Political-Economy 101


Governments and corporations, and the state-corporate media they control, systematically distort or conceal the truth, peddle illusions and starkly deceitful false narratives, and lie. (Does anyone remember Iraq’s WMDs?) This is political-economy and media studies 101. Unsurprisingly, vested interests tend to serve their own narrow interests – and routinely lie to advance the agendas and interests they serve.

Would governments, politicians, corporations or the media lie? Would business and political elites act in concert with the major media they control, in ways that cause mass human suffering and death? We just need to look at the history, including recent history, to answer that question with a definite yes. (See Chomsky, Year 501, Class Warfare, and Necessary Illusions; John Perkins, The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman; William Blum, Killing Hope; or Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine.)

Recently the most powerful investment banking firm in the world, Goldman Sachs, which Matt Taibbi fittingly called “the vampire squid on the face of humanity”, announced to its sharedholders and the elite investment class that it is not maximally profitable to heal the sick – it is more profitable to let the sick stay sick, and sell them pharmaceutical drugs to “manage” their symptoms. If that is not predatory, parasitic, morally bankrupt, ghoulish and vampiric, I don’t know what is.

“The market also discriminates against healthful products unless they promise more profits. _The British Medical Journal_ reported in July 2003 that a daily low-cost pill made up of six known drugs resulted in an 80-per-cent reduction of heart attacks in everyone over 55 – ‘a greater impact on the prevention of disease in the Western world than any known intervention’. Pharmaceutical corporations had little interest because the drugs involved were inexpensive and out of patent. Governments fail to produce the pills themselves because they would be pilloried by corporate PR campaigns for ‘undermining the free market’ – just as public healthcare is still demonized in the US as ‘socialist’.”

Business and political elites have proven they have no interest in public health. Their interests have been demonstrated – they are profits and power.

“In 2004 the US derailed a UN Food and Agriculture Organization campaign to educate consumers about healthy and unhealthy foods. The media subsequently ignored a warning by the US Surgeon-General in March 2006 that ‘the obesity epidemic is a bigger world problem than terrorism’.” 

   – John McMurtry, Myths of the Global Market, 

    New Internationalist

20,000 people die a year world-wide from terrorism (“theirs” – ours is by war and economic strangulation, which kills far more). Even more die from poverty and hunger, and more still from obesity and unhealthful diets. But still, the people are lost in hysteria and panic, and semi-voluntary mass quarantine and house arrest, over a virus that to date has killed just over 1% of the annual death toll from the common flu, and fraction of the number that die in bathtub drownings every year. Reason has fled them. Propaganda and psyops to usher in fascism, are winning.

Any pretext will suffice in the elite drive to concentrate and consolidate power in their hands. The machinations of the power hungry, in this as is all generations, are extremely dangerous – far more dangerous than terrorism or any virus. Freedom and democracy, versus fascism and a police state, are what’s at stake. The people must cease to be so easily distracted, deceived, manipulated, divided, and corralled. 


March 22, 2020


Further Reading:

Chomsky, Necessary Illusions, Class Warfare, and Year 501 (These three in particular)

Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine

John Perkins, A Game As Old As Empire, & The New Confessions Of An Economic Hitman

Naomi Wolf, The End of America

John Pilger, The New Rulers Of The World

Susan George, Shadow Sovereigns

C Wright Mills, The Power Elite

Peter Phillips, Giants

and I would recommend my two first published books:

Enlightened Democracy: Visions for A New Millennium


The People vs The Elite:
A Manifesto For Democratic Revolution,
Or, Survival In The 21st Century And Beyond

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