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Standford Medical Scientists Say Coronavirus Mortality Exaggerated 100,000-Fold

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Two medical science professors from Stanford University just published an article in the Wall Street Journal (reprinted by GreenMedInfo), stating that the mortality rate from the coronavirus is exaggerated by a factor of 100,000-fold, and actual mortality rate is closer to 0.01% – corroborating the Italian government study released a few days ago, indicating similar findings.

That puts the coronavirus at 1/10th the mortality rate for the common flu (which vaccines are also useless against, remember) – and nowhere near the level of mass deaths that the fear-mongering media and extreme draconian government measures indicated.

This means that mass quarantine, effective mass house arrests, travel restrictions, bans on freedom of assembly, suspension of civil rights, and police state measures, are not even remotely justified – if they ever are, which they are not.

As I’ve said from the beginning: a) the danger from the new virus is wildly exaggerated; b) police state measures are definitely not justified; and c) think for yourself – and question everything.

Do people really believe everything the government or the media tells them? Many do, it seems. (What are we – four years old?!)

Does anyone remember the war on Iraq? “Saddam has WMDs!” All lies – proven lies.

The government and the media never lie? How about inflation statistics? Now there is some credible data!

Inflation figures are supposed to realistically reflect increases in the cost of living. Inflation figures reported by the government and the media are always reassuringly very low. But rising costs of home heating, and skyrocketing costs of housing and rent, health care, transportation, education, and food, are not calculated into the inflation statistics. These things presumably are not essential to living, and therefore are not counted in the rising costs of living. Official inflation rates are around 2%. The reality is 8-10%, if not much higher.

Obviously, governments lie, not just occasionally, but routinely. And the major media, and most of the “alternative” media, have proven they are no better.

Think for yourself. Question everything.

March 26, 2020

WSJ: Is the coronavirus as deadly as they say?

Vitamin C protects against coronavirus
Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus | GreenMedInfo

Italian Government Study: 99% of their Coronavirus Fatalities Were Already Sick; Half Diagnosed with 3 or More Diseases


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A report from the Italian government confirms what should have been obvious weeks ago: the virus danger is vastly exagrated, mass quarantine is utterly unjustified, and the draconian responses are infinitely more dangerous than the virus itself. 

Bloomberg picked up the story on the Italian government report. GreenMedInfo reports on it here.


Read the brief highlights and commentary below, then click to read the full article for more information.

Italian Government Study: 99% of their Coronavirus Fatalities Were Already Sick; Half Diagnosed with 3 or More Diseases

Serious doubts about the accuracy of COVID-19 testing methods, results, mortality rates, and the supposedly unique and extreme lethality of this virus are starting to emerge, even within mainstream media and government reporting. A recent study released by the Italy’s national health authority found that nearly everyone who was pronounced dead from COVID-19 was already struggling with serious chronic disease(s).

The Bloomberg article also pointed out that the primary threat is to the elderly (the average age of someone who died was 79.5) and that the fatality rate may have been significantly overblown: instead of 8%, the fatality rate may, in fact, be closer to the global average of about 2%.

“The median age of the infected is 63 but most of those who die are older.

The average age of those who’ve died from the virus in Italy is 79.5. As of March 17, 17 people under 50 had died from the disease. All of Italy’s victims under 40 have been males with serious existing medical conditions.

According to the GIMBE Foundation, about 100,000 Italians have contracted the virus, daily Il Sole 24 Ore reported. That would bring back the country’s death rate closer to the global average of about 2%.” 

This new report challenges much of the global reporting on the topic which presents a unilateral narrative that simply being exposed (within six feet) to someone who may have tested positive for the virus is life-threatening, independent of one’s health status and other precautions one might take, such as supporting one’s immune system.


In short, the Italian Government’s own federal health agency report shows that:

a) the coronavirus danger is wildly exaggerated,

b) the virus is almost exclusively a threat to the very old and the already ill, and




March 23, 2020

Note also:

The tests for coronavirus infection are worthless, utterly unreliable. Do not accept them. Read the science facts contained in the article above.


Global Famine Approaches As Pollinators Die From Pesticides – But Virus Hysteria & Mass Distraction Reign

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Strolling just now, with my belle and my boy, enjoying the spring day, trying not to worry too much about the mass insanity which has gripped the people, as fear and panic are daily manufactured, and a virus that has 1% the death toll of the common flu is hyped as the next thing to the Black Plague – and fascist measures are deemed necessary and are everywhere justified, and accepted – I am delighted to see the first flowers of spring: first yellow crocuses, in a neighbour’s garden, then purple crocuses, in our own garden.

