hysteria reigns.

“The study of contemporary archives suggests a mortality varying in the different regions between one-eighth and two-thirds of the population, and the French chronicler Jean Froissart’s statement that about one-third of Europe’s population died in the epidemic may be fairly accurate. The population in England in 1400 was perhaps half what it had been 100 years earlier; in that country alone, the Black Death certainly caused the depopulation or total disappearance of about 1,000 villages. A rough estimate is that 25 million people in Europe died from plague during the Black Death. The population of western Europe did not again reach its pre-1348 level until the beginning of the 16th century.” – Britannica

One in three dead, vs one in 10,000, or less. Yes, we have lost our minds. The response has no sane or rational connection to the reality.

Orwell would understand, as would Huxley. This is not complicated; but it does require a willingness to fact-check, to question authority, the media, the elite, and the standard narrative.

It requires a willingness to deal with reality. So far, that has been lost by the vast majority. That is the real plague: a plague of the mind. And Blake, as well, would understand that.

Everywhere, “The mind-forged manacles.”

Covid-19 is literally one ten-thousandth as deadly as the Plague – and about as dangerous as the common flu. And yet, people have lost their minds to hysteria, panic and fear. Why? Because they are easily manipulated by fear-mongering governments, elites, and the media.

And they are not only losing their minds and their perspective, but also their democracy and their freedoms, as a result.

Pretty poor showing so far. We have definitely returned to the dark ages.

Witch burning, anyone? How about a nice burning of the heretics, hmm?

Worse, we have all that, in essence, along with a modern technocratic, highly Orwellian police state.

Yes, we are in grave danger. But it is not due to a germ.

In the 1930s, the first wave of fascism arose; and the people recognized it, resisted it, and defeated it. In 2020, we have the culmination of a slow motion global corporate fascist coup – and the people see it not.

Their minds have been high-jacked. The psyops propaganda war has been perfected. And this time, the fascists are winning, while the masses are lost in panic and delusion, over an “invisible enemy” – over a germ.

But it ain’t over ’till it’s over. The people are awakening.


May 9, 2020

Digital Dystopia & The Killing of Cash – and – Advice For Hard Times

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Here is another aspect of the unfolding fascist power grab we are seeing globally in 2020 – along with sweeping powers for governments, suspension of all constitutional rights and freedoms, mass indefinite detainment, global surveillance, and accelerated economic warfare by the 0.1% elite against the 99.9%: fully digital currencies that will track everything you do and everywhere you go, and can conveniently be switched off if you protest, dissent or do not comply with the new order of this Brave New World.

Buy (physical) gold, silver, Bitcoin, heritage seeds, tools, solar panels and land, if you can – individually or collectively. More importantly, slash all spending, and plant a garden. Remember community gardens and guerilla gardening, as well. And fight for your rights. We are losing them fast.

Self-reliance now is a good idea, more than ever. Not isolationism, but self-reliance: there is a difference. (Read Emerson and Thoreau.) Be it individual, family, community, or national self-reliance, or  a combination, self-reliance is a smart idea, always, and especially now.

Build resilience, adaptability, mobility, community, solidarity and self-reliance.

Weather the storm. Keep your chin up. And fight for your rights. It ain’t over ’till it’s over.


April 19, 2020

See also:

Digital Dystopia: The Dash From Cash Begins, April 14, 2020, Trends Journal

No Question: We Have Returned To The Dark Ages

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Witch burning, anyone?

Suspicion equals proof.

Indefinite detention on suspicion alone.

Maybe we should break out the rack, the Inquisition, and a little Hieronymus Bosch, and really get this party going.

Or maybe we’d prefer a little sanity….

Listen to the world’s most reliable trend analyst:

“Media Fear Machine in High Gear

As reported in detail in the Trends Journal, data from around the world confirms the vast majority of those who have died from COVID-19 had serious pre-existing illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic heart conditions, and lung diseases (99 percent in Italy, over 86 percent in New York City).

In Italy, the Italian Health Institute reported the average age of those dying was about 80 years old.

According to the CDC, in the U.S. “a mortality rate of 10% to 27% for those ages 85 and over, 3% to 11% for those ages 65 to 84, 1% to 3% for those ages 55 to 64, and less than 1% for those ages 20 to 54.”

Also underreported is the significant amount of those dying from COVID-19 being smokers. This virus attacks the lungs, and a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine found Chinese coronavirus patients who smoked to be twice as vulnerable to serious infection and death from COVID-19 than those who didn’t smoke.

