When the lights go on for the people…


While the world is currently in Chamberlain mode (denial), it may soon go to Vichy/Quisling mode (collaboration & surrender – giving up).

Despite his enormous faults, we need people like Churchill now: “We shall never surrender.”

March 22, 2020


Here is Churchill’s famous speech:

https://youtu.be/MkTw3_PmKtc via @YouTube



Hi folks,

A few people are starting to lift their heads, and ask questions.
As of today, Rolling Stone, GreenMedInfo, and the Hill, join myself, Gerald Celente, and The Corbet Report, as the only sources I have seen getting the coronavirus story right – up now to seven sources, from just four, in one day. It is an epidemic of awakening – exactly what we need.
Peace and love, always,
Important information:
Rolling Stone reports on US suspension of Constitutional rights:
(Story shared by GreenMedInfo – the most reliable source on know for health information)
See also:
Gerald Celente, Trends Research Institute, March 2020:
Further Reading – Big Picture Analysis:

Chomsky, Necessary Illusions, Class Warfare, and Year 501 (These three in particular)

Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine

John Perkins, A Game As Old As Empire,
The New Confessions Of An Economic Hitman

Naomi Wolf, The End of America

John Pilger, The New Rulers Of The World

Susan George, Shadow Sovereigns

C Wright Mills, The Power Elite

Peter Phillips, Giants: The Global Power Elite

And I would recommend my own writings, J. Todd Ring on WordPress, and my two first published books:

Enlightened Democracy: Visions for A New Millennium


The People vs The Elite:
A Manifesto For Democratic Revolution,
Or, Survival In The 21st Century And Beyond
(Coming April 2020)



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