The “new normal”

A 75 year old man gets his skull fractured by riot police – for bringing back their helmet – and the hew and cry on Twitter is that he got what he deserves.

To be clear:

For example, @paulshields333 wrote:

“Bottom line here . If you walk in front of riot police coming towards  you, You  should expect to get knocked over .”

This he says in response to a 75 year old getting his skull fractured by police, for exercising his democratic right to peaceful protest and freedom of speech. ‪

Spoken like a true fascist apologist. And they are now multiplying like mushrooms in the forest after a spring rain. Beware.‬

We are being conditioned to: a) be afraid of one another (divide and conquer), b) always and unquestioningly obey authority, c) accept doublethink as normal, rational and sane, d) conform at all costs, and e) rationalize and accept fascism and authoritarianism, and defend them like our own mother’s breast.

Dire state of affairs, it is. But the global awakening of humanity continues, nevertheless, and will not be stopped.


July 20, 2020

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