And justice for none

Listen to the words of an honest journalist – a rare creature in these Orwellian times:

“When I first met Julian Assange more than ten years ago, I asked him why he had started WikiLeaks. He replied: “Transparency and accountability are moral issues that must be the essence of public life and journalism.”

I had never heard a publisher or an editor invoke morality in this way. Assange believes that journalists are the agents of people, not power: that we, the people, have a right to know about the darkest secrets of those who claim to act in our name.

If the powerful lie to us, we have the right to know. If they say one thing in private and the opposite in public, we have the right to know. If they conspire against us, as Bush and Blair did over Iraq, then pretend to be democrats, we have the right to know.

It is this morality of purpose that so threatens the collusion of powers that want to plunge much of the world into war and wants to bury Julian alive in Trump’s fascist America.” 

John Pilger, September 7, 2020

And it is now far beyond Trump, of course. Now the global corporate fascist coup is nearly complete. Meanwhile, the lemmings fret about the flu.

We are being lied to, while democracy, freedom, constitutional rule, journalism and free speech, along with humanity and the Earth, are slowly being strangled to death, by the new empire of global corporate fascist oligarchy.

Awaken the people. The time for (Gandhian) revolution is here.


September 7, 2020

One Response to “And justice for none”

  1. H.L. Mencken:

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

    “imposed silence about any area of our lives is a tool for separation and powerlessness …. your silence will not protect you.”

    – Audre Lorde

    “The remnants of American liberalism are in a state of denial. They continue to treat the offensive against democratic rights as an aberration or misunderstanding. They seek to obscure from the American people the fact that a fundamental shift has taken place in the direction of dictatorial forms of rule.”

    “It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them.” 

    – Adolf Hitler

    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to an insane society.”
    — Krishnamurti


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