Cancer, Keto & Health – Key Facts

Two of many illusions cut through here, in this documentary series, The Answer To Cancer (linked below):

1. Genes cause cancer and other disease. Wrong. That is old science, now disproven by epigenetics. What you eat, do, and think, affects gene expression. That means that in terms of the great majority of health risks and diseases, what we do and how we live will determine if we are healthy or ill. It means the locus of power is within. 90% of cancer is caused by diet, environment (toxins), and lifestyle (lack of exercise). 10% of cancers are caused by genes.

2. The ketogenic and other low carb diets are healthy. Wrong. The science proves ketogenic diets raise cancer risk by 30%, and heart disease risk by 50%. They reduce weight in the short term, but don’t work well for sustained weight control. Worse, they may kill you. These diets are deadly dangerous in the long term.

If you want good health and sustained weight control, eat a plant-based diet high in vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nutrients and fibre; and slash consumption of meat, dairy, refined sugar and flour, processed foods, pesticides, toxins and GMOs – the seven deadly killers that will also make you fat.


Eat a low-carb diet if you want to, though it will likely be worse for your health; and not good for sustained weight management either, since it will probably lead to cravings, and sugar- fat- or junk food binging.

Complex carbs are a smarter way to go.  Steel cut oats in the morning, after lemon water, juice and fruit; with brown rice or barley, with lentils and vegetables, for example, for what should be the main meal at mid-day; and a light dinner, finished  before 5:30, including complex carbs – maybe by way of brown rice bread with soup –  will give long lasting energy, better health; and, combined with regular daily exercise, and a major reduction in meat, dairy, processed food and sugar, will also shed fat and keep it off.

But, on the other hand, if it is low-carb diet centred on meat that you choose, or if animal products amount to more than 5% of your diet, then you are setting yourself up for cancer, heart attack, stroke, dementia, arthritis, and other, largely preventatve degenerative diseases.

Choose wisely: choose plant-centred, organic, locally sourced food – and be well, while actively healing the world we share, one bite at a time.


August 8, 2020

This free video is available until 9pm today. (It’s 2 1/2 hours long) Watch it before then!

10 Responses to “Cancer, Keto & Health – Key Facts”

  1. jtoddring Says:

    A short list of foods that are powerfully healing, and can help prevent cancer as well as other diseases:

    Mushrooms – any kind, though shitake is most powerful
    Garlic – 50% reduction in cancer risk with regular consumption
    Green tea and matcha
    Sweet potato
    Kale and other leafy greens
    Cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables
    Apples, pomegranate, grapefruit, lemon, apricots, bananas…
    Legumes: nuts, seeds, peas, beans, lentils; especially almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia, hemp & flax
    Brown rice, barley, oats, and other whole grains – along with high fibre, which is critically important, complex carbs are essential for avoiding cravings which lead to eating refined sugar and flour, processed foods and toxic fats.

    Eat well, live well. Be well.


  2. jtoddring Says:

    And turmeric! How did I forget?!

    Herbs that powerfully heal include:

    Turmeric – powerful anti-inflammatory

    Matcha and green tea – powerful anti-oxidants

    Cannabis – CBD: multiple healing properties

    Pine needle tea – picnogenol, an extremely powerful antioxidant

    Grape leaves – picnogenol (may be misspelled, sorry)

    Dandelion, burdock, milk thistle, nettle – powerful detox herbs

    plants (herbs) that help the body adapt to stress and balance the hormonal system and nervous system, as well as having powerful energy-boosting and disease-fighting effects – Siberian ginseng, maca, ashwagandha, and fo ti…

    Take them daily or rotate them, for better energy and health.


  3. jtoddring Says:

    More people have died from food-related illness than died in World Wars I & II. Food is fundamental. Food can heal you. Unhealthy food can kill you. As Hippocrates, the founder of Western medicine said, “Let food be thy medicine.”


  4. jtoddring Says:

    Fermented foods and healthy oils should be mentioned as well: avocado or coconut oil for cooking; olive and sesame oil added to foods daily, without heating.


