Geopolitics 2020 – Part Two

Extremely important to understand:

We are moving into a multi-polar world. And at the same time, a global awakening of humanity is occurring, and gaining speed – an awakening which will spell a greater unfolding and evolution of freedom and democracy, among other positive elements. This would be joyous news, and it is – except that the ruling elite want neither a multi-polar world, nor an outbreak of democracy. What they want, is to secure their privilege and their power. This struggle, between freedom and fascism, is what defines the moment of time we live in. It will also decide our future and our fate.

In relative terms, and now in absolute terms as well, the West is sinking economically, which means, of course, a corresponding loss of global geopolitical hegemony. The BRICS are rising, and particularly Russia and China, in economic power. This is why the Western corporate oligarchy and its state-political-military pawns have encircled both Russia and China, and are playing an extremely dangerous game that could easily end in nuclear war.

(Watch Dr. Strangelove again. The elite are flatly sociopathic as well as insane.)

The challenge from rival economic powers externally and rising popular disconent internally has left the Western oligarchs in near panic and desperation. Their increasingly desperate bids to mantain power is the key to understanding the world in the 21st century, and particularly in 2020.

China is a police state, yet, it is now more free than the Western world, having removed many of the authoritarian restrictions which were imposed globally in 2020, while the West is now literally more authoritarian than China.

China’s economy is soaring, primarily because they removed the heavy handed authoritarian measures, opened up, and ended the lockdown. People in China are going about their lives, travelling, kids are returning to school, without masks required (since, as the WHO admitted, they don’t work, and the “pandemic” is over in any case). China just recorded its biggest manufacturing growth in a decade, while the West is going into economic collapse.

The West has done the opposite of China, after imitating China’s authoritarianism, and is now going further into totalitarian measures and resumed lockdown. And that was an elite-driven political decision, of course, and a very conscious, controlled demolition of the economy, in an act of class warfare and economic warfare, to further enrich and empower the .001%, while looting and subjugating and disempowering the vast majority.

 (And soon they will beg for their digital chains.)

Fascism is here. And it is a feeding frenzy, as the super-rich continue to devour the poor and the middle class, along with the planet, democracy, freedom, constitutional rule, and all of our rights.

Further, China is on course to become self-reliant. While the West goes deliberately into a post-capitalist neofeudalism, and full corporate fascism, imploding its economy and fiat currencies in the process, China has begun severing its dependencies on the outside world.

China has begun its own vast version of a Green New Deal, with rapid and massive build-out of renewable energy and transportation infrastructure. It is still a police state, and hardly a model government, but it still puts the West to shame. Here in the West, we have a police state that is more authoritarian than China, and no Green New Deal; but instead, continued rape and pillage neoliberal economics, benefitting only the top 1% while disembowelling the rest, and with a continued addiction to blood-drenched profits from war, militarism, drugs (pharma and illegal both), and fossil fuels.

Meanwhile, the elite-driven decision, pushed by the corporate oligarchy of Wall Street and Davos, to lockdown entire nations and suspend civil liberties, has not improved public health, but harmed it, pushing additional hundreds of millions into poverty, isolation and hunger, while destroying Western economies, and destroying freedom, democracy and constitutional rule.

Popular uprisings have begun in Europe, to restore consitutional rights, democracy and freedom – and protests are spreading. 1.3 million protesters in Germany alone – from across the political spectrum – said “NO” to the new trans-national medical-corporate fascism.

Thankfully some people remember what fascism means. It does not mean cozy, comfy security. It means horrors unleashed.

Meanwhile, under the pretext of protecting public health, the US and Canada move ever further into martial law, a police state, and authoritarian corporate rule, with poverty, desperation and violence rising rapidly, and civil unrest growing.

Stock markets rise in unprecedented bubbles, based on a multi-trillion dollar flood of taxpayer money to the business elite, while the real economy rapidly implodes, the great majority of people sink economically, or are devoured, and fiat currencies approach meltdown point.

Guess where this is going?

It’s called fascism – along with economic collapse, and civil war.

Huxley and Orwell saw it coming. Now it is here.

Fight. Do not be a coward.

Stand up and speak out for freedom, for unity, and for peace, or it will be a very dark time ahead.

The people of China can determine for themselves how to face the future. I am a Westerner, speaking to the West. And here in the West, the state of affairs should, by now, be abundantly clear.

