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Distance Yourself From Evil, Not People

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The Boycott Big Tech Movement Begins Here

First rule: Question everything, and think for yourself.

Second rule: Don’t support your slavers. (Gandhi, MLK and Thoreau would understand. It’s time for mass civil disobedience.)

Nothing is free. If you want to say no to Big Brother, you have to pay for better tech that itself says no to Big Brother. That means boycotting Big Tech. It’s a transition we need to make. Start by ditching Google. Then Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Android….

Marco Polo is worth looking into, as well. (A video calling service) They refuse to use annoying ads, and more importantly, they refuse to sell client data or to be part of the new global surveillance state. 

Also of note: There is a new tech company making sleek black phones, tablets and laptops, which are not only built to last three times longer, but are built from the kernel up to be deeply resistant to the new global surveillance apparatus. Sorry the name escapes me at the moment. See the excellent podcast, Geopolitics & Empire, and you’ll find it; along with an extremely important interview with Robert Epstein on why boycotting Big Tech is imperative (my extrapolation).

See also, My Seven Simple Steps, by Robert Epstein, for further resistance to Big Brother.

The MAGATS – Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple, Twitter, and the “social media” giant Farcebook – are all deeply embedded and eager partners with the new global corporate police state. We need to begin an exodus away from them, an intelligent social distancing campaign that brings people together, face to face, and in groups for rallies and protests, meetings, conferences and blockades, under freedom of travel, speech and assembly, and distance ourselves from the Big Tech tools of the corporate police state. Now that would be…pardon me, will be…intelligent social distancing. Distance yourself from evil – not from people.

“Social distancing” doesn’t work. The science indicates 27 feet is needed. Six feet is useless – unless you want to sow panic and fear, and divide and conquer the people, which of course is the elite-driven objective, which the lemmings blindly obey.

Masks don’t work, as even the WHO admitted. They do however cut off oxygen to the body and brain, lowering immune resistance as well as functional intelligence – which partly explains the mass insanity and loss of ability to think critically or to use basic common sense reasoning.

Mass quarantine, which is mass house arrest, doesn’t work, as Sweden and Taiwan have proved. In fact, it is causing alienation and economic devastation to soar, which will, if continued, result in surging poverty, sickness and death.

Moreover, this is not the Plague. The global death toll from covid, a new form of the cold and flu family, is under 300,000, while annual death tolls from the flu are 300,000-700,000.

Basic math, anyone?

Think for yourself.

Check the facts. Question everything. You are being lied to. Mass hysteria has taken over.

The covid crisis needs to be understood for what it is: a Davos billionaire oligarch-driven agenda of: 1. Mass distraction, 2. Divide and conquer, 3. Economic warfare, that is, class warfare, of the 1% vs the 99%, and 4. A pretext for a power grab, and the final stage of the 50 year process of neoliberalism, which has been the corporate take-over of society on a global scale, and the merger of business and the state, which as Mussolini said, is the proper definition of fascism.

Where is the left? I hope you are starting to get this right, or will soon. This is a corporate fascist coup.

Of course, to frame the issues in this way will put the 60-80% of people who have become complete lemmings, into total panic, hyperbolic mouth-foaming fervour, and vitriolic hysteria; but it simply must be done.

I’ve explained these issues countless times. Read my blog essays if anything here is surprising or alarming. It certainly should not be. And I am not willing to repeat myself ad nauseum.

The propaganda war is beginning to fail. People are asking questions, at last, and are waking up. The mouth-frothing, screaming, self-righteous, deeply hypocritical defenders of the “new normal” of pseudo-medical fascism, are losing. Keep questioning. Keep speaking the truth. Keep pressing the facts over hyperbole. 

Saddam Hussein did not have WMDs. A giant lie launched a war causing hundreds of thousands of deaths. Now we face mass distortions that will kill millions and enslave billions, if we don’t cut through the illusions, distortions, propaganda, hysteria and lies.

Choose solidarity and caring *with* freedom; or choose virtual lobotomy, and slavery to a brutal new Orwellian order. There is no third choice, other than in fantasy and delusion.

