Videos, News & Analysis To Rock Your World

There are alternatives to the corporate-state media. We need to use them, and boycott the corporate-state media infotainment and global propaganda complex.

Six corporations now control 80% of the major media in the world. Most of the rest of the major media in the West are controlled by the state: the BBC and CBC, for example – controlled by governments which themselves have been taken over by the business elite. It is imperative that we look to alternative and independent sources of news and analysis. Turn off the propaganda machine. Now.

For critically important context and perspective on the media, and on how the world really works, and what we can do about it, see Noam Chomsky’s, Manufacturing Consent; Requiem for the American Dream: The Principles of Concentration of Wealth and Power; Year 501: The Conquest Continues; and above all, Necessary Illusions: Thought Control In Democratic Societies. See also, C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite; Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine; and Peter Philips, Giants: The Global Power Elite.

YouTube – Prajnaseek’s Channel

Channel Prajnaseek: A Selection of Incisive Videos

Trends Journal

Z Magazine, and Z Net

American Herald Tribune

The Centre for Research on Globalization

The Geopolitics & Empire Podcast


The Corbett Report

21st Century Wire

Idle No More

The Council of Canadians

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

The David Suzuki Foundation

Gerald Celente

Noam Chomsky

David Suzuki

Maude Barlow

John Perkins

Naomi Klein

John Pilger

Chris Hedges

David Sirota

Peter Dale Scott

Michael Hudson

Dr. Cornell West

See also, my “activist toolbox” article: Flash-Drive Revolution – and Who To Trust?

And my first two books:

Enlightened Democracy – on Barnes & Noble


The People vs The Elite: A Manifesto For Democratic Revolution; Or, Survival In The 21st Century & Beyond (April 2020)



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