I say to my boy, we should clean out the flower beds now, before the flowers get any higher, or any more come up, so we don’t damage them by raking. But then I remember what we read last spring: that it is important for the insects to leave the cover of leaf debris on the ground until there have been a few days in a row above 10 degrees Celsius (don’t quote me – check that; but something like that), so that the insects can survive the cold; because, in turn, they are the first food for the birds in the spring.

That all made sense, for the sake of the birds, whose populations are collapsing, and the sake of the insects, whose populations are collapsing, and for the humans – us – whose populations are going to collapse, and soon, unless we stop destroying the ecosystems of the Earth, upon which we depend for our lives.

I then remembered that neonicitinide pesticides have been identified as the cause of the mass die-off and population collapse of insects world-wide. (It attacks the nervous systems, both of insects and of other species, including humans.) The mass global die-off of insects is in turn causing a mass die-off and collapse of bird species world-wide.

Additionally, the mass die-off and collapse of insect species includes the pollinator species – butterflies and bees, for example. And, as Einstein said, “If the bees die, humanity will die.”

Unless we immediately ban neonictinide pesticides, and stop the mass die-off of the bees, butterflies and other pollinators, we will experience global crop failure, global famine, and mass starvation, within two decades.

But nobody is talking about that now. Nobody is talking about our fossil fuel addiction needing to be halted immediately, or the pipeline protests that held the headlines across Canada before the virus hype took over and took over our attention.

Nobody is talking about the fact that the world’s scientific community announced in 2018 that we have until 2030 to get off of fossil fuels, or we will experience catastrophic results within 20 years.

Nobody is talking about the fact that the response to the coronavirus is wildly out of sync with the numbers, or that the draconian response is vastly more dangerous than the virus itself.

The US has had under 200 deaths from the coronavirus – compared to 20,000 per year from murder, 40,000 people dying a year from traffic accidents, 50,000 deaths by suicide per year, 80,000 deaths a year from the common flu, and 200,000 deaths per year from pharmaceutical drugs which were correctly taken and correctly prescribed (according to US government statistics).

What do facts matter when there is hysteria in the air? They matter nothing, it seems.

The deaths that will be caused by crashing the global economy will be far greater than the 7,000 deaths world-wide from the virus – which is just a sliver of the 650,000 deaths caused every year by the common flu. And the economic impact of the clearly fascist response, which will be catastrophic, is nothing compared to the dangers posed by fascism itself.

So, don’t worry about global economic collapse.

Don’t worry about pesticides causing cancer, autism, digestive disorders and fatal kidney failure to skyrocket.

Don’t worry about pesticides causing mass die-offs of pollinator species, leading to global crop failure, famine and mass starvation within 20 years.

Don’t worry about fossil fuel addiction causing cataclysmic results within 20 years.

No, focus on a virus that has a fraction of the death toll as bathtub drownings.

Madness has taken hold, while the real dangers are ignored.

This does not bode well.

The people need to question the media, the government, and the health authorities, far more than they do. Confidence, faith and trust in all of these is at record low levels, and continues to fall – but still, people are much too naive, unquestioning and uncritical.

Unless the people begin to question more, think more, and regain their ability to realistically assess risks and dangers – or even, to separate facts and reality from fiction and hyperbole – we are in truly grave danger.

The danger is real.

But the people are afraid for all the wrong reasons.

March 20, 2020

Further reading – big picture analysis:

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Coronavirus: The latest in over-hyped threats & DANGERS

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Read my essays, Danger and Delusion, and, Reality Check, on my blog and Twitter. Poverty, hunger, and obesity are vastly bigger killers than any infectious disease. Boost your immunity naturally, and don’t believe the hype.

The “flu” kills 650,000 a year, mainly the impoverished, homeless, elderly and immune-compromised. And it’s not even influenza that is the biggest culprit, but flu-like infections, which are completely unaffected by flu vaccines, which are effectively useless.

Terrorism kills 20,000 a year. Hunger kills 20,000+ per day – dwarfing deaths by terrorism and all infectious diseases; and obesity now kills even more.

We need to start dealing with reality, and stop being led to distraction and paranoia by the media. Eliminate poverty, and educate people on nutrition and healthy lifestyles, and stop poisoning the planet, the air, the food and the water. These are the priorities, for anyone who is sane, that is.

Want to avoid sickness, disease and early death? Eat lots of vegetables and fruits, and real food, get lots of exercise and fresh air, and stop ingesting poison. And radically reduce consumption of things that suppress immunity, or otherwise raise disease risks many-fold: sugar, refined flour, processed foods, dairy and meat. 

The evidence is freely available, if anyone is interested in the actual facts, and not simply the latest media spin.


January 30, 2020

See further notes in Assorted Thoughts

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