On Terrorism and Imperialism: The “War On Terrorism” Is The War OF Terrorism


Exactly. This sums it up completely.

This is exactly what Chomsky and other intelligent and honest observers have been saying. If we want to end terrorism, then we will have to end imperialism. That means we stop trying to control other nations for the sake of geopolitics and imperial interests, such as the control of oil and gas reserves and pipeline routes in the Middle East.

Until we let go of the obsession with controlling the world’s resources, as the US and it’s allies are hell-bent on doing, terrorism will never go away, and in fact, will only increase.

What is it to bomb other countries, and kill hundreds of thousands of people through war, or over a million through economic sanctions? It is state terrorism, and nothing other, as Chomsky has been saying for years. And what is the result of all this killing that is done by the US and its partners in crime? More terrorism, of course. People get angry when you bomb their country, kill their children, destroy their homes, their schools, their hospitals and their nation, and overthrow their government. And some of them turn to terrorism. This is unsurprising, and it is not only predictable, but was predicted, well before the launch of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11, and the official “Global War On Terror”, or GWOT, began.

The intelligence agencies all know this – they just don’t care. The objective of the war on terror has never been to end terrorism, but to create a pretext and a rationalization for permanent imperial war abroad, and a war on democracy, civil liberties and the people’s voices and power at home – all for the sake of corporate power and corporate profits.

The same is true of the war on terror as with the war on drugs. One of the architects of the war on drugs, in 1968, recently admitted in an interview which was just published in Harpers, that the original intent of the “war on drugs” was to target and disrupt “the anti-war left and the blacks.” He stated openly that they knew they were lying about the war on drugs. The war on drugs was never intended to end the drug trade – which the CIA controlled and still controls (both heroine and cocaine) – much less to end drug use. It is a tool for political control. And exactly the same is true of the “war on terror” – which, by the way, like the “war on drugs” is a phrase that should never be used without quotation marks, because it is a lie, a propaganda tool, and not what it appears to be.

But to put it succinctly and in a nutshell, the world is now ruled by a handful of oligarchs, bankers and other business elites, and the giant corporations they control; and for them, war is very profitable and desirable, and controlling the world’s resources through war, or any other means that are expedient, is just a matter of doing business as usual. Until they are removed from power, nothing is going to change.

Dethrone the bankers and the corporate elite, and return the power to the people, where it rightfully belongs, and the world will be transformed in less than a year. Until then, nothing is going to change, and we can expect the world to become increasingly dangerous, unstable and insecure, violent, war-torn, unjust, tyrannical, toxic and polluted, until our civilization collapses, and humankind goes extinct.

So democratic revolution really is a matter of survival now, as I argue in my book, Enlightened Democracy, which I would urge everyone to read.

(It’s on Amazon, here: http://www.amazon.com/Enlightened-Democracy-Millennium-Introductory-Political-Economy/dp/1481074776/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1458869803&sr=8-3&keywords=enlightened+democracy)

And as for democracy and revolution, it had better be soon, or it will be game over for the human race on earth.

This is why I get a little exasperated sometimes – we are running out of time. We need serious action, and much more than we currently are seeing, and now.

Stand up. Speak out. And let the revolution begin. It is that, or it is slow death. Only fantasy presents a third option.

March 24, 2016


Latest Polls:
(From Reuters):
47% of people would vote for Sanders, 32% for Trump, or Drumph, and 30% for “bomb-em-now” Hillary “The-Hawk” Clinton.
So, if there is any trace of democracy left in the US, which admittedly is a very big if, then Sanders will win. He might. He has a strong chance of winning all, or at least most of the Western states, and that changes everything. It’s still very early in the race. The media is corporate owned and corporate controlled, and they want either Trump or Clinton to win, because they won’t ruffle any feathers on Wall Street. So you can’t trust them for information, of course. But the polls speak for themselves.
If there is still some remnant of democracy in the US, Bernie will win. If not, then the system is clearly broken, and it’s time for plan B: which is a grassroots, Gandhian, democratic revolution. This will be a pivotal year one way or another. Either change will begin in earnest through the ballot box, or through the barricades. Either way, change, and real change, is coming. And none too soon.

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