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Bloggers sometimes wonder just who’s out there, why they came to the site, how they found it, and what their impressions were overall. Well, curiosity has nudged me. Please feel free to sign the guest book, and leave comments as to the site as you like.


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  1. Hi,

    I happened upon your site because I am entirely fixated on the SPP and have been researching it off and on for the last 4 months, in my free time. It’s absolutely unbelievable that this is going on. I am in Vancouver and feel a very natural inclination to dedicate lots of time to ensuring that the SPP is exposed and halted.

    I appreciate your analysis in general and find it to be on the mark. Moreover, your perception that it’s time to do something other than just talk about corporate injustices is inspiring. I too feel that the SPP is a viable focal point for bringing together people from otherwise diverging points of interest and political orientations since it is indeed a matter of do we want to live in a democracy or a fascist state? For we are ascending the latter, and most people have no clue. Once I’ve read more of your site I will contact you again.

    Again, I am really appreciative because your perspective resonates. This could be becuase you are not part of a group or special-interest organization (neither am I) so your analysis is not skewed by an existing agenda. This is not to denigrate what others are doing, I just find that most groups have a pre-existing perspective so the SPP gets incorporated into their issue/cause and this assimilation therefore distorts their analysis to varying degrees. (The Council of Canadians is good though, for sure…)

    I actually contacted Paul Bigioni to see if he knows whether or not Paul Martin’s initiation of the SPP was a violation of his adminstrative powers, but he did not know. I want to research this further. I don’t see how it’s legal to bypass existing democracies in solitary acts of self-appointed super-powers to the benefit of corporate profit.

    Take care,



    “At present, the state is the only institution large enough to act as a counterweight to corporate power; therefore, short-term goals should involve defending, even strengthening, those elements of the state that are accountable to public input (which are the ones constantly under attack by private power.) Opening up the state to democratic participation and improving the effectiveness and accountability of state regulation are the most realistic interim strategies for dealing with the corporate threat and the practical problems of tomorrow—problems on which people’s lives depend. In the short-term, then, political activism that directly targets corporate power should be complimented by efforts to re-democratize the state and government.”

    -Jamie Brownlee, Ruling Canada, Corporate Cohesion and Democracy, 2005


    • jtoddring Says:

      I just re-read that quote you sent Becky: it is so on the mark – so wonderful to hear good-hearted, lucid thinking amidst the dross and drivel and sheer propaganda! Thank you again.


  2. jtoddring Says:

    Hello Becky. Nice to have the feedback. And yes, I agree, the SPP is a critical issue – sadly neglected by the mass media as well as the major political parties…..so far. We’ll see what can be done about that. “It ain’t over `till it’s over.”


  3. MissDana Says:

    Привет всем!


  4. jtoddring Says:

    Babelfish translates Miss Dana’s greeting as “Regards by all!” Thank you Miss Dana.


  5. Nise site!


  6. John Caelan Says:

    Brilliant and savvy insights, Mr. Ring…I’ve have been reading so much on one side of the fence, wherein the false flag event is actualized simply to justify the expansion into Iran, and then reading so much about the economic disaster that looms before us. I have searched in earnest to find those who recognize that the two are completely connected, that, indeed, the two-edged sword of a false flag event both veils the market crash and redirects the angst of the newly disenfranchised towards the Middle East in a new, and eerily familiar (to the few who still read history), fury of nationalism. We are losing our nation, my friend, and what a heart-wrenching thing to lose. Keep up the good fight, your words do have an impact. With respect, John Caelan


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