Yet the mainstream media, ignoring these hard facts, continues to pump out their tabloid headlines. For example, despite the fact stated above by the CDC that less than one percent of those between 20-54 years of age are dying from COVID-19, we get this 9 April headline from the Washington Post: “Hundreds of young Americans have now been killed by the coronavirus, data shows.””

The article states, “At least 759 people under age 50 across the United States who have perished amid the deepening pandemic, according to a Washington Post analysis of state data. These deaths underscore the tragic fact that while the novel coronavirus might be most threatening to the old and compromised, no one is immune.”

What’s left out of this junk journalism, which hyper-inflates the “deepening pandemic,” is that in the U.S. there are over 200 million people under the age of 50. Therefore, the 759 “under age 50” who have “perished” from the coronavirus represent around 0.0000038 percent.

Included in the Pandemonium Panic Awards for “Most Fear-Mongering Headline” was this one from Newsweek on 9 April: “CORONAVIRUS BECOMES NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF DEATH PER DAY IN U.S., SURPASSING HEART DISEASE AND CANCER.”

This headline was picked up by media across the nation… despite the fact that it’s “dead” wrong.

[Actually, it’s a bald-faced lie – something the media is very good at. Remember Saddam’s WMDs?]

Even if the current highest estimate of 60,000 U.S. deaths from coronavirus were reached, it pales in comparison with the number of deaths each year from heart disease (over 650,000, according to the CDC) and cancer (over 600,000, according to the American Cancer Society).

Also left out, as we’ve been making the case in the Trends Journal, is that the numbers of COVID-19 deaths in America can’t even begin to compare with the number of U.S. deaths each year from other health issues, such as obesity and smoking.

According to the National Institute of Health, it is estimated that obesity causes the premature death of around 300,000 Americans every year.

And, according to the CDC, in the U.S., there are 480,000 deaths annually from smoking… yet smoking has not been banned.”

– The Numbers Don’t Add Up, COVID-19 Special Trend Report, Trends Journal, April 14, 2020

Deaths from the common annual flu are still higher than deaths from coronavirus. Are we going to put the world under fascist lockdown and mass house arrest for six months every year from now on? How did we avoid that for the past 300,000 years? Reason, anyone?

Deaths from junk food and obesity are higher than deaths by coronavirus, by a factor more than ten-fold. Yet MacDonald’s and other junk food restaurants are not banned.

That would be a strong reaction, a heavy-handed reaction, but at least a rational one – and fundamental civil rights would not be suspended. Mortality rates would plummet. I’m not suggesting we do that, but at least it would be sane – and it would not be a fascist response, but merely a heavy handed one.

Spending trillions of dollars to create a real jobs program, a green jobs program, would slash poverty and stress, and thus slash mortality rates. But the concern here, among ruling elites, is not health. It is power.

Has anyone noticed that the US elite always scream there is no money for universal public health care, while a trillion dollars a year is spent on war, the military industrial complex and the new global surveillance and police state?

Yet the people blindly believe that now the business and political elite suddenly have a deep concern for public health?

Yes, that’s why they are engaged in economic warfare against the 99% – which is one of the real reasons for the lockdown – and which will kill far more than the virus. The elite are deeply concerned with your health.

Concern for public health also explains why the Wall Street elite are giving themselves trillions of dollars in relief, while the 99% get crumbs.

Yes, it is a deep concern for public health that clearly motivates the Western and Eastern oligarchic elite – or so it seems if you are delusional, or otherwise insane.

Mass house arrest of billions of healthy people is a socio-economic and public health disaster, incomparably worse than the virus itself, utterly unjustifed by science or common sense, and the preamble to fascism. Do you get it now?

The people had better snap out of their stupor of group-think and blind obedience soon. They are in grave danger, and it has nothing to do with a virus.


April 19, 2020

Coronavirus & Common Sense

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“We were once distressed by crimes: now, by laws”, wrote Tacitus.

How relevant is that today? Extremely so; but the sheep are trained not to think; and see, therefore, only what they are told to see – which, they obediently do.

Orwell would shudder in horror.

Still no one can think, question, or do basic math? Two million “confirmed” cases globally now of coronavirus, it is reported. No testing is required to verfiy this. Suspicion is proof, as in the dark ages.

But even if we took the figures as accurate, which is highly doubtful, they should not be alarming if the slightest thought or investigation is done.

Stanford professors of epdemiology assert that coronavirus mortality has been exaggerated by several orders of magnitude. It has been claimed to be as high as 19% or more. Professors in the field state it is more likely in the range of 0.01-0.1%. That puts it on the level of the annual common flu. That explains why it is dangerous only to the very old and the very ill.

