Elite Power Games: Any Enemy Will Do – Even A Virus

From the Russian Revolution until the fall of the USSR, the Western power elite used the pretext of fighting Communism to justify, rationalize, and provide cover for imperialist wars around the world, a continuing neocolonial global war on the Third World, a war on democracy and freedom, and a class war, at home and abroad, waged by the ruling 1% against the other 99% of humanity. (The Soviet system was a gulag, as Chomsky has said; but that doesn’t alter the fact that “fighting Communism” was used as the pretext for imperial wars, and class warfare,for over 70 years. As Orwell knew, any enemy will do.

(See Noam Chomsky, Deterring Democracy, along with Year 501, Class Warfare, Manufacturing Consent, and Necessary Illusions.)

But that Soviet enemy is gone now. As of the 1990’s, a new enemy urgently had to be found.

After the collapse and disappearance of the official enemy – Communism and the Soviet Union – a new enemy was needed. As we said, any enemy will do – but with a global awakening of humanity underway, official narratives of fear-mongering, and believable bogeymen, are becoming harder to find.

The people are awakening. That means two things: the propaganda wars must become more desperate, blaring, all-pervasive, alarmist and shrill; and, preparations must be made for the resort to force – which means, of course, fascism.


Both the Project For A New American Century, in their own, US elite manifesto and long-term planning document, published in 2000, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, chief intellectual in residence to the Western power elite, in his post-Soviet era elite planning manifesto, The Grand Chessboard, remarked that continued global dominance by US elites and their allies, and the much sought-after, publicly announced objective of “full spectrum dominance” of the world, would require control of Eurasia, especially oil and gas rich Central Asia, which in turn would require “projection of force”, meaning, of course, war, which in turn, given to growing popular opposition to war and aggression, would require a new “catalyzing event” – a new “Pearl Harbor type event.”

After 9/11, which served the purpose well for a time, the “war on terrorism” was officially launched, and terrorists became the new official enemy.

Terrorism kills 20,000 a year globally – that’s “their” terrorism. Ours kills far more, and it is done by war, and more so, by global economic strangulation, which forces over 3.5 billion people to live in poverty, and over 20,000 to die PER DAY, of poverty and hunger.

Furthermore, it was known, and announced, by US and other “intelligence” services, before the new round of wars in the Middle East after 9/11, which were justified by the new “war on terrorism”, that bombing and invading countries, overthrowing their governments, and installing compliant governments and US military bases, would unquestionably inflame resentments in the region and turn a desperate minority into growing ranks for the terrorist organizations (which were created initially by Brzezinski and the CIA in 1979, by the way).

(See the BBC documentary, The Power Of Nightmares.)

In short, it was understood that the “war on terrorism” would dramatically increase terrorism in the world. The purpose, like the war on drugs, was never what it was claimed to be. The purpose was a war on democracy, above all; and secondarily, a rationalization and smoke screen for resource wars world-wide, particularly oil and gas, for the sake of corporate profits and elite power and global hegemony.

The entire narrative of fighting terrorism falls apart upon the slightest examination. As Chomsky has said, and global polls repeatedly show that 90% of the world’s people know it very well, “Washington is the biggest terrorist centre in the world.”


Not long after 9/11 and the official new enemy propaganda campaign was launched with the GWOT, the “global war on terror“, the people began to see through the lies. A new enemy was needed.

The first narrative of fighting Communism worked for 70 years. The war on terrorism PR worked for less than 20. The propaganda system is beginning to fail. This makes elites panicky, and desperate.

The core function of the official enemy narrative, from fighting Communism to fighting terrorism, and beyond, was and is the global war on democracy and freedom. It is a power drive for power hungry elites.

Both narratives, fighting Communism and fighting terrorism, justified a war on democracy at home and abroad, and the suspension or destruction of civil rights and constitutional rule. What was, and is, being justified and rationalized, is a simple power grab by the ruling business elite, aided and abetted by willing collaborators, along with unwitting pawns, in government, the media, NGO’s and academia.

Any enemy will do – so long as the people can be manipulated into mass fear, and preferably panic and hysteria.

