Do You Want To Be An Ape, Or A Lion? On Alphas and The Sociology Of Delusion

This video/talk (linked below) expresses the social psychology underlying the deep, global crisis of legitimacy which the ruling elite are now facing. Kudos for that. However, it also reveals an utter ignorance of anthropology (see Eisler, Gimbutas, and Bookchin), and it expresses support for an obsolete social model based on domination and submission, as well as being rooted in the delusions of social Darwinism and “nobless oblige”.

Apes and chimps compete for alpha status. Lions do not. How do you want to live? As a lion, or an ape?

False messiahs, dominators, predators, exploiters, oppressors, fascists and demagogues pose as leaders, but what they really do, is to usurp the power of others, by convincing others to yield up their power to them – usually with false promises of protection and safety.

Domination is not leadership. True leaders empower others. True leaders are not afraid of equality, or diversity, or freedom, but celebrate, embrace and promote all three. This is the difference between a true leader and a mere authority figure. We have many of the latter, few of the former. Authorities rule the world – not leaders. But that too, shall pass. The people are beginning to awake.

September 21, 2021

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