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Media Failure, Again

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Remember the Iraq War? Remember the lies that were passed off by the elite, and repeated by the media without question, without any fact-checking or investigation? Well, it’s happening again.

But every time we repeat the mistakes of history, the stakes get higher.


On the eve of the US war against Iraq, the corporate and state media all lined up to dutifully play the role of echo chamber for the official narrative created by the Western elite: Saddam has WMDs, Saddam is linked to Al Qaeda, Saddam was behind 9/11 – all three points later being proven to be lies. 

The war on Iraq was always about the oil. But the people had to be lied to and manipulated into supporting the war. The media willingly complied.

None of the major media questioned the official narrative of ruling elites. None bothered to investigate or check the facts. The embarrassingly mistitled alternative media and independent media, with few exceptions, also lined up to repeat the official narrative of the new “War On Terrorism” – which was and is a global imperial war for oil and other resources, and a war on democracy and freedom at home and abroad.

And it is happening again. 

All the major media, state and corporate, spout the official narrative: the coronavirus is extraordinarily dangerous – contrary to the facts, which are: 11,000 deaths to date from coronavirus vs 50,000 deaths PER DAY from hunger and obesity; therefore, mass quarantine, effectively mass house arrests, suspension of basic civil rights and constitutional rule, and draconian/authoritarian/police state responses, are necessary and justified – again, contrary to both prudence, and also the facts, since the Italian government’s own study shows there is virtually zero risk of contagion unless you are either very old or already sick and immune compromised.

And not only have all the major state and corporate media lined up to unquestioningly repeat the official government and elite narrative, but so have virtually all the so-called alternative and independent media. This is appalling, as well as criminally negligent, complicitous, and extremely dangerous.

The real dangers are two: power-mongers (that is, fascists), and lies.

The major media, along with most of the alternative media, were, and are, complicit in mass murder during the war on Iraq, and the on-going wars across the Middle East. Now they are colluding and complicit with the full scale war on basic civil rights, freedom, democracy, and constitutional rule, and the instituting of a new global fascist police state.


I spent 35 years doing intensive research, study and analysis in politics, philosophy and world issues, and in the process collected some of the best sources and resources on the planet. Most of my best sources are failing now. That is deeply disturbing. 

Only a handful of sources are getting it right on the coronavirus event: Gerald Celente and Trends Journal, The Corbett Report, GreenMedInfo, and myself. Just four sources world-wide getting the story right, from what I have seen? That is deeply disturbing. I haven’t done a thorough survey or assessment of the alternative media, but what is clear and undeniable is that both the major media, and the so-called alternative media, are failing, again.

We need to be very thoughtful now, especially about our sources of news, information and analysis. Above all, we need to question everything, and everyone, and think for ourselves. Now more than ever.


March 24, 2020

Trends in the news – real analysis for a change, and honesty, if you can imagine that!

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Trends in the news: Energy madness, tech stocks plummeting, gold prices rising, propaganda over Ukraine, and China refuses GMO food – real news, brought to you by the world’s leading trend analyst, Gerald Celente.

Forget your media schmucks and presstitutes – tune into Gerald Celente for the real story that the mass media won’t tell you. Then go to CounterPunch or to get the background information you need to fully understand what he is saying – or subscribe to his quarterly Trends Research Journal.

Geez, you’d think I was getting paid for this promo, but I’m not – I’m just deeply impressed by this man’s honesty and lucidity, and deeply disgusted by the utter lack of honesty in the mainstream media. Change the channel, people!

April 16, 2014


Gerald Celente – YouTube.

My top 6 sources for reliable news and analysis

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Here are my top six sources for reliable news and analysis at present. Any one of them puts the mainstream media completely and utterly to shame.

If you want to know what is really going on – and with the war drums sounding, the war on democracy, civil liberties and freedom escalating, and with the planet, as well as the 99.99% of the people on earth who are not among the ruling corporate and financial elite, now under attack, you most definitely should – then have a look at these sources.

Gerald Celente – Trends Research

Max Keiser – The Keiser Report

Chris Hedges – Truthdig

Noam Chomsky – Z Magazine, Z Net

Michel Chossudovsky – Global

Paul Craig Roberts – CounterPunch

It should be noted here that Gerald Celente, Max Keiser and Paul Craig Roberts are all respected by conservatives, liberals and progressives alike – and that is a tremendous strength, in addition to their great, and unfortunately rare level of integrity, lucidity, honesty and courage.

(Paul Craig Roberts was not only an editor at the Wall Street Journal, but also Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury under Reagan.)

Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky and Michel Chossudovsky may be viewed by some on the right side of the political spectrum as lefties who can’t be trusted – even though their credentials are impeccable, and their character and intelligence of the highest levels – but the former three, Gerald Celente, Max Keiser and Paul Craig Roberts, cannot be so easily dismissed: even by frothy-mouthed and blinkered, jingo-addled partisan ideologues. The fact that their appeal cuts across the political spectrum and they are widely respected by the saner and more alert elements among both the grassroots right and left of the populace, is of extreme importance.

We must unite the people now, or we are lost. The battle is no longer between left and right, but between the ruling corporate oligarchs and the other 99.99% of the world’s population. This is critical for us to understand now.

Remember, in closing, I must say, and remind us all: even the best sources can go astray, be co-opted, or simply make mistakes – always think for yourself, do your own research, and double-check everything of any major significance.

Be well, and enjoy the digging. There are a lot of horrifying things happening in the world, but there are tremendously positive trends and greatly hopeful, inspiring signs of positive social change as well.

Life, as well as the world, is what we make of it. Be informed, join with others, and take action – now.

April 16, 2014


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