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A great anti-war song – turn it loud!

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When the war drums are pounding, as Gerald Celente and other intelligent observers have been saying for months and years, and only now can the masses begin to hear it; and on the anniversary of that most famous and inspiring speech by Martin Luther King Jr. – who, it should be remembered, had a dream not only of freedom, justice, an end to racism and gross economic inequality, but also, a dream of peace and an end to violence, empire and war – I would like to ask that this song be shared as widely as possible, and played often – and loud.

War is not the answer. War is a racket, as General Smedley Butler said – the elite profit from it, at the great expense and terrible danger to everyone else. Stop the madness. Stop the war. No war on Syria.

J. Todd Ring, August 28, 2013

Videos to Rock Your World

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Announcing Channel Prajnaseek: dedicated to the pursuit of truth.

Prajna is a Sanskrit word meaning knowledge or truth. Prajnaseek is the committment to truth: seeking truth, speaking truth, especially speaking truth to power, and about power.

Here you will find over 300 videos in an archive that will inform, elucidate, inspire and empower. Enjoy.

YouTube – Prajnaseek’s Channel

Channel Prajnaseek: A Selection of Incisive Videos

For more videos bookmark this:

Videos to Rock Your World << Writings of J. Todd Ring

J. Todd Ring,

aka Prajnaseek

May 2, 2008

Writings of J. Todd Ring
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