Remember what Emerson said, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” Sane, mature, confident people can admit when they were wrong. Insane, childish, petty, and weak-minded people cannot.


May 10, 2020


Privacy is a misnomer. The entire issue has been mislabelled. Freedom from surveillance and manipulation is the big issue. Vastly more important than privacy is that we don’t cooperate with our slavers: the new global corporate fascist police state. Just say no to Big Brother. See My Seven Simple Steps for important tips, as a starting place. #BoycottBigTech! #BoycottBigBrother 

Covid & the Left: An open letter

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It matters not what group it was this letter was addressed to. What matters is the content. Please read:

(Note that WordPress randomly gets buggy on me and will not let me make paragraph spacing properly: hence the strange use of stars. * And WordPress strangely made my signature invisible as well. Sorry I am all thumbs with tech or I would fix it, somehow.)


With much respect, and solidarity, I urge you to check your facts.
You wrote, “On Friday, May 1, an ongoing General Strike campaign begins. This campaign could become the most powerful movement in the United States and reset the national agenda. It comes when the failures of the US political system have been magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic, which triggered an economic collapse in a presidential election year.”
This is the beginning of a bold plan, which could be transformative – yet it is also based in delusion, due to lack of fact checking, and the succumbing to an elite-crafted propaganda narrative.
I am not going to argue my case again here. I have argued it many times already. Please see the articles on my blog: J. Todd Ring on WordPress. If that is not sufficient, please check the facts at Trends Journal.
If you base a major strategy, a key strategy, on a radically misinformed view, you will likely be discredited later for being revealed to have been terribly and dangerously  naive.
Worse yet, by supporting the standard narrative that covid-19 CAUSED an economic collapse and an  authoritarian lockdown, which is an obviously irrational and foolish view, since a virus cannot quarantine anyone, much less entire nations, then you are lending support to what is in truth a simple fascist power grab, a fascist coup, by a bipartisan neoliberal and neoconservative global power elite.
How this is not clear to the left is almost inconceivable to me. You need to rethink and do some basic fact-checking, immediately.
Under 200,000 people have died from covid-19, versus 300,000 to 700,000 ANNUAL deaths from the common flu. How is it that these numbers justify extreme authoritarian measures? Can you not see the obvious big lie in this? The covid-19 virus is not even an epidemic if the annual flu is not considered an epidemic with 2-3 times higher yearly death toll. Are these things not obvious?
Read my blog, see Trends Journal, and please, think again.

J. Todd Ring



The Herd Mentality – Trends Journal

Piers Robinson


My essays, including: Any Enemy Will Do

Cognitive Dissonance, Mass Insanity & Covid Hysteria

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Check the numbers. The disease is not ravaging us, is not unprecedented, but has killed 1/3rd the death toll of a typical year of the common flu. DOES ANYBODY FACT-CHECK ANYMORE?! 

If 300,000 to 700,000 deaths per year from the common annual flu, which is typical, and happens every year, is not considered a pandemic, then the covid-19 virus, which  has killed 170,000 world-wide, also does not merit the term pandemic – much less mass quarantine, mass house arrest, lockdown, and shut down of the economy and the society, sweeping government powers and suspension of fundamental constitutional rights and freedoms.

Are there any sane people left who can accomplish basic reasoning? Only a rare few it seems. Even the best of the best have temporarily lost their capacity for rational thought. My God, we are in great danger – for that reason above all. The people are being manipulated en mass by power mongers, and even the best are deceived by their propaganda. Terrifying.

See Trends Journal, The Herd Mentality, to set the facts straight. Virtually all the alternative media, and even the best analysts, have been suckered, duped, taken the kool aid, and been deceived. Chilling.

But, at least whispers of dissent, and questions about draconian, authoritarian measures, are finally being raised. They must grow far more powerful, and fast, or we are doomed to live in Orwell’s worst nightmare.


April 25, 2020

By the way, I have great respect for these two men. That makes their error in not questioning the core narrative even more alarming, and all the more disturbing.

Scheer Intelligence on COVID as a justification for mass surveillance:

No Question: We Have Returned To The Dark Ages

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Witch burning, anyone?

Suspicion equals proof.

Indefinite detention on suspicion alone.

