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Coronavirus & Common Sense

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“We were once distressed by crimes: now, by laws”, wrote Tacitus.

How relevant is that today? Extremely so; but the sheep are trained not to think; and see, therefore, only what they are told to see – which, they obediently do.

Orwell would shudder in horror.

Still no one can think, question, or do basic math? Two million “confirmed” cases globally now of coronavirus, it is reported. No testing is required to verfiy this. Suspicion is proof, as in the dark ages.

But even if we took the figures as accurate, which is highly doubtful, they should not be alarming if the slightest thought or investigation is done.

Stanford professors of epdemiology assert that coronavirus mortality has been exaggerated by several orders of magnitude. It has been claimed to be as high as 19% or more. Professors in the field state it is more likely in the range of 0.01-0.1%. That puts it on the level of the annual common flu. That explains why it is dangerous only to the very old and the very ill.

Voluntary self-quarantine by the very old and very ill may be reasonable. Mass quarantine of the healthy is not only utterly unjustified, it is also a socio-economic and public health disaster, as well as a prelude to fascism.

(Homer Simpson would say, “Doh!” here. We should, too.)

Any death is tragic, but to accept the standard narrative, sown by the six corporations who control 80% of the major media globally, along with the governments and WHO, both of which have also been taken over by the corporate oligarchy, is to succumb to irrationality and hysteria.

This is not the Bubonic Plague – but we are reacting to it as if it is even worse. “Unprecedented!” Yes, what is unprecedented, or at least not seen since the dark ages, is the level of mass insanity, hysteria, fear and delusion.

But, despite all that, let’s imagine two million cases is not exaggerated, though that is doubtful, since, without testing, which has not been required to “confirm” cases, infections or deaths by the flu can easily be mistaken for coronavirus, and under conditions of manufactured panic and hysteria, most certainly routinely are.

Let’s imagine a 20% mortality rate, which is also certainly exaggerated, likely by a factor of 100 to 1,000, as Stanford professors assert.

Simple math: 20% of two million is 400,000. Add the previous total deaths globally of just over 100,000, and you have a total of just above 500,000. Annual death toll from the flu is 200,000-700,000. So that would put coronavirus on par with a typical year for the flu.

That explains why the mortality rate for Europe did not rise this year, but has been lower so far, compared to the three previous years: because the coronavirus shows no signs yet of being any more dangerous than the common flu.

Remember, these numbers are based on what are almost certainly exaggerated figures in terms of “confirmed cases” of infections and deaths by coronavirus, as well as mortality rates, which are likely exaggerated 100-1,000 fold.

Meanwhile, no one questions whether the WHO is credible, or perhaps corruptible? It is unthinkable.

No one checks the facts to find out that yes, indeed, the WHO, like most Western governments, has been captured by Big Pharma, along with the 2,000 or so corporate oligarchs of Davos, who now effectively rule the world.

The WHO is uncorruptible? It could never lie? We assume it is trustworthy, even when the figures don’t add up?

We assume governments never lie? They never take advantage of a crisis to advance vested interests? Does anyone remember the Gulf of Tonkin? Three million people were killed in South-East Asia, based on a lie.

Has anyone heard of Operation Northwoods? Event 201? The Rockefeller Foundation’s “Lock Step” plan?

I am not saying the virus is a bioweapon or that it is fake. I am saying that governments and elites have planned and carried out dark actions many times in the past. To assume governments are acting now solely out of deep concern for public health, does not fit the facts of the record of their actions over the past years and decades. To assume they cannot lie, and could never exploit a crisis for certain vested interests, would be even more remarkably naive.

Naiveté now would be foolish in the extreme.

The present crisis is a four-fold boon to the Western and Eastern oligarchs, and they are exloiting it for all it’s worth.

1. Distract the people from vastly bigger issues – such as, most centrally, the corruption and criminality of the oligarchs and the resulting growing popular discontent; along with war, empire, inequality, erosion of democracy, environmental emergency, poverty…. (The list is long.)

2. Divide and conquer: sow fear, division, “social distancing” and mass house arrest; and reap greater and more consolidated power.

3. Economic warfare: the Davos oligarchs vs the 99.9%. Simple rape and pillage – intensified 1,000-fold above routine levels.

