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Coronavirus: Facts, Anyone?

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Perspective is helpful, and critical. Panic is not.

Consider the figures:



Just under 5,000 deaths per year from bathtub drownings;

just over 5,000 deaths per year from traffic accidents;

27 deaths from coronavirus, as of March 16


3,300 deaths from traffic accidents per year

2,158 deaths from coronavirus as of March 16


40,000 deaths per year from traffic accidents;

77 deaths from coronavirus, as of March 16


200,000 deaths per year from pharmaceuticals taken correctly, and prescribed correctly, according to the US government’s own figures

Are we banning cars? That would be more rational (though of course we would need a five to ten year phase out while building mass transit infrastructure, to end the car dependency and addiction). Are we concerned with mass deaths due to the extreme over-use of unsafe pharmaceuticals? That would be rational. Panic and draconian measures over the coronavirus are not rational – these *responses to the virus*, are extremely dangerous, however.

But few people care about facts in a time of mass hysteria.

Moreover, in China, the “pandemic” is winding down, and essentially over.

80,880 were infected; 3,213 died – overwhelmingly the very old and immune-compromised (about 0.0003% of the population of the country – vastly fewer deaths than those caused by motor vehicle accidents, pollution, or the common flu); 67,819 have recovered.

But while the “pandemic” is winding down in China, in the West the panic and draconian measures are just winding up. Now that is something to be worried about.

Wash your hands, eat your vegetables, take vitamin C – and question everything: especially the media and the government.

Then again, if the US government was truly serious about preventing human suffering and death, it would stop slaughtering people on a daily basis across the Middle East for oil.

This, by the way, is not “anti-Americanism” – it’s anti-murder. It’s anti-war, anti-imperialism, and anti-murder. If Washington is concerned about human health and human suffering, the first step would be to stop practicing mass murder for oil and other resources.

And if Canada, or the Canadian government, was truly serious about protecting human life, it would cease to be the biggest per capita arms dealer in the world, selling weapons to murderous governments such as the US and Saudi Arabia.

Neither of them is at all serious about protecting human life, or they would stop the slaughter they are neck deep in blood engaged in.

The lies must end now. War, poverty, obesity, poor diets, car accidents, climate change and pollution, are all vastly bigger dangers, and vastly bigger killers, than the latest virus. Even the common flu is 100 times more dangerous and more lethal. (650,000 annual death toll globally from the common flu, compared to just over 7,000 for the coronavirus, to date.)

End the madness. Question everything. And let’s start dealing with the real world, and the really big problems we face: such as poverty, obesity, unhealthy diets, pollution, war, climate change, and yes, the very clear and present danger, and drift toward, fascism.

How deep in denial are the majority? That denial, on many levels, and with regard to many serious, urgent problems and truly grave dangers, is the biggest threat of all.

Furthermore, if the US government was truly concerned about human health, it would immediately create a universal public health care system, like the rest of the civilized world already has. Over a trillion dollars a year is spent on war, and the military-industrial-security complex – the new police state. But there is no money for public health care? You are liars.

And in Canada, if the fuzzy-bear faux liberal government truly cared about human health, they would stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry at $20 billion a year, so they can destroy the planet faster, and instead fully fund health care – which is in nation-wide crisis due to chronic under-funding, and decades of funding cuts.

Again: they are both lairs – Trudeau and Trump. And they are both extremely dangerous – due to their staunch, planet-destroying allegiance to the fossil fuel industry, militarism, and the growing police state: far more dangerous than the coronavirus, or any other infectious disease.

What are the greatest dangers? They are, unquestionably, the lies, illusions, and the denial, which are the nearly universal norm.

The latest virus does not remotely compare to these.


March 16, 2020

Justin Trudeau and the Continuing Saga of Canadian Apathy

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A recent poll shows strong support for the Trudeau government in Canada, and I have to think, once again, that it is surprising to see that Canadians can be so uncritical and unquestioning of their government.

Yes, Harper was defeated, and yes, that was a good thing. But the current government under Trudeau Jr. is deeply flawed, and criminally negligent, at best – and that is the best you can say about them.

Trudeau Jr. is still subsidizing big oil and the fossil fuel industry, still pushing for oil pipelines, still blocking serious action on the environment. And we are still waiting on serious action on the lack of safe drinking water for 120 native communities and 1,600 municipalities across the country – in one of the seven richest countries on earth, with the means to provide all Canadians more than a decent standard of living, and certainly vastly more wealth and resources than is needed to simply provide clean, safe water for all. And further, the Trudeau government has so far refused to cancel or reject a plan by Ontario Power Generation to bury radioactive waste in the Great Lakes basin, even though every radioactive waste facility ever built has leaked, and despite the fact that the Great Lakes provide drinking water to 40 million people. And all of this entails what can only be called criminal negligence in the extreme.

Beyond that, the Trudeau Liberals refuse to raise corporate taxes to reasonable levels, say, where they were in 1960, at roughly 40%: and as a result, must work with a self-inflicted short-fall of revenues, meaning that health care, education, social and environmental programs cannot be properly funded.