Voluntary self-quarantine by the very old and very ill may be reasonable. Mass quarantine of the healthy is not only utterly unjustified, it is also a socio-economic and public health disaster, as well as a prelude to fascism.

(Homer Simpson would say, “Doh!” here. We should, too.)

Any death is tragic, but to accept the standard narrative, sown by the six corporations who control 80% of the major media globally, along with the governments and WHO, both of which have also been taken over by the corporate oligarchy, is to succumb to irrationality and hysteria.

This is not the Bubonic Plague – but we are reacting to it as if it is even worse. “Unprecedented!” Yes, what is unprecedented, or at least not seen since the dark ages, is the level of mass insanity, hysteria, fear and delusion.

But, despite all that, let’s imagine two million cases is not exaggerated, though that is doubtful, since, without testing, which has not been required to “confirm” cases, infections or deaths by the flu can easily be mistaken for coronavirus, and under conditions of manufactured panic and hysteria, most certainly routinely are.

Let’s imagine a 20% mortality rate, which is also certainly exaggerated, likely by a factor of 100 to 1,000, as Stanford professors assert.

Simple math: 20% of two million is 400,000. Add the previous total deaths globally of just over 100,000, and you have a total of just above 500,000. Annual death toll from the flu is 200,000-700,000. So that would put coronavirus on par with a typical year for the flu.

That explains why the mortality rate for Europe did not rise this year, but has been lower so far, compared to the three previous years: because the coronavirus shows no signs yet of being any more dangerous than the common flu.

Remember, these numbers are based on what are almost certainly exaggerated figures in terms of “confirmed cases” of infections and deaths by coronavirus, as well as mortality rates, which are likely exaggerated 100-1,000 fold.

Meanwhile, no one questions whether the WHO is credible, or perhaps corruptible? It is unthinkable.

No one checks the facts to find out that yes, indeed, the WHO, like most Western governments, has been captured by Big Pharma, along with the 2,000 or so corporate oligarchs of Davos, who now effectively rule the world.

The WHO is uncorruptible? It could never lie? We assume it is trustworthy, even when the figures don’t add up?

We assume governments never lie? They never take advantage of a crisis to advance vested interests? Does anyone remember the Gulf of Tonkin? Three million people were killed in South-East Asia, based on a lie.

Has anyone heard of Operation Northwoods? Event 201? The Rockefeller Foundation’s “Lock Step” plan?

I am not saying the virus is a bioweapon or that it is fake. I am saying that governments and elites have planned and carried out dark actions many times in the past. To assume governments are acting now solely out of deep concern for public health, does not fit the facts of the record of their actions over the past years and decades. To assume they cannot lie, and could never exploit a crisis for certain vested interests, would be even more remarkably naive.

Naiveté now would be foolish in the extreme.

The present crisis is a four-fold boon to the Western and Eastern oligarchs, and they are exloiting it for all it’s worth.

1. Distract the people from vastly bigger issues – such as, most centrally, the corruption and criminality of the oligarchs and the resulting growing popular discontent; along with war, empire, inequality, erosion of democracy, environmental emergency, poverty…. (The list is long.)

2. Divide and conquer: sow fear, division, “social distancing” and mass house arrest; and reap greater and more consolidated power.

3. Economic warfare: the Davos oligarchs vs the 99.9%. Simple rape and pillage – intensified 1,000-fold above routine levels.

4. Consolidate the power of the ruling oligarchs, both in the West and in China, by creating hysteria in order to justify a police state.

Anyone who still, 10 weeks into the “new Pearl Harbor type event”, remains unquestioningly accepting of the standard narrative, and the fascist regime it legitimizes and rationalizes, really should step back, and take a long, hard look at the facts, before crying out more for their chains to be securely fastened, and their legs, and minds, shackled in place – for our own good, of course.


April 17, 2020

Coronavirus Questions – and Explanations

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Can anyone do basic math? Does anyone fact check? Does anyone question the media or the government? Another $2 trillion was just announced by the US Federal Reserve  to continue the historically unprecedented transfer of wealth from Main Street to Wall Street, after a record $4.2 trillion was approved just last week. Yet nobody questions or even looks at the underlying numbers of the coronavirus crisis itself. The people and the pundits are both lost in a fog.

According to Bloomberg business journal, the global death toll as of April 9 was just over 110,000. Compare that to 500,000 deaths a year, which is common for the common flu.

