Fast-Track to Fascism: The SPP in a Nutshell

Few people have even heard of the SPP – the “Security and Prosperity Partnership” – which was signed in March 2005 by Paul Martin, George Bush and Vicente Fox. Sometimes referred to as “NAFTA on steroids”, the SPP is a deep integration agenda that is being carried out actively by a small group of powerful corporate CEO’s with the aid of several key political elites of Mexico, Canada and the U.S. And it is an agenda that is being carried out and implemented behind the backs of Parliament, Congress, and the people of the three nations. It is a topic that we need to understand. It is an issue with grave implications for democracy, human rights and sovereignty in all three nations. Here is the SPP in a nutshell.

The SPP is supposedly a plan to create prosperity and security, however, the scheme is beneficial only to the biggest corporations, while at the same time entailing a complete integration of the economies, military, laws and regulations of Mexico, the United States and Canada. It is, in effect, the superhighway to a North American Union. But unlike the European Union, where the member nations are of similar size and power, thus allowing for at least the possibility of equal partnership and democracy, the NAU would clearly be dominated by its only member superpower – and that’s not Wisconsin or Manitoba we’re talking about, of course. Worse, the proposed union, which is being pushed through behind closed doors, is to be dominated, by design, by a council of 30 CEO’s, 10 from each nation, representing some of the biggest corporations on the continent.

This most recent step forward by monopoly capitalism is called the North American Competitiveness Council – an appropriately Orwellian name.
It is the establishment of a continent-wide government ruled by a council of 30 CEO’s, with the aid and integration of NORTHCOM – the U.S. North American military command – and the Department of Homeland Security. Integrated military command, integrated North American “homeland security” and all of this under the control of an integrated political and economic power – in the hands of 30 CEO’s. It’s simply business, nothing personal.

This is a horrendous deal that must be stopped. Dissolving our sovereignty with any nation would be a big deal, and one most Canadians would not support. If a stealth maneuver were taking place to merge us with a relatively peaceful, just and benign nation – like say Sweden – were taking place, Canadians would rightly be indignant, and in fact furious. To be witnessing a stealth maneuver to merge Canada with what has now become – by any reasonable definition – a fascist state, is simply beyond words.

Habeas corpus has been suspended in the U.S. In the new America, freedom from arbitrary arrest and imprisonment is now gone. With the signing of the Military Commissions Act on September 16, 2006, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights were suspended. Harvard law students have conducted a mock funeral for the U.S. Constitution. Arbitrary arrest and imprisonment, the hallmark of fascist states, is now part of the legal structure of the U.S. By any reasonable definition, The United States has ceased to be a constitutional democracy. By any reasonable definition, the United States has become a fascist state. Is this the kind of nation we want to form deeper alliances with? Would we wish to be submerged into any other nation, particularly one that has moved so clearly into fascism? The military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned of 60 years ago, and which has been dominant in U.S. politics since at least 1947, has now finally seized all power in the U.S. The unthinkable has happened in the U.S., and Stephen Harper wants to integrate Canada into this unfolding nightmare.

Aside from these most obvious points, it would be unwise in the extreme to form a deep integration with a nation many times our size both demographically and economically – it would be an unequal and thus, for us at least, undemocratic union.

Beyond this, the giant U.S. economy is a sinking ship. The U.S. dollar is sinking. Central banks around the world are divesting themselves of U.S. currency. And we are going to tie ourselves to a sinking ship?

The U.S. corporate elite want this merger in order to secure access to the biggest oil reserves in the hemisphere – the Canadian tar sands – and in order to secure access to a flood of cheap Mexican labour. It is their hope that they will be able to compete with the rising giant of China by doing so. Oh, and the suspension of basic rights and freedoms is also considered necessary – security from the risk of authentic, functioning democracy breaking out. This is the SPP in a nutshell.

Only the corporate elite support this insane and anti-democratic plan. No-one else wants this. We only have to make known what is happening. The public is being kept in the dark because the business “leaders” know, and have said directly, that it would never fly if it were put through Parliament or Congress. That is our strength. All we need to do is to make this issue known. It will die if exposed to the light of day.

Add to this mix the fact that a council of 30 CEO’s, the North American Competitiveness Council, will “brief” Parliament and Congress after decisions have been made, and it is no surprise that this is being done in stealth mode. No-one in their right mind – in any of the three nations – would support this; except of course, the heads of the biggest corporations, who are pushing it through for the sake of quarterly profits.

Security for whom? Prosperity for whom? This is a Security and Prosperity Partnership of the corporate elite, by the corporate elite, for the corporate elite. We need to be talking about this. This needs to be a major election issue. This needs to be stopped.

J. Todd Ring

February 2007

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