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The New Blackberry 10 – Time to ditch Apple and Google both

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The Blackberry 10 has just been unveiled, and the question returns: Blackberry, iPhone or Google-based Android smart phone? Here are some thoughts, techno-weenie talk aside. We’re talking pure functionality and ethics here, not who has the best gizmo-gadgetry whiz-bang for the buck.

Google is a partner in evil, willingly collaborating with the super-creepy NSA’s deeply Orwellian global surveillance state, so Android phones are out for me because of that link. Google is also a parnter in creepiness and crime in its willing support of Chinese censorship.

Apple has apparently evil production and labour practices, so Apple is not a company I want to support at all. And as good as their technology is, ethics still matter. Blackberry is equally as good for phones in any case – if you don’t need the children’s toys of an iPhone – and Linux is superior to Macs as well.

Besides, I just want a phone – I don’t want my phone to bake bread, polish my shoes, walk my dog, or have a million largely useless apps that I’ll never use. And I’m not interested in wasting time playing games on my phone either. I just want a phone for calls, texts, email and web browsing, and maybe a note pad, alarm and calendar. The rest of the bells and whistles are of no interest to me. I’m not twelve years old, and they don’t impress me in the slightest. I want a straight-up, no-nonsense business-minded phone, not a toy.

And I’d rather support a Canadian company in any event, and definitely not support one of the global corporate giants, such as Apple or Google.

Blackberry wins for all these reasons, in my mind. Google and Apple can go stuff themselves.

“Do no evil?” That was Google’s mantra and motto, but that went out the door when it partnered with the NSA and the Chinese commissars. (Maybe Google should look up “Tiananmen Square.”) Apple is not much better. I’d rather boycott them both, along with notoriously sleezy Microsoft, and go with Blackberry and Linux instead.

The Blackberry I’m already on, and have used it for a few years now. I’ve had zero problems with it, and love it. I hate touch pads as well, by the way, now that I think of it, and I love that I can use a keypad or touch pad with a Blackberry.

Linux I’m planning on switching to, as Apple has serious ethics problems across the board, and Microsoft is, well, garbage.

But Blackberry? Definitely. Hands down.

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