Oy. Sometimes I just want to bury my head in the sand. The state of things is terrifying and grotesque, especially if you understand what is really happening with this global corporate coup. But avoidance of reality is cowardly, irresponsible, selfish and callous, and also self-destructive.

I can sympathize with the majority who feel compelled, unconsciously, to take the cowardly route of believing whatever they are told, unthinkingly obeying authority, blindly conforming, accepting pat, easy, simplistic answers and narratives based in lies and illusions, and attempting a constant, chronic escapism from reality. But I cannot accept it. It would sicken me to the core to do so.

Yet, the state of our world is not easy to bear. Patience, perseverance, compassion, dedication, action, and a long term perspective, are vital. So too is balance.

All things in moderation: even a thirst for justice, and for a better world for all.

Long term perspective, and balance: bear it in mind, I say to myself, and to anyone else who may be interested.


July 11, 2020

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