Facebook Is Not News. Time For The Exodus From Big Tech To Increase From A Steady Torrent To A Flood

42% of people globally use Facebook as their news source. That should be a chilling fact to anyone who still has some functioning grey matter. “Google” it, has become synonymous with doing a web search. That too, for those who know how Google operates, should chill us to the bone. And now, Facebook has proclaimed itself as the world’s fact checker – a move that should, in a sane society, provoke howls of laughter and derision.

These new norms must be questioned – and refused.

“News and information can only go so far.  Despite the utopian fluffiness about having multiple platforms, the consumers of news want only one thing: the reassurance that their prejudice is secure and their world view left unchallenged.   The reader of Rupert Murdoch’s Sun would dare not venture into the sinned waters of The Guardian.  Those of The Guardian would argue that readership was an oxymoronic term when used for the Sun. 

Facebook did nothing to cure this. It simply secured an easy avenue for having pre-cooked material, tailored with its platform, available for outlets wishing to furnish them with content.  Through its algorithmic tyranny, it has assisted in reducing users to a standard conformist imbecility.”

In short, as repeated studies have confirmed, “social media” tends to make people more fat, lonely, isolated, unhappy, unhealthy, sedentary, misinformed, indoctrinated, disconnected and dissociated from reality, and functionally stupid, by reinforcing their existing bias. If you must ingest such rat poison, at least keep it to a minimum. Better would be to stop ingesting poison altogether.

Look into serious journals and other sources of real news and analysis, and subscribe or otherwise support them. Big Tech has proven it is Orwellian, technocratic, anti-democratic, power-mad, deeply and eagerly embedded and enmeshed in the military industrial security complex and the new global corporate fascist police state, as well as manipulative and deceitful. Sooner or later, and better sooner than later, it must be dumped.

Global Research, the American Herald Tribune, the Corbett Report, GreenMedInfo, Geopolitics & Empire, Z Magazine and Trends Journal are among the few remaining news and analysis sources with any remaining reliability – and that is putting it in the most delicate and polite of euphemistic understatements possible.


September 3, 2020

6 Responses to “Facebook Is Not News. Time For The Exodus From Big Tech To Increase From A Steady Torrent To A Flood”

  1. Media Executive Warns that Big Tech Is Secretively Seizing “All the Power” over Information

    Testifies that Google and Facebook are trying to have a monopoly on news with ‘black box’ algorithms.

    By Steve Watson
    Global Research, June 25, 2020
    Summit News 24 June 2020



  2. Robert Epstein: We’re Living in Unseen Dictatorship, 2020 is Big Tech Takeover Turning Point – Geopolitics & Empire


  3. When it is time for a new phone, server or computer, ditch the Big Tech mafia fascists.



  4. Dumping Big Tech:

    Switch from the fascist dinosaurs to something far better

    From MS Office to Open Office

    Microsoft, Android and Apple to Puri.sm (or Linux)

    Google to Swiss Cows for web search

    Gmail, etc. To ProtonMail for email

    Messenger, etc. To Telegram

    Brave Browser over all others

    I’ve now done all these except for the hardware switch – and they were easy. They also work as well or better.


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