Maybe we should break out the rack, the Inquisition, and a little Hieronymus Bosch, and really get this party going.

Or maybe we’d prefer a little sanity….

Listen to the world’s most reliable trend analyst:

“Media Fear Machine in High Gear

As reported in detail in the Trends Journal, data from around the world confirms the vast majority of those who have died from COVID-19 had serious pre-existing illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic heart conditions, and lung diseases (99 percent in Italy, over 86 percent in New York City).

In Italy, the Italian Health Institute reported the average age of those dying was about 80 years old.

According to the CDC, in the U.S. “a mortality rate of 10% to 27% for those ages 85 and over, 3% to 11% for those ages 65 to 84, 1% to 3% for those ages 55 to 64, and less than 1% for those ages 20 to 54.”

Also underreported is the significant amount of those dying from COVID-19 being smokers. This virus attacks the lungs, and a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine found Chinese coronavirus patients who smoked to be twice as vulnerable to serious infection and death from COVID-19 than those who didn’t smoke.

Yet the mainstream media, ignoring these hard facts, continues to pump out their tabloid headlines. For example, despite the fact stated above by the CDC that less than one percent of those between 20-54 years of age are dying from COVID-19, we get this 9 April headline from the Washington Post: “Hundreds of young Americans have now been killed by the coronavirus, data shows.””

The article states, “At least 759 people under age 50 across the United States who have perished amid the deepening pandemic, according to a Washington Post analysis of state data. These deaths underscore the tragic fact that while the novel coronavirus might be most threatening to the old and compromised, no one is immune.”

What’s left out of this junk journalism, which hyper-inflates the “deepening pandemic,” is that in the U.S. there are over 200 million people under the age of 50. Therefore, the 759 “under age 50” who have “perished” from the coronavirus represent around 0.0000038 percent.

Included in the Pandemonium Panic Awards for “Most Fear-Mongering Headline” was this one from Newsweek on 9 April: “CORONAVIRUS BECOMES NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF DEATH PER DAY IN U.S., SURPASSING HEART DISEASE AND CANCER.”

This headline was picked up by media across the nation… despite the fact that it’s “dead” wrong.

[Actually, it’s a bald-faced lie – something the media is very good at. Remember Saddam’s WMDs?]

Even if the current highest estimate of 60,000 U.S. deaths from coronavirus were reached, it pales in comparison with the number of deaths each year from heart disease (over 650,000, according to the CDC) and cancer (over 600,000, according to the American Cancer Society).

Also left out, as we’ve been making the case in the Trends Journal, is that the numbers of COVID-19 deaths in America can’t even begin to compare with the number of U.S. deaths each year from other health issues, such as obesity and smoking.

According to the National Institute of Health, it is estimated that obesity causes the premature death of around 300,000 Americans every year.

And, according to the CDC, in the U.S., there are 480,000 deaths annually from smoking… yet smoking has not been banned.”

– The Numbers Don’t Add Up, COVID-19 Special Trend Report, Trends Journal, April 14, 2020

Deaths from the common annual flu are still higher than deaths from coronavirus. Are we going to put the world under fascist lockdown and mass house arrest for six months every year from now on? How did we avoid that for the past 300,000 years? Reason, anyone?

Deaths from junk food and obesity are higher than deaths by coronavirus, by a factor more than ten-fold. Yet MacDonald’s and other junk food restaurants are not banned.

That would be a strong reaction, a heavy-handed reaction, but at least a rational one – and fundamental civil rights would not be suspended. Mortality rates would plummet. I’m not suggesting we do that, but at least it would be sane – and it would not be a fascist response, but merely a heavy handed one.

Spending trillions of dollars to create a real jobs program, a green jobs program, would slash poverty and stress, and thus slash mortality rates. But the concern here, among ruling elites, is not health. It is power.

Has anyone noticed that the US elite always scream there is no money for universal public health care, while a trillion dollars a year is spent on war, the military industrial complex and the new global surveillance and police state?

Yet the people blindly believe that now the business and political elite suddenly have a deep concern for public health?

Yes, that’s why they are engaged in economic warfare against the 99% – which is one of the real reasons for the lockdown – and which will kill far more than the virus. The elite are deeply concerned with your health.