4. Consolidate the power of the ruling oligarchs, both in the West and in China, by creating hysteria in order to justify a police state.

Anyone who still, 10 weeks into the “new Pearl Harbor type event”, remains unquestioningly accepting of the standard narrative, and the fascist regime it legitimizes and rationalizes, really should step back, and take a long, hard look at the facts, before crying out more for their chains to be securely fastened, and their legs, and minds, shackled in place – for our own good, of course.


April 17, 2020

Coronavirus Questions – and Explanations

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Can anyone do basic math? Does anyone fact check? Does anyone question the media or the government? Another $2 trillion was just announced by the US Federal Reserve  to continue the historically unprecedented transfer of wealth from Main Street to Wall Street, after a record $4.2 trillion was approved just last week. Yet nobody questions or even looks at the underlying numbers of the coronavirus crisis itself. The people and the pundits are both lost in a fog.

According to Bloomberg business journal, the global death toll as of April 9 was just over 110,000. Compare that to 500,000 deaths a year, which is common for the common flu.

“Unprecedented” – the word seems to be on everyone’s lips. Yes, this wave of deaths from infectious disease is unprecedented: except for the yearly deaths from the common flu last year, and the year before, and the year before that; and for the past 300,000 years of human history. But otherwise, it’s totally unprecedented.

250,000-650,000 people die of the common flu every year. The coronavirus deaths are certainly tragic, but they are no more tragic than the yearly flu deaths – and so far, they are only 1/3rd to 1/6th of the global death toll from the common flu.

The only things that are unprecedented here are: 

1. The level of propaganda success is staggering; 

2. That three billion people were put effectively under house arrest, is unprecedented, are a dire omen. 

3. The predicted result of a global economic lockdown, which was an elite decision, remember, not an act of God, was to cause a global economic train wreck. 


4. The planned economic train wreck allowed the rationalization for a second round of multi-trillion dollar wealth transfer from the many to the elite few ($20 trillion already between 2008-2010); and this is while the usual daily looting of the people and the planet is accelerated a thousand-fold, and the police state arrives, or rather, is brought in, in full. 

These things are unprecedented; a relatively small number of deaths from a virus, among a fraction of a percent of the population, is not.

How can a state of emergency be justified, much less a literally fascist police state and martial law, with three billion people effectively placed under house arrest, for an infectious disease that has a lower death toll than the annual flu?

How is it that virtually no one is asking such questions?

Montaigne said of fear, “There is no emotion which more readily ravishes our judgement.” That would seem to be the best explanation of our current mass social psychology: the great majority, including most of the otherwise thoughtful, intelligent, and emminently sane, are temporarily incapable of rational thought, due to panic and intense fear. That is to say, temporary insanity has descended upon them.

Montaigne echoes all the sages: when you meditate on death, you can face your mortality, and hence, conquer the fear of death; and when you conquer the fear of death, you thereby conquer all fear of life – and it is then only that we begin to truly live.

“To practise death is to practise freedom. The man who has learned how to die has unlearned how to be a slave.” – Michel de Montaigne

Yet, the great majority hide from death, and thus hide from life – and their secret fear makes them easily misled, easily manipulated, easily ensnared and enslaved, easily irrational and confused, as well as perpetually filled with a secret, unconscious, perpetual anxiety and fear, no matter how cleverly masked or disguised.

“No wonder that they often get caught in a trap. You can frighten such people simply by mentioning death… And then, in the midst of pain and terror, God only knows what shape their good judgement kneeds into!”

– Michel de Montaigne

Blind faith in the medical establishment, with its clear and well-document ties and frequent if not general subordination to the pharmaceutical industry, would be plainly stupid. Blind faith in government and the media should be unthinkable by now. Have the people been living under a rock for the past several decades?

No, that is not it. They are simply “beside themselves” with fear: meaning, temporarily incapable of reason, and insane.

Why is the mortality rate in Europe lower this year than in the three previous years? Why is that not the top news story, repeated from the thousands of media echo chambers, which by the way are 80% owned world-wide by six corporations?

Why is no one questioning the official narrative? A pandemic of brainlessness?

There is a simple explanation for the enormous discrepancy between the facts of the virus and the wild-eyed panic, hysteria, and draconian measures in response to it, which have put three billion people into effective mass house arrest and enforced a police state lockdown. 

