On Fascists & Aliens: Speculation, Theory and Evidence

Here are a few thoughts, meant respectfully and with love:

Here is a perfect example of how a person can get lost in esoterica. The woman in the video below is new to me, and was introduced to me, indirectly, by another video talk, by former CIA man Robert David Steel, who I know little about, but who seems at first glance to be honest and possibly well-informed. He spoke highly of this woman, Kerry Cassidy. She, herself, seems sincere, honest, good-natured, and seems to believe what she is saying is true, and seems to be motivated by the pursuit of truth, and by concerns for the freedom and well-being for humanity. However, everything I’ve heard her say so far, she bases on one book, by Ashianna Dean (sp??), and on her interviews with people who she feels are, to various degrees, credible and well-informed. She never gives any evidence for what she says, however, from what I’ve heard her say so far. So what are we to conclude?

Given the total lack of evidence presented by a source, and this woman as just one example, we can conclude that she is either:

A. Insane

B. Lying, to gain fame or money

C. Part of a psyops or distraction campaign

D. Engaged in wild speculation, without any evidence to back it up, but is not admitting that she is simply speculating, and maybe not even admitting it to herself


E. What she says is partially, highly, or wholly accurate.

We have no evidence to assume that what she says is true, or untrue, or partially true. So, we cannot conclude, yet, whether it is a case of A, B, C, D, or E. Which leaves us….precisely nowhere.

In other words, what she says may be interesting, and it may even give us valuable hypotheses to investigate, but we probably should not invest too much time on what she has to say, because we simply cannot, yet at least, either confirm or disprove what she is saying, with any real or substantial evidence.

I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt, unless there is good reason to suspect something is awry. I assume, tentatively, that she is sane, honest, and not part of any psyops/distraction campaign. But I cannot, with good reason, assume she is correct in what she says, no matter how much she seems to believe it, because, so far, I can see no evidence for it.

This is why I stay away from certain topics, in general, although I make occasional minor exceptions. There is little to no evidence to prove or disprove any claims in those fields; or, it is ultimately irrelevant to a straight-forward sociological analysis, in any case; or, both.

Stay grounded. Stick, mainly, at least, to what can be backed up by actual evidence. Separate speculation and conjecture (category 1) from provable fact (category 2), and from assertions that may not yet be provable, but which at least have some degree of evidence to support them (category 3). Stick mainly to categories 2 and 3, while freely exploring category 1, speculation, in your spare time. Don’t obsess over things you can neither prove nor disprove, unless you truly feel you are following a hypothesis, theory or hunch which truly is worth pursuing – and in that case, seek evidence!

Engage freely in reflection, pondering, musing, discussion, and also, in speculation, conjecture, gut feelings, instincts, intuition, or the formation of theories or hypothesis, yes, absolutely. But distinguish a hunch, a hypothesis or theory from a provable fact, or an assertion that at least has some evidence to support it.

And, I would say, keep it simple. The most important truths are generally the simplest.

For example:

1. Freedom and compassion are the core founding values of any just, sane, or decent society.

2. All things and all beings are interdependent, therefore, no man is an island, an injury to one is an injury to all, we are our brother’s keeper (though not his master), and compassion and mutual aid are matters of basic intelligence, as well as virtue. From this principle follow the two values of compassion and freedom, and not just one, but both, for to dominate another human being is an act of brutality and dehumanization, not compassion, therefore, freedom is a fundamental value to be preserved and embodied, along with a basic compassion for all beings.

3. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore, keep power decentralized, as Thomas Jefferson also advised. Use horizontal webs, federations, alliances or networks of shared power among equals, and shun, resist, and eventually transcend and replace pyramid structures of top-down hierarchical power and domination.

4. The great majority of people have basically decent impulses, as Chomsky has said; but in every culture and generation there is a small minority, usually less than 1%, who are sociopathic, and who will do literally anything for wealth, fame, or power.

5. The hyper-concentration of power and wealth is the core problem of the world, and it matters not if you think reptilian aliens are at the top of that pyramid of power, or a few sociopathic billionaires: either way, we must reclaim our power, and reclaim our democracy and our freedom – and we can, and must.