Concern for public health also explains why the Wall Street elite are giving themselves trillions of dollars in relief, while the 99% get crumbs.

Yes, it is a deep concern for public health that clearly motivates the Western and Eastern oligarchic elite – or so it seems if you are delusional, or otherwise insane.

Mass house arrest of billions of healthy people is a socio-economic and public health disaster, incomparably worse than the virus itself, utterly unjustifed by science or common sense, and the preamble to fascism. Do you get it now?

The people had better snap out of their stupor of group-think and blind obedience soon. They are in grave danger, and it has nothing to do with a virus.


April 19, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19): The Central Facts

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This was the letter I just sent to a friend who, to his credit, was very calm and respectful as he stated that he felt I was misunderstanding the current “pandemic”. I think it is worth sharing.

With warmth and much respect, my friend, I must say this:

Read my blog articles, and check the facts:

25,000 deaths from coronavirus over the past four months globally, vs 110,000 from the common flu, 1.9 million from cancer, 2.3 million from poverty and hunger, and even more from obesity and poor diets.

The official narrative – that (1) COVID-19 is an extreme danger which (2) requires extreme, draconian, authoritarian (fascist) responses – does not fit the facts.

The central facts are these:

1. The virus is real, but as two Stanford professors said in a recent article they published in the Wall Street Journal, it is exaggerated by many orders of magnitude: Actual mortality rate is 0.01%, compared with the common flu which has a mortality rate of 0.1%.

2. The manufactured panic is being used to install global neoliberal corporate fascism: as is self-evident, or should be – and which everyone should have seen coming since the “war on terror” began two decades ago, which of course, has everywhere been a war on democracy.

3. Human civilization is under great risk of decline and collapse due to ecological malfeasance – which has nothing to do with this or any other virus.

4. If a major epidemic on the scale of the Black Plague hits, as it does every few hundred years, it will be horrible, but will not wipe out civilization or humanity, will not justify fascist measures even then, and it will help us nothing, furthermore, to stress and panic over the possibility.

That, I would say, is the fact-based assessment of COVID-19.

See Trends Journal, The Corbett Report, John Pilger, Piers Robinson, Peter Hitchens, GreenMedInfo, the Geopolitics & Empire podcast, the Centre for Research on Globalization, and my blog, I humbly and frankly submit, for further fact-based information and analysis.

Not surprisingly,  the major media, the alternative media, and “our” governments, have failed utterly to do any serious fact-checking or investigation. They have failed the people completely, and in extremely dangerous ways.

I did not write the following to my friend, but I think we should all bear it in mind:



April 2, 2020


Coronavirus: Facts & Fictions, Trends Journal, March 30, 2020

Trends Journal March 17 – On fascism and economic warfare

Piers Robinson, Coronavirus: The New 9/11?

The Geopolitics & Empire Podcast

The Corbett Report

The Centre for Research on Globalization


“It Depends Who You Talk To” – Relativism, Nihilism & Mass Insanity

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Let’s get some things out of the way, right from the start. Our society is insane. Fromm was right, and there is no doubt about it. Illusions, delusion, lies and half-truths, distortions of the truth, avoidance of reality, denial, psychological numbness, narcissism and disociation are all epidemic. That is in addition to the many serious mental and physical health problems that are created by, and pervasive in, our truly insane, delusional, wildly out of balance society.

How is our society insane or delusional? By thinking that infinite growth is possible on a finite planet, for example. By perpetuating fossil fuel addiction while knowing it is planet-destroying and suicidal, for example. By, for example, fervently believing that the production and consumption of ever greater quantities of material goods and entertainment can solve all of life’s problems, and is itself the source of human happiness – when in fact, this ideology, world-view, psychology, paradigm, or philosophy, is rapidly destroying all life on Earth, as well as being both the cause and the symptom of a pervasive epidemic of spiritual, intellectual, emotional, psychological, political and social decay. That’s just three out of countless examples.

