Education & Reading

I wrote these thoughts for the tiny home movement, which, although it is mainly arising out of economic injustice and sheer necessity, I think is still, nevertheless, a very positive, and potentially liberating popular movement and cultural trend. But in any case, the thoughts on reading and education apply broadly, and to all.

Essential reading for the tiny home movement must include, at least, Emerson’s essay on Self-Reliance, and Thoreau’s, Walden. In fact, everyone over the age of fifteen should consider that he or she is not well read until these two are read.

Only a dozen or fewer books would I say are true must-reads at all. Walden, Necessary Illusions, The Ecology of Freedom, Escape From Freedom, and The Hero With A Thousand Faces, are among the rare few.

Read five well chosen books, and you can be better read, or at least better informed and have a better understanding, than 99% of scholars and intellectuals, who in general have a blend of career training and indoctrination, and have very little depth or breadth of real education or reading at all. Other than specialized technical training, it is almost all smoke and mirrors.


July 20, 2020

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