Ship of Fools

Having compassion, respect and love does not mean we must become grinning, blinkered, deferential, obsequious and obedient, compliant fools, unable to tie our own shoe laces without the approval of some authority figure or the bleating crowd. Sometimes, the most compassionate action, is strong action. Sometimes, the most compassionate words, are strong words.

To speak the truth in troubled times is an act of both compassion and courage. To refuse to do so, proves only cowardice, and a lack of inner strength, principles and conviction. With that being said, I must say this, with all due respect.

Modern society has no respect, nor even recognition, of wisdom. It has no recognition of enlightenment. It cannot recognize sages or prophets. It barely recognizes, and in truth, places little value upon, knowledge, understanding, or even common sense. For these reasons, modern society is, sadly, a lost and drifting ship, and a ship of fools.

No wonder I jumped overboard thirty years ago. I have no desire to go down with them – either metaphorically, into the collective madness of a society that has lost its bearings; nor literally, into the mire and self-destruction of a self-created social and ecological holocaust and collective suicide. I will share what I have gleaned from a safe distance, upon a raft; but I will not bind myself to madmen. That would help neither them nor me.

Take the road less traveled by. That makes all the difference. Don’t give up. Never give up. Fight for justice and a better world for all until your last breath. But do not let the madness of a society that has lost all perspective drag you down. Trust yourself. That, at any time, and particularly in a society gone mad, is of paramount, and critical importance.

J. Todd Ring,
January 26, 2016


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