Treating differently-abled people with callousness or disrespect is not a good thing, of course. It should be overcome. It can be overcome, just as other forms of cultural ignorance, bigotry, prejudice, oppression or discrimination can be overcome, by raising awareness. But oppression, injustice, unkindness, prejudice and discrimination cannot be overcome through censorship, or the closing down of freedom of speech.

In fact, the closing down of free speech is about the worst and most dangerous thing that anyone can do. It gives vast powers to those who are power-hungry, and who care nothing about injustice or oppression, but are quite eager to chain and exploit all people for the sake of their own power-lust, egomania and greed. It is imperative that the social justice movements clearly understand that.

Moreover, we must be able to speak about our reality, or the insanity of our society will not be overcome, but will only get worse. And in this case, what we need to directly identify, name, and speak about, is precisely the insanity of the society in which we live: its chronic lies and self-deceptions, its rationalizations, its self-delusions.

The lies, illusions and delusions which grip the majority must be recognized, spoken, and identified for what they are, or we are quite simply doomed, and will wake up in a very Orwellian world where everbody “knows” that 2+2=5, war is peace, and slavery is freedom.

Relativism and nihilism must also be identified and named. There is reality, whether we understand it or not. Therefore there is truth – truth is that which is in accord with reality: truth is reality; reality is truth. Truth is therefore not a social construct, as the addle-minded post-modernists, or neo-Sophists, contend.

Post-modernism is neo-Sophism. It falls apart upon the slightest rigorous examination. It is founded on the dogmatically asserted, anti-doctrinaire doctrine, the fervently, rabidly dogmatic ideology, which claims to be anti-dogmatic and anti-ideological, that all truth is a social construct. That means that people who believe the world is round, and people who think the world is flat, are both right. Clearly, post-modernism is an incoherent and thoroughly self-contradictory plathering of polysyllabic psychobabble, not worth the paper it is written on.

The world is round, not flat. If every media outlet and every “journalist”, pundit and “expert”, and every government “authority”, stated unanimously that the world is flat, and disagreeing with that official narrative is a thought crime, it would still not make the world flat.

It is not a matter of opinion whether the holocaust happened – it did, and was a horrific crime against humanity. It does not “depend on who you talk to” whether or not gravity works – gravity works, period, regardless of what you believe. You can believe anything you like, but if you throw yourself off a cliff, you’re going to fall, and probably die.

We may be clear, partially clear, or unclear, as to the facts. We may be extremely well informed and clear on a subject, or we may be extremely misinformed, deceived or deluded – or we may be anywhere on the spectrum between these two poles, of basic clarity versus basic delusion. But the facts remain the facts. It is not a matter of opinion.

Gravity works, the world is not flat, and facts are facts, regardless of what the frequently deceived and deluded, manipulated masses may be persuaded to believe.

Are we clear on that? I should hope so. A great deal depends on it, including the future of our world, and whether we will be slaves, or free.


April 2, 2020


Propaganda Lessons From History: A Very Short Review – 9/11 to the Coronavirus

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Generally I post only essays I have written myself, on my blog. There have been a few exceptions for films, videos or articles that I feel are of exceptional importance – such as Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine, which we should all watch and read again, and which explains perfectly well what has been happening since 9/11, 2001, since the launch of the “Global War On Terror”, or GWOT; and also, more recently, over the past three months, as the “new Pearl Harbour type event”, which is the coronavirus “response” of quite literally fascist lockdown, suspension of civil rights, and granting of sweeping unchecked powers to governments – and, most notably, to the global corporate elite who control them and have taken them over.

This is a slow-motion corporate coup, which has been playing out for 50 years, since the neoliberal and neoconservative elite (two wings of the same corporatist club) began their rollback of democracy, the New Deal compromise, and all gains, and rights, of the common people (the 99.9%) over the past 800 years, since the signing of the Magna Carta, in the latest of ever-recurring bids for lasting imperial dominance and ultimate power. That is the true narrative, the one based in reality, which only the dangerously naive fail to see.

Please read on.

Remember, this is the tiniest of mini-primers on the subject. Further investigation and reading would be wise, and urged.

Here is Piers Robinson:

“The lesson of 9/11 is that major events can become what scholar Peter Dale Scott describes as deep events which are exploited by political actors in order to precipitate and manage major political, economic and social shifts. 9/11 became, in effect, the deep event that enabled 20 years of unfettered Western warfare abroad and severe civil liberty restrictions and extensive surveillance at home.

