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The dodos run hither and thither, depending on which way the wind blows, and what the media tells them (99% of which is confusion, illusion, propaganda or lies — aka, bullshit). But as I’ve said, cryptocurrencies are not going away.

Here is the world’s leading trend analyst, Gerald Celente, on the subject:

“Indeed, even after the onslaught of government and banking warnings and restrictions, as we go to press, even though many of the currencies are well off their highs, the overall market has stabilized and many of the popular cryptos are significantly up year to date.

[Bitcoin is up over 800%, and Etherium is up nearly 7,000%, over the past year. But people panic easily, and are easily misled — and generally short-sighted, as well as blinkered. See James Altucher for further intelligent analysis on crypto-currencies. And buy $10 each of Bitcoin, Etherium and Lumens now, or $100 — something small, but a definite presence — if you haven’t yet.]

In our Trends Journal, we have steadfastly forecast that while some digital currencies will crash, long term the crypto market will grow. One reason is, as the world goes cashless, a sizeable market segment, particularly among millennials are no longer tied to their coin of the realm. They consider cryptos, many of which have production caps, as more valuable than their nation’s fiat currencies which are being printed infinitum.

[Fiat currencies, or paper money, are going to crash, and for a number of structural or macro-economic reasons: the principle one being that the Federal Reserve, the ECB, and central banks around the world, keep printing trillions of dollars out of thin air. Look at the Wiemar Republic. Such policies cannot be used to prop up economies, or to further line the pockets of the super-rich, which is their real purpose, indefinitely. Sooner or later, and more likely sooner than later, the currencies will collapse. Move your money into gold, silver, land, tools, seeds, and cryptos, now, before your money is worthless.]

Secondly, a series of coins that have a blockchain product and/or service function that drives revenue are considered New Age investment opportunities.

Indeed, even inside the hallowed halls of prestigious universities, those with international reputations for higher business-education acumen, courses on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are being taught. At Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Duke and other prominent business universities, graduate-level courses on digital currencies are being integrated into the curriculum.

Moreover, the Arizona State Senate recently passed a bill allowing property owners to pay their taxes with Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. While the bill needs to pass the Arizona State House before becoming law, the progress so far reflects the growing acceptance of cryptocurrency has become legitimate.

TREND FORECAST: Unlike many governments that are opposed to the crypto’s and are regulating them without understanding the scope of the market, Switzerland, the world banking capital is on-trend, to become, in the word’s of its Economic Minister the world’s “Crypto-Nation.”


And while UBS and Credit Suisse said they would not handle crypto-assets for clients, two Swiss banks, Vontobel and Falcon Bank, agreed to handle cryptocuurency-based investments on behalf of their clients. So, too, have Germany’s Fidor Bank and Liechtenstein’s Bank Frick.”

The trend is clear: cryptocurrencies will continue to grow as mass adoption begins to accelerate.

And further: when — not if — paper currencies implode and collapse, the few cryptos which have legs, will skyrocket in value, and take over all or part of the role of paper money — in turn, making their value rise 1,000-fold, and higher.

Long term vision is crucial: or you are lost, and simply part of the bleating herd.

Here’s what Twitter, Facebook, and other “news feeds” should read — on a daily basis:

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Idiocy, vacancy, herd mentality, propaganda and mass deception — and a growing minority of people around the world who are waking up, and beginning to think for themselves (hallelujah — and none too soon)

Interesting times indeed.

February 14, 2018

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