The Western corporate oligarchs, who rule the West via financial manipulations and via Davos, or the New Palace of Versailles, as Canadian philosopher John Ralston Saul has called it, are: a) rabidly anti-democratic, corporatist, and quite literally fascist; b) not serious in the slightest about social justice, equality, peace, human health or real environmental sustainability. In fact, they are rapidly destroying democracy, freedom and constitutional rule in favour of corporate fascist oligarchy, while devouring the 99% and the planet, and while driving us ever closer to either nuclear or ecological armageddon. What is clear above all is that they must be removed from power, post haste.

The human world is by and large what we make it. The future is ours to create. Never forget that. As David Hume, Thomas Jefferson, Thoreau, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. recognized, the people always have the greater power. Use it now. It is critical that we do.

The power is in our hands. Let us use it wisely – and now.

J. Todd Ring,

September 5, 2020

4 Responses to “Geopolitics 2020 – Part Two”


    Assume, as we have shown above, the ruling plutocrats have the ability to organize a fake worldwide pandemic. Why would they want to do such a thing? How would they profit? Let’s look at possible motives.

    Nothing is new under the moon, and the regime in Washington has a history of using fabricated crises to achieve their goals. According to H.L. Mencken:

    The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

    One reason for a “pandemic” might be to extract benefits from the widespread economic disruption resulting from lockdowns. It is quite likely that the big companies will be able to swallow up their smaller competitors, who were often forced to close their doors by the local authorities.

    US administrators and those of the European Union announced huge Covid19 relief measures to the tune of many hundreds of billions of dollars and euros respectively. Who will profit from this windfall? Most likely some well-connected big players. Business Insider magazine reported in June 2020 that “American billionaires are now nearly 20% richer than they were at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report by the Institute for Policy Studies.”

    Pharmaceutical companies will be certainly interested in vaccination profits. But are they powerful enough to pull the whole show? Not likely.

    Atomization of society, breaking up community solidarity, eroding all non-monetary connections between people, destroying family relations and weakening blood ties, is a long-standing plutocratic project. Now, using this fake pandemic, the plutocrats have gone even further, now they train us to see each other not as friend, not as brother, not even as a source of profit, but mainly as a source of mortal infection.”


  2. “One can expect that the coming drastic fall in consumption [and economic collapse] will result in the permanent breakdown of Western society. We are already seeing widespread rioting in American cities. With the widely accepted cover story of the “global pandemic”, ruling plutocrats intend to cover up their past failures and continue ruling under an artificially created state of emergency.” (Ibid)


    The elite-driven events of 2020 surrounding covid are a Continuity of Government operation, a fall-back position to a more authoritarian order, upheld not only by all-pervasive propaganda and indoctrination, but by force.

    Permanent martial law is the elite response to popular discontent, global geopolitical shifts, and the crisis of legitimacy which is now reaching tipping point.

    “Let them eat cake”, is the elites’ answer to poverty, inequality and injustice. But it will work no better for the new plutocrats than it did for the French aristocracy on the eve of revolution.

    Let us, this time however, choose means and methods shown by Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. Then we will win a more permanent victory for freedom and the common good. But do not doubt: we will win.


  3. Analysis from University of Lethbridge professor, the venerable Anthony J. Hall:

    “It usually makes sense to follow the money when seeking understanding of almost any major change. The strategy of following the money in our current convergence of crises in late summer of 2020 leads us directly to the lockdowns. The lockdowns were first imposed on people in the Wuhan area of China. Then other populations throughout the world were told to “shelter in place,” all in the name of combating the COVID-19 virus.

    Understanding of the enormous impact of the lockdowns is still developing. The lockdowns are proving to pack a far more devastating punch than any other aspect of the strange sequence of events that is making 2020 a year like no other. Even when the issues are narrowed to those of human health, the lockdowns have had, and will continue to have, far more wide-ranging and devastating impacts than the celebrity virus.

    The lockdowns have, for starters, been directly responsible for explosive rates of suicide, domestic violence, overdoses, and depression. In the long run, these maladies from the lockdowns will probably kill and harm many more people than COVID-19.

    But this comparison does not tell the full story. The nature and length of the lockdowns are causing millions of people to lose their jobs, businesses and financial viability. It seems that the economic descent is still gathering force. The assault of the lockdowns on our economic wellbeing still has much farther to go.