What this means is that the Liberal Party is no longer a liberal party, as it was up until the government of Pierre Eliot Trudeau, Justin Trudeau’s father, in the late 1970’s. For more than thirty years, the Liberal Party of Canada has been yet another party of neoliberalism, which is to say, another party run by and for big business. And central to the neoliberal, pro-corporate agenda, is austerity for the people, with giant subsidies, bail-outs, “stimulus” packages and tax breaks for the corporations and the rich. This is why we have inadequate funding for health care, education, social programs and environmental programs in Canada, as in the US and Europe, despite the fact that Canada is one of the richest countries on earth: neoliberalism and a corporate agenda have taken over – and the Trudeau Jr. government is just the latest expression of this criminal posse of neo-feudal corporatists, gouging the people to further line the pockets of the rich.

At the same time, the young Trudeau signed the TPP, which effectively spells the final death blow to Canadian sovereignty, and democracy in Canada. Few actions could express a greater or more utter incompetence, or criminality, depending on how you want to view it.

And while talking about “a principled foreign policy,” Trudeau Jr. approved the arms deal signed by Harper to ship more arms to the Saudis – the most brutal regime in the Middle East, and one of the worst human rights abusers in the world.

Saudi Arabia is also the country which is the primary arms provider and source of funds to ISIS and Al Qaeda. Principled foreign policy? This is not only criminally negligent, at best, to be sending more arms to the Saudi dictatorship; it is also a disastrous and extremely foolish policy which is guaranteed to blow back in our faces, as Saudi Arabia continues to fuel terrorism, even while it proclaims it is fighting it.

And along with arming the Saudis, Trudeau continued the bombing in Iraq and Syria, not only breaking his election promises, but violating international law, and thereby committing what are under international law, nothing less than war crimes. Yes, principled foreign policy indeed. Only now has this criminal and foolish behaviour and disastrous policy been halted – one point for which we can be glad in an otherwise dismal reign to date.

(And yes, it is a reign, when 40% of the popular vote can give you 100% of the power in government, and a four year coronation.)

And finally, Justin Trudeau promised to bring in proportional representation, to fix our quasi-democratic electoral system, and bring it into the 21st century, or even the 20th. So far, we have seen no action on this critical issue of democracy, and another Trudeau promise goes either broken, or simply ignored and abandoned.

Those were just election promises, right? Nobody takes those seriously. Well, clearly they shouldn’t when it is either the Liberal or Conservative Party in question.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth May, the only political leader in the country at the federal level who deserves to be called a leader, or who has any clue as to what is going on, apparently, or any spine, or integrity, or vision to bring to bear on the issues we face, is largely ignored by both the media and the people.

Are Canadians clueless, or are we simply a people that cannot seem to shake off a long tradition of public apathy? I think the latter is the case, and I do not know what will rouse them from their slumber, or bring them to their senses.

During the recent federal election, there was a wave of political passion across the country – which is to say, as passionate as Canadians get about anything other than hockey, beer and Tim Horton’s – as we the people decided to remove a much reviled Conservative government from power. Then we all went back to sleep. Or at least the majority seem to have returned to slumber land. What does it take to get Canadians to shake off their long-standing habit of apathy and complacency? I truly do not know.

March 2, 2016


Big oil, pipelines, Trudeau, and energy security for Canada

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Why does the Canadian government continue to subsidize the oil industry with billions of dollars a year when the environmental crisis demands the opposite, and when investment in energy efficiency, conservation and green energy create many more jobs? Why does Canada import 40% of the oil we consume when we produce enough to meet all our needs? Why has the Canadian government agreed to ensuring US energy security, under both Liberal and Conservative governments, but not Canadian energy security? Why is our per capita energy consumption far higher than other northern, sparsely populated nations, like Finland, Sweden and Norway? Why have we done essentially nothing to reduce our dependency on oil as our reserves dwindle, and very nearly nothing to reduce our carbon footprint and halt climate change? Because big oil and foreign powers rule Canada, is the short answer. But it does not have to be this way.

As to the Liberal Party win in this fall’s 2015 federal election, progressives across Canada are happy to see Harper go, but fully aware that the Liberals are only slightly better, and will require massive popular pressure if any real positive change is to come about. The worst have been defeated. The second worst have come to power. That requires action, not complacency.

Trudeau is still profoundly disappointing, and profoundly failing, with regards to energy policy, pipelines, tar sands, big oil and the environment – exactly as expected. We have to put sustained, massive pressure on him to make a shift. So far, he has behaved exactly like the “twerp” David Suzuki said he is. He has said that he is “disappointed” in Obama’s rejection of the Keystone pipeline, and has made no commitment to close the tar sands, or reject the Energy East pipeline, or to shift from oil dependency to a clean, renewable energy infrastructure. This is not remotely good enough.

Getting rid of Harper and the Canadian neocons was step one. Step two is to deliver real change – and that will not come from the Liberal party or Justin Trudeau: that will come only from the Canadian people. Stand up, people. The time is now.

J. Todd Ring,

November 12, 2015

Will Trudeau’s Pipeline Policy Change After Keystone?

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