The Davos billionaire elite benefit from such extreme, utterly unjustified authoritarian measures in three ways at least: 

1. Mass distraction from vastly bigger issues; 

2. Divide and conquer: sow fear, panic, and hysteria, and make people terrified of social contact: keep the people separate and isolated – “social distancing” serves one purpose above all, and it is not public health.

3. Economic warfare, which simply represents an enormous surge in the usual, on-going feeding frenzy of the super-rich 0.1% upon the 99.9% of the people and the planet (the super-rich always benefit from an economic crash); 

4. And what should be most obvious: implement and install fascist architecture and fascist measures, rationalized by a wildly exaggerated crisis.

As the Grand Inquisitor said, (I am paraphrasing here,) and Huxley quoted: In the end, the people will beg us to take away their freedom and put them in chains.

Welcome to the Brave New World. And with the intellect and common sense, and basic ability to think rationally, to question, or check a single fact, laid to waste across the political spectrum, from right to left, we are certainly in grave, and unprecedented, danger indeed.


April 11, 2020

Conspiracy Theories vs The Known Facts: Fascism, Oligarchy, & Elite Rule – vs – Freedom, Democracy & Rule By The People

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As Piers Robinson has said, it’s gotten to the point where questioning power (powerful states, individuals, corporations, institutions or groups) in any way gets you labelled a conspiracy theory. In other words, we’re not supposed to question the powerful.

The powerful can do no wrong, and are therefore above any possible question of wrong-doing. Such notions are of course utterly deceitful if cynically expressed, or else delusional, if honestly held.

Of course power can and should be questioned. That is not only legitimate, but also critically essential to a free and open, democratic society. When the possibility of questioning those in power begins to close down, then you know the society is closing down, and fascism or some other form of tyranny is moving in. That is when questioning power becomes, not only legitimate and vital, but urgently required. Such is the time now in the West, and around the world.

As the saying goes, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts abolutely.” And it is true: which is why it is also true that the price of democracy is eternal vigiliance.

“Wait and see” …there are times when such a response is simply psychotic. If you are crossing the railway tracks and you hear a train whistle, then look up to see a freight train barrelling toward you, it would be psychotic to respond by thinking, “Let’s wait and see what happens.” You get off the tracks. And if others are also in danger, you call out to others to warn them as well, naturally.

There are times when the danger is clear, and must be both acknowledged, and acted upon. Anything less would be simply insane.

Well, there is a clear and present danger, very much akin to a freight train barrelling towards us at high speed – yet the great majority of the people are either asleep on the tracks, or are taking a “wait and see” attitude, unbelievably.

The fact is, however, despite the mass somnambulance, the great majority of people in the world have lost faith, trust and confidence in the political and business elite, international institutions (such as the IMF, WTO, World Bank and ECB), the economic and political systems, pundits, “experts”, and the major media. This is hopeful. Loss of faith in these “leaders”, institutions, power structures, systems, “authorities”, oligarchs and elites, means that common sense is not yet dead.

There is a global awakening taking place, and people are highly aware that corruption is quite common, if not systemic – and it is systemic.

People know now, that individuals, groups, institutions, corporations, states and groups, sometimes do indeed carry out dark deeds. And of course they know that the darkest deeds are kept secret, or are disguised.

These things are simply common sense: evil exists; or dark deeds, if you prefer to call it something else. We are not five years old. We know that while, as Chomsky said, “The great majority have basically decent impulses”, there are always a few in every generation who are ruthlessly predatory, filled with egomania, power-lust, hatred, or insatiable greed. And it is perfectly clear that people in power are equally capable of dark motives and dark deeds.

In fact, it is arguable, and easily demonstrated, that allowing power to be highly concentrated in society attracts the corrupt and the power-hungry, and ends up giving the worst among us great powers to abuse. The logical response, therefore, would be to hold the powerful to a much higher standard of questioning and skepticism, because the known risks for abuse of power are proven to be so great.

The longer term sensible response would be to place more effective checks and balances on power than the framers of modern democracy had felt necessary. Clearly they were wrong. Their checks and balances were not sufficient. Now we must correct the error, and very soon, if not right away.

