New Poll: Sanders Leads Clinton In Iowa

Substance begins to overtake slime. Whoops….did I say that? I meant to say, an honest candidate who has defended and worked for the people, consistently for over 30 years, and the only candidate who is standing up to Wall Street and the corporate elite, is beginning to outpace the oligarchs’ number one draft pick and chief prostitute for hire in this round of political charades. There – that is much more polite and politically correct. Whew.

Whatever you do, do not call it like it is. That would be impolite. Euphemisms and evasion and the couching of our words are vitally necessary to society, lest some semblance of sanity, or, dare I say it, real democracy break out. Heaven forbid.

Yes, it is best to be cordial, courteous, friendly and respectful, and to avoid harsh words and harsh speech, generally speaking. But when it comes to confronting power, when it comes to addressing the power elite and their willing vassals, servants, prostitutes in high office and other shills, we must be fierce, and uncompromising – particularly when lives are at stake; or worse, when, as at present, the future of humanity and all life on earth is at stake, and the rulers and their peons are actively destroying, not only the quality of life for the great majority, but even the possibility of the continuation of life at all. Then, the gloves must come off, and we use language as a weapon, as well as a means of informing, inspiring and uplifting. Sometimes, evil simply must be defeated, and while I would not go so far as to say, “by any means necessary,” I would say that there are times for dispensing with civilities, and driving a stake through the heart of the lies and illusions which surround and enchain us – or we will never be free, and our future will be bleak.

Stand up, and speak out – for justice, for peace, for freedom, and for a better world for all: courteously whenever possible, but ferociously when necessary.

J. Todd Ring,
January 26, 2016–NEW-POLL-Sanders-Edges-Clinton-In-IA-Leads-In-NH


One Response to “New Poll: Sanders Leads Clinton In Iowa”

  1. jtoddring Says:

    Exceptional consistency, courage, honesty and integrity – that is what Bernie Sanders represents. Watch this.

    Bernie Sanders: 30 years of speeches


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