  5. jtoddring Says:

    5% of people get the recommended daily allowance of fibre, and that recommended amount is only one third of what our paleolithic ancestors eat. 2% of people eat enough vegetables. The North American diet isn’t a little off, in need of tweaking. It is a recipe for disaster, which is why cancer and other diseases are skyrocketing. Big business rules, and the deep concern for public health is a big lie. We need a major shift in diet, lifestyle and culture, for reasons of health, ethics, and the planet. Questioning Big Pharma, the medical industrial complex, and the food industry, is step one.


    Fed Up
    Forks Over Knives
    Food Inc.
    Before the Flood


  6. jtoddring Says:

    Again, to remind us of the context and perspective:

    681,000 people have died world wide from the new strain of flu, which is covid-19. That is exactly in the range of the common annual flu, which kills 300,000-700,000 every year – and we did not go into hysteria or invoke a police state for the last 300,000 years of human existence in response to it; nor do we need to now.

    8 million people will die of cancer this year – 90% of it preventable, nearly all of it caused by unhealthy lifestyles and diets, pesticides and pollution.

    Perspective, anyone?


  7. jtoddring Says:

    Reliable, evidence-based sources on health & healing:


    Gary Null

    The major media won’t tell you what you need to know, and aren’t remotely reliable. Government is generally the same. Doctors generally don’t know. Corporations tend to hide or distort the truth for profit motives. Those are the sad facts of our present society.


  8. jtoddring Says:

    Dr. Funk and Ocean Robbins may have unusual names, but they are certainly extremely knowledgable about human health. This is very important stuff. It could save your life.


  9. jtoddring Says:

    Also excellent sources on cancer, diet and health in general:

    Sayer Ji
    Gary Null
    Dr. Rashad Buttar
    John Robbins
    Ocean Robbins
    Francis Moore Lappe


  10. jtoddring Says:

    Covid Update: Lockdown Turns Out To WORSEN Public Health Outcomes, Causing Deaths From Cancer & Other Diseases To Rise

    Collateral damage matters

    This is important to understand: deaths from cancer, heart disease, suicide, addiction, poverty and malnutition are all skyrocketing, as a result of the *political decision* by elites to put the world under lockdown. UNICEF says 1.2 million children may die as a result.

    The virus hysteria is just that: irrational, greatly exaggerated fear that is far out of proportion to reality, and it is based in political and economic motives of elite power and greed, not in science, evidence, reason, or common sense.

    The draconian, medieval, authoritarian measures truly do create more harm than benefit to human health, are sowing immense suffering for the great majority of people, and primarily benefit the ruling corporate elite who have effectively taken over governments, the major media, and the global economy.

    The Italian government study on covid-19 mortality showed conclusively that if you are not over 79 years old, WITH pre-existing major health problems, your chance of dying is nearly zero. Younger people dying from the virus are few, and virtually all have pre-existing major health issues.

    The epidemic spread quickly in China and quickly subsided, as in Italy and most other areas, and also gave us a clear picture. Total deaths from coronavirus remained a fraction of a pecent of the Chinese population.

    This does clearly corroborate the view that the virus danger was vastly exaggerated. No evidence exists, however, to indicate lckdown helped general health outcomes; in fact, the evidence shows it actually does the opposite.

    Global deaths by the new coronavirus are proven inflated, due to conflating dying *with* coronavirus vs dying *from* it. Still, official global deaths are roughly 700,000. Meanwhile, yearly deaths from the common annual flu are 300,000-700,000.

    Accurate overal mortality rates turn out to be closer to 0.1% – not the wild eyed estimates of 19% or higher. Deaths during the Black Plague were 30% of Europe. We are invoking a police state for a 0.1% mortality rate, and screaming in hysteria, “It’s unprecedented!”
    (If you have zero knowledge of history, it is.)

    “Stay home. Stay alive.” Says the darling news source of the left, which I used to admire. (DemocracyNow! will have to forthwith change their name to DemocracyNever!)

    The average life expectancy in the US is 78. The median age of people dying from covid-19 is 84. Anyone with any slight functioning grey matter can figure out what that means. It means the hysteria, the lockdown, and the authoritarian measures are all utterly devoid of any basis in science, or sanity.

    I do not agree with Austrian economics, but this speaker makes perfect sense in terms of analyzing the lockdown hysteria:

    See Lockdown analysis on 21st Century Wire, Trends Journal, The Corbett Report, Global Research, Boiler Room, and GreenMedInfo, for further information.

    August 9, 2020


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