At the time of 9/11 many people in the West were terrified of terrorism. Public opposition to the invasion of Afghanistan (the first regime war to flow within months of 9/11) was almost impossible without being accused of being reckless in the ‘fight against terrorism’ or of being an ‘Al Qaeda’ sympathizer. Muslims throughout the West were widely despised. US President George Bush declared that ‘you are either with us or against us’. The parallels with what is happening today are obvious.

Is the Corona Virus a new 9/11, a new deep event? We cannot yet be sure, as of this writing. Perhaps the current strategy of suspending basic liberties will work to effectively eliminate all threats posed by the virus. Governments will then restore the civil liberties currently being suspended and all will fairly quickly return to the way things were before. Perhaps the economy will confidently weather the fallout from the ‘lockdowns’ and everything will return to business as usual….

Or perhaps not. It may be that, as British journalist Peter Hitchens has been warning, the loss of liberty and basic rights will continue indefinitely as governments greedily hold on to their increased powers of control over their citizenry.

Similarly, Italian journalist Stefania Maurizi has warned about the risks in Italy of state authorities, hostile to open societies and the political left, exploiting Corona in order to increase their control.

An obvious concern here is whether there will be a permanent impact on mass gatherings and protests. James Corbett warns of a permanent state of ‘medical martial law’ and there is certainly the very real possibility of the normalization of government-imposed quarantine [or mass house arrests] and other freedom of movement restrictions.

Margaret Kimberley of the US-based Black Agenda Report warns that Corona may be used as a way of covering up both economic crisis and collapse. She notes that the Federal Reserve ‘recently threw Wall Street a $1.5 trillion lifeline which only kicked the can down the road. The can has been kicked ever since the Great Recession of 2008’. The likely destruction of small businesses might allow for ever greater corporate choke-hold on the economy with more people forced into the corporate workforce.

There is certainly the danger that Corona will be exploited in order to distract from severe economic problems whilst also enabling the pursuit of new economic strategies which worsen rather than mitigate the social inequalities that already tarnish Western countries….

Whatever the Corona event may or may not be, the fundamental lesson of the last 20 years is that governments can and do exploit, even manipulate, events in order to pursue political, social, military and economic objectives. Fearful populations are frequently irrational ones, vulnerable and malleable. Now is not the time for deference to authority and reluctance to speak out.

It is time for publics to get informed, think calmly and rationally, and to robustly scrutinize and challenge what their governments are doing. The dangers of failing to do this likely far surpass the immediate threat posed by the Corona Virus.”

   – Piers Robinson, Coronavirus: A New 9/11? American Herald Tribune, March 28, 2020

Thank the Lord for the rare voices of sanity in the world. And they are growing in number. Hopefully, censorship by the major media, Big Tech, and “social media”, won’t suppress the voices of reason so effectively that resistance to elite power games truly does, for a time, become futile.

The people will find a way to defeat all such power games and power mongers, however, as they did in WWII, sooner or later.

Pray it is sooner. We are in truly dire danger now – and not from a virus.


April 1, 2020

(And yes, we would be fools to believe the official narrative. See Trends Journal, The Corbett Report, GreenMedInfo, and my earlier articles on the coronavirus: Writings Of J. Todd Ring, on WordPress.)


Trump Says Up, You Say Down: Psyops 101

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The deep state steers Trump. Smart move would be to nudge him to dismiss the coronavirus as over-hyped. Then the lemmings will trip over themselves to avoid guilt by association. But even idiots can be right sometimes, remember. Even a broken watch tells the right time twice a day. But the centre and left reacted like Pavlov’s dogs. Now they are loathe to admit they made a mistake, so they refuse to look at facts, and dig in. The majority are easily manipulated by elites playing power games…. It’s terrifying how easily the majority can be manipulated. That is the real danger.


Trump is a tool of the Deep State. He thinks he’s a brave rebel, at war with the Deep State. Or so he thought until the generals schooled him. Now he obeys orders.