Democracy and freedom are founded on the most basic premises: these are, among others, that freedom is a value to preserved; that democracy, or rule of the people by the people, especially if it is constitutional democracy, with rights and liberties, and a voice, guaranteed, or at least constitutionally protected, for all, offers greater freedom and also less danger of abuse of power than any form of oligarchy or elite rule; that any government, institution, individual or group can be corrupted by power; that the greater the concentration of power, the greater the danger of power being abused, and being abused more severely and more systematically, until democracy and freedom themselves are destroyed; and that an informed and engaged public, a free exchange of ideas and information, and the questioning of power, and the transparency and accountability of power, are therefore essential and critical to both freedom and to democracy.

That makes questioning authority, elites, and powerful groups, institutions, organizations, corporations, individuals and states, not only acceptable and legitimate, but an urgent duty and a moral imperative, at all times, and especially when signs of growing concentrations of power, abuse of power, and assaults on democracy, civil liberties and freedom are underway – as they clearly are now, and have been for well over fifty years.


And as the global death toll from coronavirus reaches 58,000, or 1/10th the typical yearly death toll from the common flu, and manufactured hysteria becomes the really dangerous pandemic, while fascist machinations contine to exploit the crisis, it is more critical than ever to think for ourselves, and to question everything. The virus is real; but the danger has been greatly exaggerated – and most importantly, the crisis has been used by elites, both East and West, to consolidate their power by stripping the people of their power, their liberties, and their rights. It is critical that we question this emerging global police state now.


Some people may dismiss what I am saying, when I speak of a global corporate take-over or coup – something which should be obvious to all by now, and is now obvious to most people -by calling me a leftist; as if that precludes or ends all possibility of rational discussion or debate, or in any way alters the facts of the matter.

Considering that the entire poliitical spectrum has been very deliberately slid far to the right over the past 50 years, in a highly conscious elite response to the cultural awakening of the 1960’s, which liberal elites in the Trilateral Commision called, “an excess of democracy”; considering that even the US Democratic Party, the British Labour Party, and the Canadian Liberal Party, are now wholely owned organs of the ruling corporate elite, and have become supporters of a far right take-over of the economy, the political process and the government by big business, and that all of them are now far to the right of Eisenhower, a moderate Republican; and furthermore, considering that anyone who is not far to the right of FDR, is now considered a radical leftist – I will wear the badge with pride.

In any case, it means nothing to dismiss someone as leftist – especially in light of what we have just now described.

Others may dismiss me by calling me a “conspiracy theorist” – which is a meaningless term, designed simply to shut down all debate or discussion.

I agree with what Chomsky said about the phrase. “Conspiracy theory is a term that is used to poo-poo institutional analysis.” Exactly.

As Chomsky has said, “If you want to understand a society, you have to look at where power lies.” That should be self-evident – that should be politics or sociology 101.

What Michael Parenti said on the matter was also  instructive, as well as amusing. He said (I’m paraphrasing from memory here), “People say to me, “Do you think there are powerful men who meet in a ROOM somewhere?!” To which Parenti replied, with his New Yorker piercing wit, “No, I don’t think there are powerful men meeting in a ROOM somewhere. They talk about their plans while skydiving, 5,000 feet in the air…. Of course they meet in a ROOM! Where do you think they’re going to meet?”

And he went on to point out the obvious: powerful men, and a few women, have certain shared class interests. Dockworkers get together to discuss their shared interests. Librarians get together to discuss their shared interests. Teachers and nurses and auto workers and miners get together to discuss their shared interests. But people think it’s inconceivable that business elites might get together to discuss their shared interests?

Let’s not be absurd. Of course the billionaires get together to discuss their common interests. We even know where and when: it’s called Davos, at the World Economic Forum. It’s no secret. Maybe some people have heard of it. That’s the group that Canadian philosopher John Ralston Saul called, “the new royal court”, ” the new Palace of Versailles” – the group that the leading business journal in the Western world, The Financial Times, called, “The de facto world government.”

What theory? These are simply known facts.

Most of the elite grew up in the same rich boys neighbourhoods, went to the same rich boys schools, belong to the same rich men’s clubs. And the newcomers to the plutocratic oligarchy tend to join gleefully into the ranks, sliding effortlessly into the ruling ideology of self-serving, self-justifying, self-deceiving vanity, narcissism, egomania, power-lust and greed, rationalized by pretenses of being world-benefactors.

