Going Off-Grid

Off-grid, self-reliant living is a rapidly growing phenomenon and popular movement – so popular that there is now a cable TV show devoted to it, called something like, Off-Grid House Hunters, on HGTV.

It only makes sense. Cut your expenses and improve your quality of life, while lowering stress and saving the planet? Of course! It’s a no-brainer! Why not?

We can build, buy, or live in conventional-looking homes, or something unconventional – the point is that they are environmentally friendly homes, and they are, hopefully, and often so, low-cost homes which don’t break your back financially, or turn you into a debt slave, which most people are; or, they actively free you from being a debt slave – which is something most people desperately need.

Read Thoreau’s Walden, then give some thought to his message: “Simplify, simplify.” These are wise words.

October 17, 2015

A secret island where everyone lives off-grid


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