Candy Crush VS The News

It would literally be better if people spent their entire day, every day, playing Candy Crush or solitaire, than watching, listening to or reading “the news” – or better, if they simply read one good book a year, and never watched the news again. But very few people seem to realize this sad fact, and instead, they daily fill their minds with half-truths, lies and illusions (exactly as Thomas Jefferson described, two hundred years ago). And they wonder why the world is such a mess.
Delirium. The masses have descended into sheer delirium. They will wake up one day, but for now, they are lost sheep, and are in far more danger than they realize, and from sources completely different than the ones they imagine to be the real threats.
Ignorance and illusion are the only true enemies, and they are the root of 99% of the suffering in the world, and virtually all the problems in our society, or any society. And it is the mass media which is the chief culprit, for they are the leading architects, manufacturers and purveyors of the lies and illusions which have gripped the people’s minds, and turned them into pawns, placid consumer drones, hapless spectators, obedient serfs, and virtually brain-dead sheep.
It is not a pretty picture, but these are the sad facts of the matter. When they wake up, as they will sooner or later, for reality will force it upon them, they will realize their mistake – and hopefully, there will still be a world left to live in when they do.
January 3, 2015

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