Read This And Live (Well!)

Verbiage, verbiage… Diets, diets, BS and fads….

We live in a society where half-truths, illusions, propaganda and lies account for the overwhelming majority of information, “news”, “analysis”, and “expert” opinion. To sift through the cesspool that is modern society to find wisdom, knowledge, understanding, truth, or simple honesty, or sanity, requires great dedication. But it is possible.

The deeply interconnected fields of both human health, and diet, are a glaring testimony to these facts. They are a veritable dung heap of misinformation, corporate and government propaganda, ignorance, denial, and sheer delusion.


For important relevant films, watch:

Food Inc.

Forks Over Knives

Fed Up

Supersize Me

Before The Flood


This Changes Everything

The Corporation

Manufacturing Consent

Requiem For The American Dream

Surviving Progress

The Suzuki Diaries

The Power Of Community





For websites and truly science-based, reliable sources on health, see:



Gary Null

These are the ONLY two remaining reliable sources on health, that I know of, in our increasingly Orwellian, corporate-ruled, crypto-fascist global oligarchy.


As to key books, I think short lists are most helpful, lest we miss the forest for the trees – as is the nearly universal norm.

After three and a half decades of intensive studies, reflection, meditation and research, in a few fields that have interested me – philosophy, spirituality, social and political analysis, environmental studies, green living, green homes, resilience and self-reliance, and health, primarily – I have compiled some knowledge and understanding, and a very good bibliography, I would say.

Here is my short list of must-read books, in terms of diet – and I am still working through it myself, though it is short, since my interests are both broad and deep.

You could read hundreds of books on food, cooking, health and diet, and still be lost in confusion – as millions are. If we truly want to understand the links between diet, health, ethics & the environment, here are seven key books we need to read to cut through the fog: The China Study, Diet For A Small Planet, Diet For A New America, The Food Revolution, Diet For A Hot Planet, The Low-Carb Fraud, and Whole.

Read, reflect, discuss, act, repeat.

Live, and live well!


July 31, 2020

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