Trump may be unpredictable and a loose cannon, but by and large, the Deep State has him firmly under control. They steer him, letting him believe he has far more power and autonomy than has actually has. He is another pawn – a pawn they wish to remove from the board, but a pawn so long as he is in play, nonetheless.

That considered, and that summary of Trump and the Deep State is pretty much unquestionable, it is interesting to note how an intelligent psyops campaign might be played out, if the ruling neoliberal elite wanted to:

a) get rid of Trump; and more importantly,

b) distract the people from the major crises –  the economy, poverty, inequality, injustice, climate change, pipeline protests, an explosion of protests world-wide, simultaneous with growing oligarchic and fascist powers, class warfare, imperial wars abroad, and the rapidly growing crisis of legitimacy of the ruling elite and the entire global corporate oligarchy – distract the people by a greatly exaggerated public health crisis (see my earlier articles, especially, Coronavirus: Facts & Fallout); and

c) use the public health crisis as a way to further intensify class warfare, crash the economy for this purpose, and loot the people further, in the process hopefully removing Trump in the 2020 election, and bring about police state measures in response to the largely manufactured crisis.

Nudging Trump to initially dismiss the virus as greatly overblown – which it is (see WSJ article, re-posted on my blog, written by Standford University professors, saying exactly this); and now to signal he wants an end to “social distancing” soon; would have the predictable response from the centre and left: they would, and did, trip over themselves stampeding to avoid any association with Trump.

Trumps says Up, so we say Down. Trump says black, so we say white. Trump is crazy, scary, stupid, and bad (all true) so we must disagree with everything he says (a foolish and childish reaction).

Everyone in the centre and on the left wants to avoid guilt by association with Trump. It is an unconscious but powerful reaction. Trump says X; Trump must be wrong, always; so we say Y.

But remember, even idiots are right sometimes. And even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day.

Look at the evidence. Avoid knee-jerk reactions. We are being manipulated, and played.

Investigate. And think for yourself.

The centre and left are acting like Pavolv’s dogs. They are cheerleading for a narrative that is demonstrably false, proven false by the facts; and worse, they are cheerleading for the removal of our rights and freedoms, and the imposition of a police state.

“The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.” – H. L. Mencken

“We Americans are the ultimate innocents. We are forever desperate to believe that this time the government is telling us the truth.” – Sydney Schanberg

“If you think any American official is going to tell you the truth, then you’re stupid.” – Arthur Sylvester, assistant secretary of defense for public affairs, to American journalists, 1965

“This is a business-run huckster society, whose cardinal virtue is deceit.” – Noam Chomsky

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

Can you spell, (self-) L-O-B-O-T-O-M-Y?

At present, to repeat, the centre and left are being misled and manipulated, en mass, into:

a) accepting a narrative which is patently false (remember Saddam’s WMDs?), and does not fit the facts (see the Italian government’s study on the true death toll from the coronavirus, and the WSJ article by two Stanford professors);

and, more terrifyingly, into:

b) screaming loudly in defense of a normalization of the very authoritarian measures they should be fighting against.

Now that is a psyops/propaganda/social engineering coup.

Let us pray it is short-lived, and the people recover their senses, and their sanity, and soon.

March 27, 2020

Media Failure, Again

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Remember the Iraq War? Remember the lies that were passed off by the elite, and repeated by the media without question, without any fact-checking or investigation? Well, it’s happening again.

But every time we repeat the mistakes of history, the stakes get higher.


On the eve of the US war against Iraq, the corporate and state media all lined up to dutifully play the role of echo chamber for the official narrative created by the Western elite: Saddam has WMDs, Saddam is linked to Al Qaeda, Saddam was behind 9/11 – all three points later being proven to be lies. 

The war on Iraq was always about the oil. But the people had to be lied to and manipulated into supporting the war. The media willingly complied.

None of the major media questioned the official narrative of ruling elites. None bothered to investigate or check the facts. The embarrassingly mistitled alternative media and independent media, with few exceptions, also lined up to repeat the official narrative of the new “War On Terrorism” – which was and is a global imperial war for oil and other resources, and a war on democracy and freedom at home and abroad.

And it is happening again. 