In 2020, the old enemy narratives have failed – even the new Red Scare and New Cold War propaganda have failed. (See, The Russians Are Coming, Again: The First Cold War As Tragedy, The New Cold War As Farce, Kuzmarov & Marciano.) There had to be a new enemy found, and immediately: a new way to distract the people from the real dangers – which are climate change, looming environmental cataclysm, nuclear weapons, dangerous elite power games, economic instability and elite predations, pesticides and other toxins, and the elites in Wall Street, London, and other financial centres, who are busy devouring the poor, the middle class, and the Earth.

Further, along with distracting the people, a new enemy was needed to rationalize and provide cover for the growing move towards fascism and a global police state – which is the full consolidation (it is hoped) of the powers and the rule of the new empire of global neo-feudal, crypto-fascist, deeply Orwellian, corporate oligarchy.

Big Brother is here. The Brave New World is here.

Fascism is here.

(See Gerald Celente, from the Trends Journal, March 17, 2020 – one of the two sources I have found so far who are getting the coronavirus story right; the other being myself.)

So far, creating hysteria over a virus that is less dangerous than the common flu, obesity, or even bathtub drownings, is working very well to justify the long-sought-after police state measures, which the elite feel are needed to defeat the rising global popular awakening and democratic uprising, and to stem the collapse of their power in the wake of a severe and growing global crisis of legitimacy. This is the real story of the coronavirus. Anyone who gives you a different story, is either spouting non-sense, or is a propagandist and a liar.

The elite and their political and media pawns are quite good at the game. They are winning, at present. The psyops and social engineering program is winning: take a real but tiny threat, exaggerate it wildly, to something akin to Hitler, or in this case, the Plague, by that sow fear, institute a new norm of “social distancing”, thereby to divide and conquer the people; and in the process, not only distract the people from the real dangers, but also, create the justification for a new global police state, which will ensure, in turn, it is hoped, that the new global corporate empire of billionaires will rule as the new God-kings for centuries, or at least years, to come.

But the people are slowly waking up.

It remains to be seen if we will live in a clean and green, free and democratic society; or in an elite-ruled, neo-feudal era, under a world-devouring fascist police state, bent on ecocide and the destruction of life on Earth.

The jury is out. But the hour is very late.

There is a bipartisan neoconservative/neoliberal fascist coup, or authoritarian lockdown, that is underway. The new auhoritarianism will be global, and it will not be temporary.

“What we know is, this is massively overblown. Sure, if you’re an octagenarian with a lung condition, you want to stay safe….but…What is essential to realize is that what is about to happen is a PR campaign for martial law…. When martial law arrives, most people will be cheering.”
– James Corbett, The Corbett Report, March 22, 2020

The people had better wake up soon. They are in truly grave danger – though they are afraid of all the wrong things.

March 22, 2020

Further Reading:

Chomsky, Necessary Illusions, Class Warfare, and Year 501 (These three in particular)

Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine

John Perkins, A Game As Old As Empire, & The New Confessions Of An Economic Hitman

Naomi Wolf, The End of America

John Pilger, The New Rulers Of The World

Susan George, Shadow Sovereigns

C Wright Mills, The Power Elite

Peter Phillips, Giants

And I would humbly recommend my two first published books:

Enlightened Democracy: Visions for A New Millennium


The People vs The Elite:
A Manifesto For Democratic Revolution,
Or, Survival In The 21st Century And Beyond
(Coming April 2020)



Hi folks,

A few people are starting to lift their heads, and ask questions.
As of today, Rolling Stone and GreenMedInfo join myself, Gerald Celente, and The Corbet Report, as the only sources I have seen getting the coronavirus story right – up now, to five sources, from just three, in one day. It is an epidemic of awakening – exactly what we need.
Peace and love, always,
Important information:
Rolling Stone reports on US suspension of Constitutional rights:
(Story shared by GreenMedInfo – the most reliable source I know for health information. Watch the Corbett Report Video here as well.)
See also:
Gerald Celente, Trends Research Institute, March 2020:
Fascism and economic collapse follow coronavirus hype


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