5 Key Points For Understanding The World In 2020 & Beyond

The great social psychologist Erich Fromm was right, echoing Thoreau as well: modern society is insane. However, 2020 has taken the collective insanity to a whole new level.

People are lining up in queues to parrot the official party line. Conformity is virtue. Obedience is paramount. Thought crime is the unforgivable sin.

Slavery is freedom. War is peace. 2+2=5, and don’t you forget it!

The mass training in cognitive dissonance has been put into overdrive. And to question authority is the most unpardonable crime of all.

Does anyone realize that questioning and examining the words and actions of the powerful is not only acceptable, but a moral duty, and the very basis of a free and democratic society? If we shame others for questioning authority, we are thereby guilty of helping to create a medieval, feudal society, a gulag society, or a police state. The disgrace lies with those who engage in such virulent, small-minded, docile and cowardly group-think.

While a global awakening across humanity accelerates rapidly; still, the herd-like majority clings desperately to the thin hope that, this time, the authorities are not lying.

Has everyone forgotten the lies that started the war in Iraq?

Saddam has weapons of mass destruction! So we were told by all the major media, the politicians, the government and the UN. But it was a lie. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed, to steal their oil, based on a lie. Have we learned nothing?

The sheep-like majority will not be treated kindly by history. They will be seen as fools, as Quislings, as the Neville Chamberlains of the 21st century.

To them, I have nothing to say. But to those still courageous enough, and sane enough, to question authority, and to question the official narrative, which we have seen repeatedly in the past, turn out to be lies, I offer this.


A number of points must be investigated, examined in depth, realized and understood, if we are to understand the events unfolding in 2020 and beyond.

  1. A crisis of legitimacy (popular discontent combined with public loss of confidence and trust in ruling elites) was reaching critical mass globally, growing from its inception in the 1960’s, to critical levels in 2019, with protests and uprisings in 19 countires, including Canada, the United States, France and Hong Kong. Elites both East and West were getting panicky.
  2. The economic crash of 2007-2010, which I predicted, was papered over with paper money, leaving deep structural problems unresolved, guaranteeing a far greater crash soon to come. The elite also understood this very well.
  3. The Western corporate oligarchy had been in relative decline for decades, as the BRIC nations, and particularly China, rose in economic power. The Western elite faced an imminent loss of their 500 year old position as the de facto rulers of the world. Needless to say, the Western oligarchs were not pleased with the thought.
  4. Knowing these three interconnected crises were fast coming to a head, Western elites had been planning for any and all challenges to their power, including external economic rivals, and an internal challenge of greater portent, in the form of an uprising of the people, representing an outbreak of democracy. Documents on this type of planning are extensive and in the public record, beginning at least with the Pentagon Papers, from 1968. (The elite planning documents continue through the Powell Memorandum of 1970; Brzezinski’s, Between Two Ages and the TC’s, The Crisis of Democracy in the 1970s; up to the COG planning documents under Reagan, the PNAC documents under Cheney/Bush, the Rockefeller Foundation’s Lock Step of 2010, and Event 201 of 2019, amongst others.)
  5. One element of elite planned response was to crash the global economy, through shutting it down deliberately, under pretext of a pandemic. (It matters not if the pandemic was natural, synthetic, exaggerated or otherwise. It could be used to advantage.) This would blame the coming economic crash on a virus, deflecting blame from the plutocrats who caused it, while turning Western democracies fully into corporate ruled fascist states. The elite would then buy up their failing competitors after the crash, while crushing the outbreak of democracy with a resort to permanent authoritarian rule, thus consolidating their power, internally at least, leaving war with China and Russia yet to be addressed.

In short, the major event of 2020 was the culmination of a slow-motion corporate coup, which had been unfolding for fifty years. Jefferson warned us about this.

What would the sensible response be? To defend democracy and freedom, and stand up for justice, of course – which, by this time, requires nothing less than revolution.

Thomas Jefferson, Voltaire and Thomas Paine would certainly agree. Gandhi, Thoreau and Martin Luther King Jr. show the way.

What are we waiting for?

The elite-driven events of 2020 surrounding covid are a Continuity of Government operation, a fall-back position to a more authoritarian order, upheld not only by all-pervasive propaganda and indoctrination, but by force.

Permanent martial law is the elite response to popular discontent, global geopolitical shifts, and the crisis of legitimacy which is now reaching tipping point.

“Let them eat cake”, is the elites’ answer to poverty, inequality and injustice. But it will work no better for the new plutocrats than it did for the French aristocracy on the eve of revolution.

Let us, this time however, choose means and methods shown by Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. Then we will win a more permanent victory for freedom and the common good. But do not doubt: we will win.


September 8, 2020

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