Top Priority Reading: A Letter To All

Here is the letter I wrote for my son today, on his fifteenth birthday, advising him on important reading, based on my own 50,000+ hours of research, studies, reflection and meditation, over the course of three and a half decades. I would urge anyone, and everyone, to read these twenty-five books, and as soon as possible – preferably, right away, this year.

Dear Luke,

Consider this your real education. I could not sufficiently emphasize the importance of this reading list. I don’t have strong enough words. Turn off the tv, the radio, the video games, put down the magazines, newspapers and other books, unplug the computer and turn off the phone, and read these now.

(You could read them all in one to two years, and still have time for other reading.)

Train your body and your mind. Nourish your body, your mind, and your spirit. Make time for nature, solitude, reflection, study, prayer and meditation.

Enjoy reading widely, and read what you like; but, I would urge you, make these 25 books your top priority.

Love always,


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One Response to “Top Priority Reading: A Letter To All”

  1. I don’t think I included Erich Fromm’s, Escape From Freedom, on that list. It should be added, and is extremely relevant now. Start there, in fact.


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