Choose your tech tools (and all tools) well

I tried using my old HP Stream notebook computer today – which I bought two years ago, naively, because it was slim and compact and blue, and barely used it – after a long hiatus; having set it aside for a new msi, after seeing how abysmally, glacially slow the HP was.
Using it again today, it loads a single web page at a time just fine. But try to do anything else simultaneously, like write and edit a document, while keeping just one browser tab open, and it bogs so badly you feel your stuck in heavy mud on an old abandoned road, with nothing but an uncooperative mule who refuses to help pull you out.
Going back to the HP is like going back to a broken down ox cart after driving a Maserati.
More to the point, the one computer is a tool that just doesn’t work, or barely works, and always is a hindrance to what you’re working on; while the msi is consistently flawless.
Moreover, like all good tools, the msi is built to be reliable, and built to last – which means it is cheaper in the long term, than buying junk.
Choose your tools well, I say; or be the tool for making bad choices.
August 1, 2020

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