Whew, time for some good news

With all of the terrifying developments in the world – and they are very real, unfortunately – it seems essential to pay attention to the good news and the victories, the positive examples and the hopeful signs, as well as the ominous trends. If we don’t, then we may well be swamped by feelings of powerlessness, and then very little is possible.

Empowerment, and therefore inspiration, is critical. In fact, I believe this is the bottle-neck: this is the limiting factor. People have a pretty good sense of what is going on, at least in rough outline. And polls repeatedly indicate that the basic values of the people of both the Western world and the world as a whole, are ones of fairness, ecological sustainability, peace, authentic democracy, and equity. What is needed is a greater degree of empowerment: that is, a recognition of our power.

In fact, if “the threat of a good example” is what the power elite and empire-mongers fear most, then that is precisely what we must provide: working alternatives to a self-destructive system of madness.

Together we shape the world. If we choose passivity and resignation, then we abdicate both our right – our privilege – and our responsibility to share collectively in choosing our future and our ever-unfolding present. In order to spur ourselves and one another to greater awareness of our collective power as citizens, and our empowerment as individuals, we need inspiration as well as determination. In short, sometimes we simply need some encouraging examples. That being said, here is a small selection of good news.


November 18, 2006

Norway breaks the mould

Norway forgives 80 million in debts – Nordic country first to break silence on “illegitimate” loans.

Church of England divests $3.84 million from arms dealer

Church divests from arms dealers

Cities begin to take action on peak oil

Portland Passes Peak Oil Resolution | relocalize.net

Full text of San Franciso peak oil resolution | EnergyBulletin.net | Peak Oil News Clearinghouse

Sweden declares it will be an oil-free society by 2020

Making Sweden an OIL-FREE Society

Nordic Countries Design Sustainable Communities: The Natural Step for Eco-Villages

Cuba demonstrates success in responding to oil crisis, creates an organic revolution

Cuba: the accidental revolution | EnergyBulletin.net | Peak Oil News Clearinghouse

The Greening of the Revolution: Cuba’s Experiment with Organic Agriculture

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil – order video

Cities show leadership where “higher” governments fail

Twin Cities Competition for E-efficiency

Twin Cities Solar Tour – video

Not with a whimper: courts and journalists show they still have some spine

TheStar.com – Secrets law unconstitutional

An empire at twilight:

Superpower’s global dominance in question

50 Years After Suez, US Hegemony Ebbing Fast

“The United States is Terrified” – Noam Chomsky on Latin America’s Move Towards “Independence and Integration”

The Crumbling Empire: Latin America and Asia Breaking Free of Washington’s Grip – Noam Chomsky

The crisis of legitimacy:

Global corporate rule is now fragile

Confronting the Empire – Chomsky at the World Social Forum

The Global Crisis of Legitimacy of Liberal Democracy – Social and Economic Policy – Global Policy Forum

Chavez confronts US empire at UN,

Americans respond by showing more confidence in Chavez than Bush,
taking his recommendation and reading Chomsky in record numbers

Hugo Chavez at UN, 20 Sept 2006 (English) – I of III

ZNet |Venezuela | Chavez at the UN

The Western world’s leading dissident

becomes #1 author

on world’s biggest online bookstore

Chomsky Book Sales Skyrocket – Los Angeles Times

Nader publicly nominates Bill Moyers for President

Bill Moyers For President

Hydrogen is happening: cutting through the fog – and the smog

ITS Hydrogen Highway Launch Event

British Columbia’s own Hydrogen Highway | Hydrogen Use

Hydrogen Bus Demonstration Completed In Manitoba, Partners Invest $600,000 In Technology

Berlin, Shanghai and Amsterdam unveil hydrogen buses

London Hydrogen Action Plan

London Hydrogen Partnership – Peugeot

H2.ca – Hydrogen Water Taxi in Newport Harbor

BBC News | SCI/TECH | Iceland launches energy revolution

BMW’s hydrogen powered 7-Series

BBC NEWS Science-Nature Sun and hydrogen ‘to fuel future’

Canadian Group Produces Hydrogen from Water Using Solar Energy

SHEC Labs achieved breakthrough performance in manufacturing …

Sunlight Used To Produce Hydrogen From Water

US legislator wants to reward hydrogen inventors

Growing hydrogen for the cars of tomorrow – energy-fuels – 25 February 2006 – New Scientist

Treehugger Garbage to Hydrogen, Just Add Sun

Sewage turned into hydrogen fuel – 29 April 2002 – New Scientist

Nanotubes crank out hydrogen TRN 020905

Science begins to realize the obvious,

and begins to awaken to what Kropotkin

pointed out over 100 years ago:

cooperation is as natural as competition

– in fact, moreso among the primates and

other species of higher intelligence

Scientific American Mind: The Samaritan Paradox

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