“Unprecedented” – the word seems to be on everyone’s lips. Yes, this wave of deaths from infectious disease is unprecedented: except for the yearly deaths from the common flu last year, and the year before, and the year before that; and for the past 300,000 years of human history. But otherwise, it’s totally unprecedented.

250,000-650,000 people die of the common flu every year. The coronavirus deaths are certainly tragic, but they are no more tragic than the yearly flu deaths – and so far, they are only 1/3rd to 1/6th of the global death toll from the common flu.

The only things that are unprecedented here are: 

1. The level of propaganda success is staggering; 

2. That three billion people were put effectively under house arrest, is unprecedented, are a dire omen. 

3. The predicted result of a global economic lockdown, which was an elite decision, remember, not an act of God, was to cause a global economic train wreck. 


4. The planned economic train wreck allowed the rationalization for a second round of multi-trillion dollar wealth transfer from the many to the elite few ($20 trillion already between 2008-2010); and this is while the usual daily looting of the people and the planet is accelerated a thousand-fold, and the police state arrives, or rather, is brought in, in full. 

These things are unprecedented; a relatively small number of deaths from a virus, among a fraction of a percent of the population, is not.

How can a state of emergency be justified, much less a literally fascist police state and martial law, with three billion people effectively placed under house arrest, for an infectious disease that has a lower death toll than the annual flu?

How is it that virtually no one is asking such questions?

Montaigne said of fear, “There is no emotion which more readily ravishes our judgement.” That would seem to be the best explanation of our current mass social psychology: the great majority, including most of the otherwise thoughtful, intelligent, and emminently sane, are temporarily incapable of rational thought, due to panic and intense fear. That is to say, temporary insanity has descended upon them.

Montaigne echoes all the sages: when you meditate on death, you can face your mortality, and hence, conquer the fear of death; and when you conquer the fear of death, you thereby conquer all fear of life – and it is then only that we begin to truly live.

“To practise death is to practise freedom. The man who has learned how to die has unlearned how to be a slave.” – Michel de Montaigne

Yet, the great majority hide from death, and thus hide from life – and their secret fear makes them easily misled, easily manipulated, easily ensnared and enslaved, easily irrational and confused, as well as perpetually filled with a secret, unconscious, perpetual anxiety and fear, no matter how cleverly masked or disguised.

“No wonder that they often get caught in a trap. You can frighten such people simply by mentioning death… And then, in the midst of pain and terror, God only knows what shape their good judgement kneeds into!”

– Michel de Montaigne

Blind faith in the medical establishment, with its clear and well-document ties and frequent if not general subordination to the pharmaceutical industry, would be plainly stupid. Blind faith in government and the media should be unthinkable by now. Have the people been living under a rock for the past several decades?

No, that is not it. They are simply “beside themselves” with fear: meaning, temporarily incapable of reason, and insane.

Why is the mortality rate in Europe lower this year than in the three previous years? Why is that not the top news story, repeated from the thousands of media echo chambers, which by the way are 80% owned world-wide by six corporations?

Why is no one questioning the official narrative? A pandemic of brainlessness?

There is a simple explanation for the enormous discrepancy between the facts of the virus and the wild-eyed panic, hysteria, and draconian measures in response to it, which have put three billion people into effective mass house arrest and enforced a police state lockdown. 

The Davos billionaire elite benefit from such extreme, utterly unjustified authoritarian measures in three ways at least: 

1. Mass distraction from vastly bigger issues; 

2. Divide and conquer: sow fear, panic, and hysteria, and make people terrified of social contact: keep the people separate and isolated – “social distancing” serves one purpose above all, and it is not public health.

3. Economic warfare, which simply represents an enormous surge in the usual, on-going feeding frenzy of the super-rich 0.1% upon the 99.9% of the people and the planet (the super-rich always benefit from an economic crash); 

4. And what should be most obvious: implement and install fascist architecture and fascist measures, rationalized by a wildly exaggerated crisis.

As the Grand Inquisitor said, (I am paraphrasing here,) and Huxley quoted: In the end, the people will beg us to take away their freedom and put them in chains.

Welcome to the Brave New World. And with the intellect and common sense, and basic ability to think rationally, to question, or check a single fact, laid to waste across the political spectrum, from right to left, we are certainly in grave, and unprecedented, danger indeed.


April 11, 2020

Max & Stacy Nail It: The Long Emergency Begins In Earnest

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Max & Stacy nail it. This time more than usual. Few see the historical significance of the coronavirus lockdown event. They seem to better than most.