A scumbag like Bill Gates, who got his start by stealing and cheating, can schmooze comfortably with the self-aggrandizing Rockefeller clan, and be “one of the boys”, because he has joined the same rich man’s clubs, and has adopted the same rich man’s delusions of grandeur and self-deceit.

Elite clubs have been described as a mafia poker game. Once in a while someobody pulls out a gun and shoots someobody else at the table – and yes, everyboody in the room is competing with everybody else in the room – but they all want the game to continue, and nobody wants their game interrupted for any reason, especially by outsiders.

We know that the world’s power elite get together to plan their common interests in effectively ruling the world. We even know the names of their clubs – they’re not secret: the WTO, the World Economic Forum, the IMF, the World Bank, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commision, the Bilderberg Group.

We know most of their elite boys clubs, their names, and a good deal about them. And they show a few common, recurring themes: the elite hate democracy – because it limits their power, and puts restrictions on their actions, and their global looting and profits; and they do love power, and will use various Machiavellian methods to maintain and increase and consolidate their power.

These are the two overwhelmingly predominant and consistent themes among the elite rich boys clubs. And they are not very surprising. They indicate what Adam Smith refer to as, “the vile maxim of the masters”, which he said was, “all for us, nothing for anyobody else” – which is still, to this day, the clear maxim and philosophy of the ruling elite.


I myself consider there to be only two US Presidents who are worthy of respect, to my knowledge (though, admittedly, as a Canadian, my knowledge of US history is glaringly spotty and incomplete, despite, I think, the broad patterns being understood fairly well). They are Thomas Jefferson, one of the founders of the country, and the only true democrat among the founders, the rest being elitist oligarchs, as we can see from their own words; and Eisenhower, a Republican President who warned us of the military industrial complex, and the potential rise of a technocratic fascism.

Jefferson warned us of exactly what I have been writing about, except that he wrote it in 1812, over 200 years ago. He said, “I pray we shall crush the birth of the moneyed aristocracy in its infancy, for already it bids defiance to our laws and seeks a contest of strength with our democratic government.”

But he was just a conspiracy theorist, of course. We needn’t take him seriously.

Eisenhower, I would say – who was, again, a Republican, and a conservative – was the last US president worthy of respect, from what the historical record clearly shows, and also, the one who warned us of the growing power of the deep state, the shadow government, or the power elite, which he called, the military industrial complex. If agreeing with Eisenhower, that the military industrial complex and the shadowy power elites its serves, should be viewed with caution and skepticism, and watched carefully for potentially great abuses of power, makes me a conspiracy theorist, then call me a conspiracy theorist – along with US President Eisenhower.

Under those, most reasonable stipulations, I will happily accept the badge, though I still think it misdirects the people from the actual issues at hand, and thus, serves only to cloud the people’s judgment and their minds.

We know that the richest three men in the US now control as much wealth as the poorest half of Americans. We know that the richest eight individuals in the world now control more wealth than the poorest half of humanity. The figures show us unmistakably that we have moved from liberal democracies, 200 years ago, into crony capitalism dominated by business elites, to the full merger of busines and the state, which is corporatism: which, as Mussolini himself said, is the proper term for fascism.

Whether you are left, right or centre, the fact of growing and unchecked concentrations of power remains, and has reached extreme degrees.

There is nothing theoretical about it. The question is, what are we going to do about it?


March 22, 2020

Welcome To The Brave New World

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Speaking of censorious scrupulosity….

While censorship is rising rapidly, with Google, Facebook and Twitter, as well as the major media, controlling and restricting what people can see or read, say or share; Facebook is now blocking me from posting my own essays from my blog to my Farcebook page. Welcome to the Brave New World. The global police state has truly arrived.

Follow my blog if you want to stay informed. Big Tech is now squarely in the business of surveillance, social engineering, censorship and social control.

Time to re-read 1984, Brave New World, and Brave New World Revisited, We, A Handmaid’s Tale, and Iron Heel – and Erich Fromm’s, Escape From Freedom, as well. It’s happening now. It’s here.

