Max & Stacy Nail It: The Long Emergency Begins In Earnest

Max & Stacy nail it. This time more than usual. Few see the historical significance of the coronavirus lockdown event. They seem to better than most.

What is happening? In a nutshell, I would say that elite power games are backfiring due to imperial hubris:

Lockdown and social distancing cause economic meltdown leading to social rebellion and techtonic shift.

One more important point needs to be made, however. Max and Stacy make the mistake most people do (even the brilliant get it wrong sometimes, and right now, nearly everyone is getting it wrong). They confuse the effect for the cause.

The coronavirus is real, not fake. But the danger was and is greatly exaggerated, as Stanford professors and others are confirming. Regardless of the real or percieved danger of the virus, however, the central fact remains: the repressive measures of social distancing and mass house arrest, the lockdown itself, caused the economic meltdown, not the virus.

This is important to realize, because the plutocrats are trying to blame a virus, when in fact they pulled the strings on the lockdown, which was the real cause of the current economic mass carnage. Bear that in mind as the same kleptocratic elite try to present themselves as the saviours of the people. This cannot be stressed enough.

Make sure you catch part two, with James Howard Kunstler, on the long emergency ahead – which is now well underway.

And watch also: Supply Chains: The Last Mile.

Much love, y’all.
Stay well, and don’t believe the major news media, naturally.
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