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Military Take-Over? No – Take Over The Military

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Absolutely no to martial law. But yes to taking resources from the military industrial complex. The military cannot be allowed to take over – under any circumstances. They must, however, be repurposed – under strict civilian democratic, constitutional control.

And what are we fighting? Poverty, pollution, a vampiric corporate oligarchy, and fascism, most centrally – as is obvious to anyone who is paying attention, and questioning the media- and elite-driven hysteria narrative. Not a virus less dangerous than bathtub drownings, traffic accidents, obesity, or the common flu. 

(Ban junk food and MacDonald’s if you are feeling authoritarian and panicked, if you must. That at least would be somewhat rational.)

“This is a battle in our country’s longest war: poverty’s war against our people. Even before this crisis, some 140 million Americans were poor or low-wealth. So far, this crisis is showing us in devastating clarity that poverty is still winning that war. Why was the government’s first move to offer stimulus funds to fossil fuel companies and cruise lines? Why can’t low wage workers, whose taxes have already paid for the military, recoup some of that by having military workers build new hospitals and bolster the public health system?” – Rev. Dr. William Barber II , Phyllis Bennis


March 29, 2020

The Vile Maxim of the Servants

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Adam Smith wrote about “The vile maxim of the masters,” which is, as he describes it, “All for us, none for anybody else.” And the vile maxim of their loyal servants seems to be, “Whatever you say boss. You make the rules.”

The vile, amoral service to power – nothing disgusts me more; yet, it is rampant in the political class, and it is rampant in other sectors of society too, such as the corporate world, the media, the military, the police, the academy and the schools, the legal profession, the judiciary, the security forces, the bureaucrats and the government agents generally, and the so-called “intelligence” services.

As Thoreau said (paraphrasing from memory), “They place themselves on the level of wood and straw, and command no more respect than a clump of earth.

This is revolting behaviour. Such people need to find the door – and their spine – and abandon their service to their masters, and start behaving as human beings, and not as prostitutes or slaves, as they currently behave.

J. Todd Ring,
October 17, 2015

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