September 20, 2021



Post-Script: Further Thoughts

It might sound silly, but while I generally hate TV (and Netflix, by the way) there are a few shows I love, including Star Trek. And I like how Captain Picard handles a new situation, where little or nothing is known about it. He consults with his crew, naturally, because he is not an egomaniac. And he asks for evidence, and if there are any known facts. If little to nothing is known about the phenomenon, then he asks for conjecture, and asks his most trusted advisors to speculate. Naturally, we must begin somewhere. We begin with a hunch, a hypothesis, a theory, a gut feeling, an instinct or an intuition. This is exactly how science proceeds. But we then take the hunch or theory, and try to test it, to see if there is any evidence to support it. If the evidence disproves the theory, then we have learned something valuable. If the evidence supports the theory, then we have learned something valuable. In either case, we start with conjecture, and seek evidence, in order to gain knowledge. Speculation and conjecture are therefore vitally important. But what we do not want to do is to confuse speculation with fact. We need to look for evidence. These things should not have to be explained, but our society is so dumbed down – pardon the expression – by TV, infotainment, and narcissistic consumerism, that what should be learned by grade eight, or five, is unknown to most people.

To use the analogy of a court of law, we can say that testimony given by witnesses are accepted to be presented as evidence, with the weight of the evidence being assessed by the jury, after due deliberation, depending in part on whether the jury views the witnesses as being of high or low credibility (say, 0-100% credible). In the case of a person accused of stealing a car, if there is a witness called who asserts that he saw the man break into the car and drive away in it, then, unless the witness can be shown to be discredited, usually the jury will decide that the accused is guilty of grand theft auto, based on the testimony provided. But when the assertion is a very big claim, for example, the claim that hostile aliens are trying to take over the Earth, then we should reasonably respond by requiring a very high threshold of evidence before we believe the claim is true, or probably true.

The bigger question is, does it matter, or is it simply a distraction?

Is there intelligent life beyond Earth? The universe is a big place, with billions of galaxies, each containing billions of stars, and in total, there are countless worlds. The likelihood that human beings on Earth are the only form of higher intelligence in the universe, is therefore, roughly zero. But are there aliens in contact with Earth? Yet, again, the question is, aside from mere curiosity, does it really matter? That is, is it worth focusing on the subject? If we want entertainment, then maybe yes. But if we are concerned with solving human problems, then probably not.

Follow the simple logic. If there are alien civilizations now in contact with Earth, then presumably they must be a space-faring civilization. That means their technology is presumably far beyond ours. That means, if they are hostile, we likely can’t do much about it – therefore, the subject is pointless to ponder. If they are friendly, and intend to help us, that might be just lovely – but to wait around for aliens to rescue us from the problems we have created for ourselves, would be imprudent, irresponsible, and frankly childish. So, in either case, whether hostile or friendly, the matter of aliens amounts to the same conclusion: we have human-made problems, and the responsibility is on us to fix them, whether there are aliens present, or coming, or not.

Are their hostile aliens trying to take over the planet, as some people assert? I don’t know. It is plausible. But I think I have answered the question, for the moment at least, as to how it seems sensible to respond to the question – it is irrelevant, and a distraction.

What we do know for certain, because there is indisputable evidence to support it, is that a few extremely wealthy and powerful, literally neo-fascist billionaires, are trying to take over the planet, and are to create a global, technocratic, neofeudal order, where they will be god-kings, and the rest of humanity will be their serfs or slaves. I suggest we focus on the immediate task at hand, which is to defeat the fascists. Once we have done that, which we will, as we did before, during WWII, then we can begin to heal our planet. After we have accomplished those two great tasks of our time, then we can deal with the question of aliens. That would be my suggestion, at least.

First things first: defeat the fascists. If we fail at that, then we will have failed at everything.

September 20, 2021

Post-Script II:

If I am naive or uninformed as to aliens, I can live with that. I still feel it is imperative to deal with first things first. Defeat the fascists, then we can talk about extraterrestrials.

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