What is happening? In a nutshell, I would say that elite power games are backfiring due to imperial hubris:

Lockdown and social distancing cause economic meltdown leading to social rebellion and techtonic shift.

One more important point needs to be made, however. Max and Stacy make the mistake most people do (even the brilliant get it wrong sometimes, and right now, nearly everyone is getting it wrong). They confuse the effect for the cause.

The coronavirus is real, not fake. But the danger was and is greatly exaggerated, as Stanford professors and others are confirming. Regardless of the real or percieved danger of the virus, however, the central fact remains: the repressive measures of social distancing and mass house arrest, the lockdown itself, caused the economic meltdown, not the virus.

This is important to realize, because the plutocrats are trying to blame a virus, when in fact they pulled the strings on the lockdown, which was the real cause of the current economic mass carnage. Bear that in mind as the same kleptocratic elite try to present themselves as the saviours of the people. This cannot be stressed enough.

Make sure you catch part two, with James Howard Kunstler, on the long emergency ahead – which is now well underway.

And watch also: Supply Chains: The Last Mile.

Much love, y’all.
Stay well, and don’t believe the major news media, naturally.
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Could unchecked government power be more dangerous than the threat of infectious disease? – Take the survey

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When citizens are fearful and fraught with panic, they willingly give up freedoms for promises that the government will provide safety. Is unchecked government power more dangerous than the threat of infectious disease?

Since the first US case of COVID-19 was confirmed by the CDC on January 21, life as we know it has dramatically changed. The number of reported cases continues to rise, schools and businesses have been shut down nationwide, and state and local governments are taking extraordinary measures to keep citizens apart to curb the spread of the virus.

Stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders are being instituted daily across the country. Some are more restrictive than others, with violations deemed a criminal offense subject to fines and/or jail time in certain areas. As of March 31, these restrictions have affected approximately 265 million people in 32 states, 80 counties, 17 cities, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, according to an interactive map published by the New York Times.

When approached properly, staying inside, limiting public contact and cooperating with medically necessary virus tracking efforts are reasonable and responsible actions. However, forcing citizens to stay at home and imposing broad restrictions — particularly for an undetermined length of time — can have dire consequences on citizens’ socioeconomic, psychological and physical well being.

For example, social workers are already reporting that child abuse and domestic violence cases are rising. People who are at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill (such as the elderly and people with pre-existing health problems) are in more danger now because they are losing access to health care services. Other people who need extra care and protection, even under normal circumstances, are now being isolated from their support systems due to social distancing measures.

Moreover, one study found an increased risk of death among men following a job loss, and a 2020 Lancet study found that the restriction of liberties during quarantine could have devastating adverse effects, including increased reports of suicides and lawsuits. We are already seeing these effects. Crisis hotlines are being flooded, and officials in Tennessee noted that the state had more deaths from suicide last week than coronavirus.

At the same time, serious questions about the legality and constitutionality of the emergency powers being invoked are emerging; specifically, emergency powers that allow for the detainment of anyone on mere suspicion of exposure to someone who tested positive, or is suspected to be positive, for COVID-19. Further, on March 22, it was reported that the Justice Department asked Congress to allow chief judges to detain individuals indefinitely without trials during emergencies. The power to detain healthy, law-abiding individuals is deeply alarming and is evidence of lawmakers casting aside civil and constitutional rights”

– Stand For Health Freedom – survey on coronavirus responses


Here (below) is the response I gave as to how the lockdown measures have affected my family. I am sure others have suffered even worse.

Stress levels have soared. Family health has been in turn negatively affected. Fear of job loss and income loss, and loss of our home, has also been a major factor in stress and wellness, of course. Deep agony was caused by separation of family members who were already coping with severe chronic illness, and now had to contend with family separation on top of it. (Trump was rightly denounced for separating families – now it is widespread and routine. It is still, however, every bit as evil.) Worst of all, the draconian,  literally fascist lockdown measures, forced mass quarantine, and effective mass house arrest of three billion people, have caused us grave worries for the future of freedom, democracy and civil liberties. A shattering of the already thin and crumbling public faith in political and business “leaders” is sure to result from this, what we feel is unquestionably, far worse than a major blunder, but rather, a dire precedent, and a grave error.

– J. Todd Ring, Author of Enlightened Democracy: Visions For A New Millennium

Please take the short survey, then share it everywhere.

April 6, 2020

Please take two minutes to take the survey here:

Could unchecked government power be more dangerous than the threat of infectious disease?

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