See also:

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Trends Journal: March 2020 to present 

The Greatest Depression Begins

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Goldman Sachs predicts a 34% contraction of economy in Q2 alone, after revising their estimate up ftom 24% – and they are the optimistic ones! This is bigger than the Great Depression, by the look of it. Thanks to fascist lockdown. It’s economic warfare: the elite vs the 99%. As both Adam Smith and George Carlin said, “They want it all.”


April 5, 2020


Smart moves: slash spending; save every penny; plant a garden; buy (physical) gold and silver, Bitcoins, solar panels and heritage organic seeds; build resilience in all levels and ways; build community; nourish body, spirit and mind; help one another: and get ready for revolution. This last round of looting and “creative destruction” by the disaster capitalists, the kleptocratic oligarchs, the corporate elite, will not be tolerated long.


My essay, Global Geopolitics 2020

Trends Journal – always, and especially now

And the Kieser Report:

The Central Issue: Oligarchy vs Democracy

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The central issue, now as always, is not about wealth, or distribution of wealth. It’s not about bread and butter issues. It’s not about taxes or spending, budgets or allocations, or who gets what and how much. It’s about power. The oligarchs know that. The elite know that very well. The other 99.9% of the people had better learn it fast, or we will be discussing budgets and social programs from inside a gulag. This is what the contemporary left, in 2020, fails utterly to realize. If we don’t correct that blindness very soon, I can assure you, we will regret it profoundly, and immeasurably.

That is to say, the central question is whether we will have real democracy, or whether we will live under an oligarchy and elite rule. The consequences of that choice are becoming clear – and they are quite stark.

You know what side I am on. Now comes the time for all to choose. And yes, that does mean now. Further delay in deciding, or acting, will cause regret so deep there are no words to describe it.

We must choose now. We must get clear, and now.

The barbarians are not at the gates. The barbarians are in power. We must remove them from power now.


April 4, 2020

Chomsky On The Coronavirus: Perspective Is Urgently Needed

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Chomsky clarifies the situation with the coronavirus, saying: it’s serious enough, but it represents not even a fraction of the biggest dangers we are facing, which are nuclear war, global warming, and the rising plague of neoliberal fascism.

(Exactly what I have been saying since January, and before.)

He began the interview by saying he is now haunted  (not by fear of germs, of course, but) by the same thing that haunted him when he was growing up in the 1930’s, which is the rising plague of fascism.

(Again, exactly as I have been saying, and trying to convey to a public lost in panic and hype.)

Note the central facts: global deaths from December 2019 to March 2020: coronavirus roughly 25,000, common flu 110,000, cancer 1.9 million, poverty and hunger 2.3 million, and obesity and poor diets killed even more.

Poverty and hunger – due to systemic economic injustice – along with pollution and cancer, and obesity and poor diets, as well as global crop failure and famine due to equally systemic ecological malfeasance, are by far the biggest health crises we face: not a virus that has 1/10th the mortality rate of the common flu.

Even more important to realize is this simple fact: Neoliberal fascism, which is being imposed as a solution to the health crisis, is both a distraction from the vastly bigger health crises, such as poverty and hunger, cancer and pollution, obesity and poor diets; and also represents a far greater danger than any virus could ever be.

We have lost all perspective. We had better regain it soon.

If our civilization collapses, it will not likely be due to any virus. Even the Bubonic Plague, which killed 30-50% of Europeans roughly 600 years ago, did not wipe out civilization, much less the human species. But either nuclear war or global warming can easily wipe out both – and one of the two most definitely will, if we do not act boldly, decisively and immediately.

Neoliberal fascism is the “solution” which the billionaire Davos elite and their political appendages and minions in government want to impose on humanity. It is not public health that is their concern, or saving human lives – they are quite fine with torture, mass murder for oil and other resources, and with an imposed economic apartheid and predatory economic imperialism which causes 25,000 people to die PER DAY from poverty and hunger. Their interest is in power and wealth. Do not be mistaken.

Further, if the truly fascist and predatory, sociopathic elite are not removed from power, we will most certainly see either nuclear war or ecological cataclysm: because they are addicted to their power games, to empire, and to obscene profits from the planet-killing fossil fuel industry.

The single greatest danger, therefore, is the continued rule of the global power elite. Let’s try to regain perspective. It is now a matter of democratic revolution, or a gulag society, followed by extinction and collapse – as I have been saying for over 30 years. And we are running out of time.


March 31, 2020


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