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Trump, like the latest media hype, is a distraction

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Obsession with Trump – or a virus scare, and the latest media hype – is mass distraction, as I’ve said since before his election.

Trump is a danger, certainly, and an extreme danger – to the country, the people of the United States, and the people of the world, even the planet. The Deep State, which still by and large runs the country, and has since 1947, is far more dangerous, but Trump is certainly dangerous: above all because of his acceleration of fossil fuel use, and his militarism, exactly as Chomsky has said.

The latest media-created hysteria, this time over another virus – one still far less dangerous than the common flu, and virtually insignificant compared to the death toll from poverty and obesity, both – is also dangerous. The coronavirus “pandemoc” is extremely dangerous, in fact – due to the media-induced panic and distraction, not the virus itself, and far more so, due to the clearly authoritarian responses of governments and elites, which I would say are clearly intended to get the people ready to surrender their freedom, and accept martial law.

But while Trump and the virus are dangerous, for reasons described, if people obsess over them, then all perspective is lost, we lose sight of the bigger picture – and that is far more dangerous than any president or germ. (Caustic humour comes to mind, but maybe we have had enough of that for now.)


“This Trump-washing gets everybody off the hook. Suddenly they’re all heroes. The CIA is heroes, the FBI is heroes…” – Robert Sheerer

Yes, war criminals like Hilary, Madeleine Albright, Obama, cast themselves as heroes, in utter self-deceit.

And the black heart of the military-industrial-security complex, otherwise known as the Deep State, as Peter Dale Scott called it – or the Power Elite, as C Wright Mills and Peter Phillips have called them, or the Shadow Government, as Bill Moyers called it – which is the CIA, along with the “counter-intelligence” department of the FBI, which together make up the foreign and domestic secret police, paramilitary, or political police, along with the NSA, the NSC, and their masters and overlords at Davos, the City of London and Wall Street, are all good guys now, real knights in shining armor.

Let us all rejoice that our masters are really messiahs.

But whatever self-deceptions or PR campaigns elites may engage in, the reality remains: the problems are systemic, not reducible to one single person. 

Sometimes voting matters. In this case, with regard to the 2020 US election, I agree with Chomsky – voting matters, and removing Trump from power is important, possibly critical. I also agree with Chomsky that preventing the worst is where we start, not where we end.

The US, like most “advanced” industrial nations, including Canada, the UK, and in Europe, now requires nothing short of revolution, if humanity is to survive, to say nothing of matters of justice, freedom, equality, or peace.

Individuals must be held accountable, and sometimes must be swiftly removed from power; but systemic change is also urgently required. That much should be obvious by now. And systemic change, generally in history, is called, Revolution.


March 14, 2020


Here is the Sheerer Chomsky interview, part two. And listen also to part one, which is even more important (the sequence is unimportant, I would say).

Tipping Point Is Near: It Is Now Revolution, Or Extinction & Slow Death

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“Another four years of Trump, we may be passed tipping point, literally. It may be terminal for the species.” 

 – Noam Chomsky 

As I keep saying, and have said for over three decades, for reasons of justice, freedom, democracy, averting the obvious trend towards global neo-feudal corporate oligarchy, and fascism, and for environmental reasons, which are increasingly dire, for the sake of the survival of the human species, we need a revolution. And by this hour, we need it now. 

It does not matter what the odds are. Odds do not enter into questions of moral imperatives, such as this clearly is. If you are walking by a river and you see a child drowning, you don’t ask what the odds are of saving her. You just jump in. Odds don’t matter.

If we are going to die, let us die with honour and with dignity, with courage and bravery, with compassion and with virtue. Let us die on our feet, fighting (non-violently, as Gandhi and King showed) to protect human beings and other living beings on Earth, and to heal this world, and bring about a better world and a better future for all. Let us not die slowly and in the shadows, whimpering and whining and cringing like beaten dogs. 

Let us stand, and let us stand for something, and not stand for nothing but cowardice and reality avoidance and sullen despair. We are better than that. We are men and women, not cattle, or mice, or sheep.

But we do not have to be pessimistic or resigned, in any case, or fatalistic in any way. What we know for certain is that inaction now will exponentially compound human suffering, many thousand-fold. We also know that action taken with courage and compassion is never wasted action. It always benefits others, oneself (since compassionate action is also enlightened self-interest, as well as being virtuous and kind), and it always benefits the world, or the broader community on Earth, which is our larger family.

Whether the benefit is small or large, action always matters. And moreover, millions of people taking small positive actions, can add up to something that is truly far greater than the sum of its parts. It can add up to revolutionary changes –  even, to a new renaissance, a rebirth.