All the major media, state and corporate, spout the official narrative: the coronavirus is extraordinarily dangerous – contrary to the facts, which are: 11,000 deaths to date from coronavirus vs 50,000 deaths PER DAY from hunger and obesity; therefore, mass quarantine, effectively mass house arrests, suspension of basic civil rights and constitutional rule, and draconian/authoritarian/police state responses, are necessary and justified – again, contrary to both prudence, and also the facts, since the Italian government’s own study shows there is virtually zero risk of contagion unless you are either very old or already sick and immune compromised.

And not only have all the major state and corporate media lined up to unquestioningly repeat the official government and elite narrative, but so have virtually all the so-called alternative and independent media. This is appalling, as well as criminally negligent, complicitous, and extremely dangerous.

The real dangers are two: power-mongers (that is, fascists), and lies.

The major media, along with most of the alternative media, were, and are, complicit in mass murder during the war on Iraq, and the on-going wars across the Middle East. Now they are colluding and complicit with the full scale war on basic civil rights, freedom, democracy, and constitutional rule, and the instituting of a new global fascist police state.


I spent 35 years doing intensive research, study and analysis in politics, philosophy and world issues, and in the process collected some of the best sources and resources on the planet. Most of my best sources are failing now. That is deeply disturbing. 

Only a handful of sources are getting it right on the coronavirus event: Gerald Celente and Trends Journal, The Corbett Report, GreenMedInfo, and myself. Just four sources world-wide getting the story right, from what I have seen? That is deeply disturbing. I haven’t done a thorough survey or assessment of the alternative media, but what is clear and undeniable is that both the major media, and the so-called alternative media, are failing, again.

We need to be very thoughtful now, especially about our sources of news, information and analysis. Above all, we need to question everything, and everyone, and think for ourselves. Now more than ever.


March 24, 2020

“Alternative Media” Failure

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To the “alternative” media, I would say this – as well as to the readers, who need to be more critical, not just of the major media, but to supposed alternatives, as well.

I would not play into the fear-mongering of the neoliberal fascists – who control most major media, as well as most governments, the IMF, ECB, Fed, OECD, WTO, WHO, CDC, Davos, Big Oil, Big Pharma, (to name a few power centres) along with the military industrial security complex, and the banking and “intelligence” cartels.

The neoliberal fascists are far more slick and polished, far better at PR and disguises, propaganda and public manipulations, and more in line with Huxley’s dark vision of a more subtle, scientific fascism; compared to the neoconservative fascists, such as Bush I, II, Cheney, and the Trump administration, who are more overt, more obvious, and less insidious – but no more dangerous.

The neoliberal fascists are every bit as dangerous as the neoconservative fascists surrounding Trump – and they seem intent on turning the coronavirus into a dress rehearsal for fascism.

Playing into the “pandemic” hysteria narrative is therefore unwise and extraordinarily dangerous. The virus could turn out to be more dangerous than present figures indicate, but at present, bathtub drownings and car accidents are much bigger problems, quite literally, not to mention the common flu – or hunger, poverty, obesity, poor diets, and war. But a fascist “response” to an exaggerated and hyped “crisis” – a manufactured crisis – is a very real and present danger.

See Trends Research for another perspective, and a clearer one, I would say. But alternative media getting propagandized themselves, and repeating the official narrative on major issues, is not surprising: most of the “alternative media” blew it on most if not all litmus test big stories of the past decade – the CIA/State Department coup in Ukraine, for example, and the geopolitics surrounding that event, or Russiagate, or the Cold War that followed.

The alternative media needs to step up its game. Playing into the hands of the two wings of the on-going, bipartisan neoliberal/neoconservative fascist coup, is not intelligent reporting or commentary. You are being played.

Thoughtful readers need to question everything – including their favourite media sources.

I am sounding a warning here, by the way, not taking an inventory of current alternative media performance on this or any other issue. It is a warning call, not a report card. I don’t follow the alternative media, as with the major media, enough for a detailed assessment of the present state of the former. The latter is, of course, a tragic, sick joke. The former dances between thoughtful relevance, and being an unwitting tool of self-serving elite powers.

March 17, 2020


Further reading – big picture analysis:

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