Systems Collapse Ahead? It Is Increasingly Probable


First rule:

Question everything. Think for yourself.

Satyagraha: Gandhi’s word for truth-force, meaning also: non-violent civil disobedience, as inspired by Thoreau’s short essay, which inspired Tolstoy, Gandhi, and later MLK – this is exactly what we need.


Now, to be clear: it is not only truth which we need, but its logical application: which, at this time in our history, will require nothing short of revolution – Gandhian, of course.

The environmental crisis which we have created for ourselves has truly become that urgent, that nothing less will do.


Are we headed for the collapse of our civilization (sic)? Of course. It is undeniable. The evidence is overwhelming, and the science is clear. We are racing toward a brick wall at 100 miles an hour, while everyone is arguing about where they are going to sit – as David Suzuki put it 30 years ago. As he also said, we are witnessing a “slow motion train wreck”. That is the state of our “civilization”.

Can we avoid the collapse of our civilization, and truly catastrophic times in the near future, perhaps as little as 20 years from now? Yes. But we must make radical change now, in order to do so.

That requires removing the corporate elite and their political, military and intelligence (sic) minions (who are collectively the Global Power Elite) from power.

That, in turn, we must be clear, will require nothing short of a revolution.

“Evolution”, “transition”, “awakening” – whatever you want to call it, we will need to to do more than change our attitudes, our personal lifestyles, and our consumer habits. We will also have to remove the ruling elite from power. That is called a revolution, and whether we like the term or not, it is now quite simply a necessity.

So, man the lifeboats, yes; prepare for possible systems failure, yes; and work for non-violent revolution as well – or our future will be bleak indeed.

Read your Gandhi, Thoreau and Martin Luther King. We are going to need all the inspiration, and strategy, that we can muster.

August 1, 2020


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