Nobody believed the Wright Brothers could fly. For centuries nobody thought slavery or child labour would ever end, or even should. Many people, I am sure, thought the American and French Revolutions, before they happened, were impossible dreams.

In short, as Thomas Paine said, “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”

What are we waiting for?

Let us begin.


March 14, 2020


See also, the excellent films:



The Corporation

Requiem For The American Dream

Revolution (Rob Stewart film)

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V for Vendetta


And read Ronald Wright’s, A Short History Of Progress.

Here is Chomsky weighing in: the grand old dissident himself

The Dangers Of Denial

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When someone fails to realize that China is a deeply authoritarian state, or actively denies it, or likewise does not realize that the US, Canada, the UK and Europe have been taken over by an equally authoritarian corporate oligarchy, I think, have you been living under a rock? Wow. Almost incomprehensible levels of denial. And extremely dangerous. In WWII, people knew that fascism had arisen in Germany, Italy and Japan. And they fought it, and defeated it. Today, the majority are asleep, while fascism arises again. They have no idea what danger they are in. But they are afraid of a bug that is less dangerous than the common flu. This is problematic, to say the least.


March 13, 2020

Billionaires Cheer Lockdown – Surprise, Surprise

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Forbes magazine cheers lockdown. Surprise, surprise.
The billionaire club of Davos likes lockdown, because they prefer oligarchy and authoritarianism, that is, fascism, to freedom and democracy. It also happens to curb pollution, but that doesn’t mean we should cheer lockdown, or preludes to fascism and authoritarian rule.
March 13, 2020

Biowarfare, Power Games, Fear & Hype

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Interesting how synchronicity works, as Jung referred to it. The other night I watched a Star Trek episode, and it was about a bio-engineered virus designed to kill specific genome types.
Now evidence mounts that a) the coronavirus was an engineered bioweapon, and b) it seems to have been designed for targeting ethnically Chinese, Iranian and Italians. Biowarfare against China and Iran is insane, but easily understood. Why Italy? Perhaps to punish Italy for being the first European nation to sign a BRI trade deal with China.
What should concern us far more than viruses, are power games of oligarchs. They are far more dangerous than any virus, old or new.
As Public Enemy said, “Don’t believe the hype.”
Do, however, re-read Huxley and Orwell – now.
March 13, 2020

Global Trends: Fascism Amidst Manufactured Panic & Distraction

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Multi-cultural elite rule turning increasingly toward global corporate oligarchy, neofeudalism, and fascism, has been the undeniable direction of the West since 9/11, 2001. 

Further moves in this direction make far more sense as explanations for elite responses to a health crisis that is dwarfed by the ongoing crises of poverty, hunger, obesity and poor diets, than any professed concern for public health. 

How obvious is that to anyone of sound mind? 

But clearly, the majority are not. For that reason, they are lambs led to slaughter. 

Re-read Huxley and Orwell. We are being played.


The death rate for coronavirus in Europe is 0.4%, peaked in Italy at 6% and is falling, peaked in China at 3% and is down to under 1%. But the authoritarian responses in the West do not fit the numbers, and continue to soar, as does the daily manufactured panic and fear. “Stay at home. Avoid social contact. Isolate yourself. Be very afraid. Surrender your freedom – for your own good.”

Meanwhile, it cannot be emphasized enough, the common flu every year causes 200 times the number of deaths by the coronavirus globally to date, while obesity and hunger kill over 20,000 each PER DAY.


And beware the military industrial complex, and the new global oligarchy. These are vastly bigger dangers than any virus, new or old.

Common sense, anyone? Anyone care for a little slice of basic sanity?



Then ready the prison camps.


March 13, 2020


Further reading – big picture analysis:

Noam Chomsky, Necessary Illusions: Thought Control In Democratic Societies,
Year 501: The Conquest Continues,
Class Warfare,
Requiem For The American Dream: The Principles Of Concentration Of Wealth & Power
George Orwell, 1984
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, and Brave New World Revisited
Yevgeny Zamyatin, We
Jack London, Iron Heel
Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine
David C. Korten, When Corporations Rule The World
Susan George, Shadow Sovereigns
John Pilger, The New Rulers Of The World
John Perkins, A Game As Old As Empire, and
The New Confessions Of An Economic Hitman
C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite
Peter Phillips, Giants: The Global Power Elite
Murray Bookchin, The Ecology of Freedom
Erich Fromm, Escape From Freedom
Bertrand Russell, Roads To Freedom
Joanna Macy, World As Lover, World As Self
Ronald Wright, A Short History Of Progress


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