The Root of the Problem

Long-winded and verbose, typically does not equate to insightful, or even, necessarily, sane. Often the briefest statements are the most important: such as the Magna Carta, The Declaration of Independence, or the UN Declaration of Human Rights. In the spirit of concision with compellng clarity, and hopefully, a clarion call to action, I give you this. And remember, Habeas Corpus, The Great Writ, the sovereignty over one’s own person and body, which is the very basis of all constitutional rule, all law, and all of our human rights, is being destroyed now, as we speak.

Aldous Huxley and Thomas Jefferson were right: we allowed power to be over-concentrated and over-centralized. Now we are paying the price.

The corrective actions should be clear enough. They are democratic revolution, decentralization, and above all, the dethroning of the new global corporate oligarchy. Anything less is an avoidance of reality, cowardice, or sheer delusion.

Stand now.


September 6, 2020

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