    The lockdowns have proven to be a powerful instrument of social control. This attribute is becoming very attractive especially to some politicians. They have discovered they can derive considerable political traction from hyping and exploiting the largely manufactured pandemic panic.

    The lockdowns are still a work-in-progress. There are past lockdowns, revolving lockdowns, partial lockdowns, mandatory lockdowns, voluntary lockdowns, severe lockdowns and probably an array of many lockdown types yet to be invented.

    The lockdowns extend to disruptions in supply chains, disruptions in money flows, drops in consumption, breakdowns in transport and travelling, increased bankruptcies, losses of finance leading to losses of housing, as well as the inability to pay taxes and debts.

    The lockdowns extend beyond personal habitations to prohibitions on large assemblies of people in stadiums, concert halls, churches, and a myriad of places devoted to public recreation and entertainment. On the basis of this way of looking at what is happening, it becomes clear the economic and health effects of the lockdowns are far more pronounced than the damage wrought directly by the new coronavirus.

    This approach to following the money leads to the question of whether the spread of COVID-19 was set in motion as a pretext. Was COVID-19 unleashed as an expedient for bringing about the lockdowns with the goal of crashing the existing economy? What rationale could there possibly be for purposely crashing the existing economy?

    One possible reason might have been to put in place new structures to create the framework for a new set of economic relationships. With these changes would come accompanying sets of altered social and political relationships.”

    Yes, it is the project to move us from corporate-dominated crony capitalism under late stage liberal democracy, to full corporate rule: which means, post-capitalist neo-feudalism, or in more direct terms, fascism.


  4. A number of points must be realized if we are to understand the events unfolding in 2020 and beyond, surrounding the novel coronavirus.

    1. A crisis of legitimacy was reaching critical mass globally by 2019, with protests and uprisings in 19 countires, including Canada, the United States, France and Hong Kong. Elites both East and West were getting panicky.

    2. The economic crash of 2007-2010, which I predicted, was papered over with paper money, leaving deep structural problems unresolved, guaranteeing a far greater crash soon to come. The elite understood this very well.

    3. The Western corporate oligarchy had been in relative decline for decades, as the BRIC nations, and particularly China, rose in economic power. The Western elite faced an imminent loss of their 500 year old position as the de facto rulers of the world. Needless to say, the Western oligarchs were not pleased with the thought.

    4. Knowing these three interconnected crises were fast coming to a head, Western elites had been planning for any and all challenges to their power, including external economic rivals, and an internal challenge of greater portent, in the form of an uprising of the people, representing an outbreak of democracy. Documents on this type of planning are extensive and in the public record, beginning at least with the Pentagon Papers, from 1968.

    5. One element of elite planned response was to crash the global economy, through shutting it down deliberately, under pretext of a pandemic. This would blame the coming economic crash on a virus, while turning Western democracies fully into corporate fascist states. The elite would buy up their failing competitors after the crash, while crushing the outbreak of democracy with a resort to permanent authoritarian rule, thus consolidating their power, internally at least, leaving war with China and Russia yet to be addressed.

    September 8, 2020

    Anthony J. Hall comments on what the elite stood to gain by manipulating a state of crisis over a novel virus, noting documents in the public record showing foreknowledge. From the article, *Follow The Money*, published in the American Herald Tribune:

    “Among the economic changes being sought are the robotization of almost everything, cashless financial interactions, and elaborate AI impositions. These AI impositions extend to digital alterations of human consciousness and behavior. The emphasis being placed on vaccines is very much interwoven with plans to extend AI into an altered matrix of human nanobiotechnology.

    There are other possibilities to consider. One is that in the autumn of 2019 the economy was already starting to falter. Fortuitously for some, the new virus came along at a moment when it could be exploited as a scapegoat. By placing responsibility for the economic debacle on pathogens rather than people, Wall Street bankers and federal authorities are let off the hook. They can escape any accounting for an economic calamity that they had a hand in helping to instigate.

    A presentation in August of 2019 by the Wall Street leviathan, BlackRock Financial Management, provides a telling indicator of foreknowledge. It was well understood by many insiders in 2019 that a sharp economic downturn was imminent.

    At a meeting of central bankers in Jackson Hole Wyoming, BlackRock representatives delivered a strategy for dealing with the future downturn. Several months later during the spring of 2020 this strategy was adopted by both the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve. BlackRock’s plan from August of 2019 set the basis of the federal response to the much-anticipated economic meltdown.”


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