The Appeal of Sanders and Trump



News update:

As of the latest poll, by Reuters, which is the benchmark for such polls, as of March 18 (the most recent data) after closing the gap for some time, Trump is now beating Hillary in the polls. In a match-up between the two – and such match-up polls have been generally accurate to within 3% of the final election results – Trump would beat Hillary, and become the next president. Meanwhile, in a match-up between Trump and Sanders, Sanders wins easily, by a huge margin, of nearly 20%. Nearly 50% of people said they would vote for Bernie Sanders, while just over 30% said they would vote for Donald Trump. (So yes, 30% of Americans are stark raving mad, but that is beside the point.)

The conclusion is obvious: if anyone is worried about Trump becoming president – as they should be, since he is a raving lunatic, and certifiably insane, as well as a racist, sexist bigot, and he appears to also be a power-mongering fascist as well – then they should support Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is the safest bet to defeat Trump. Hillary would simply lose.

What is also clear is that if Hillary Clinton is serious about ensuring that the Democratic party defeats Donald Trump, then she should withdraw from the race immediately. She won’t do this, of course, because she is also certifiably insane (being zealously, even maniacally eager for war with Iran, for example, knowing full well this risks nuclear war with Russia), and also power-hungry, like Trump, but she should. In any case, a vote for Hillary has now become a vote for Trump, because she is going to lose to him. Sanders is not only the only decent candidate, but the only one who can defeat the psychopath which is Donald Drumph – er…Trump.

The mass media have been playing cheerleaders for both Trump and Clinton, (Trump received 23 times the media coverage as Sanders in 2015) but they are out of touch with the people, as well as corrupt, due to money interests. Don’t rely on them for information, of course. And do support Bernie Sanders, please – if for no other reason, than to ensure that Donald Trump never sees the inside of the White House, other than by way of photographs, or a guided tour.

Want to defeat Trump? Vote Sanders. It is the only way.

– JTR, March 24, 2016


In a nutshell, Donald Trump is a false populist, who is using and manipulating, and misdirecting the people’s anger, and channeling it into hate. Bernie Sanders is an authentic, real populist, who is touching on the people’s legitimate anger and discontent, and directing it where it should be directed, at the root of the problem, which is the Wall Street elite, and the corporate coup which is destroying the nation, the middle class, and the world. But let’s look more deeply, because these are serious issues, and a great deal is at stake.

Donald Trump appeals to the anger and frustration of the people, clearly, but why, exactly, does he hold such appeal for at least a minority of the people of the US? Well, the basic problem is that corporate globalization has meant that factories and jobs have been sent to China and other low-wage countries, with the result that the middle class in the US is being wiped out, as poverty and inequality – and tensions – soar. But instead of addressing the real problems, people like Trump blame immigrants and Muslims, and direct (or misdirect) the people’s anger there. It is a common pattern, and we’ve seen it before, and it is a dangerous pattern as well, of course.

Trump wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico, to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the US. But this will accomplish nothing, other than wasting money and sowing further division, tensions and distraction. You could build the equivalent of the Great Wall of China all around the entire continental US, and it wouldn’t change the fundamental situation. The problem is within the US, and is not coming from outside.

The problem is globalization and de-industrialization, not immigration, be it legal or illegal. The problem is that the corporate elite have become drunk with greed, and are seeking ever greater short-term profits, at the expense of the American people and the world. Wall Street is simply seeking maximum short-term profits, by moving factories and jobs to low-wage countries, and the results have been devastating for the people of the US.

If Donald Trump had any intelligence or honesty, he would be the conservative equivalent of Bernie Sanders, and he would be focusing the people’s anger on the real source of the problem – which is Wall Street, and the off-shoring of jobs through corporate globalization.

But Trump has proven that he has absolutely no honesty, and probably very little intelligence either. He is a snake oil peddler, a scam artist. He is using the people’s anger in dishonest ways, simply to further his own power-lust and greed, and to further inflate his already bloated ego. And unfortunately, millions of people are falling for it, and are deceived by it.

Bernie Sanders is presenting a very honest populism, as opposed to the false populism of people like Trump or Clinton. Sanders is relating to the very real anger of the people, and focusing it where it should be focused – on the Wall Street elite who are devouring the people, the nation, and the world.

Fortunately, I don’t think there is much chance that Donald Trump could be elected in 2016, although we can never know for certain – and the simple reason is that the Bush-Cheney cabal destroyed the credibility of the Republican party.

(We should remember that when Obama won what the media ridiculously called a “populist landslide” in 2012, less than 25% of the American people voted for him – and even fewer voted for the Republican party. Both parties are now train wrecks, after four decades of selling the people down the river to the corporate elite, but the Republicans are in an even worse state of having destroyed their credibility than the Democrats.)

Even if the Republican party was not thoroughly discredited in the eyes of the great majority of the people, which it is, it is unlikely, at present at least, that such a rabid extremist as Donald Trump, could win a presidential election in 2016 – maybe in earlier times, or maybe, if things turn even worse, in a future time, but not in 2016.

Let’s be perfectly clear. Election fraud is still a possibility, and it has happened before, of course, so either Trump or Hillary could win by that means. But otherwise, neither of them is likely to win.

Trump would have difficulty winning, as I say, because he an extremist even by recent Republican standards, which are now abysmally low (Abraham Lincoln would be ashamed of what his party has become), and because the Republican party has disgraced and discredited itself, even with a large percentage of former Republican voters. And even among the small minority of Americans who still support the Republican party, only a minority of them support Donald Trump. Hillary has a negative approval rating, and is being investigated by the FBI, and no presidential candidate has ever been elected who has a negative approval rating, or is under investigation by the FBI. So unless there is widespread fraud or manipulation of the election, neither of these clowns stands much chance of winning.

The corporate media may portray the race as being between Trump and Hillary, but it is Bernie Sanders who actually stands the greatest chance of winning. This flies in the face of common opinion among media pundits, but we should not trust the media for any information, other than maybe the weather report – and they usually get that wrong too.

Bernie Sanders was essentially unknown to the American people, less than a year ago. He has gone from being a complete unknown, to becoming a major contender, virtually overnight. He has also raised more individual donations than any presidential candidate in US history, and with an average donation of under $30 – and has also refused all corporate Super-PAC money. So his support is very strong, and is growing.

Bernie Sanders also has the support of 80% of millennials – youth between the ages of 18 and 30. And we should note that millennials are now the largest voting block in the US, having just surpassed the baby boomers.

Bernie Sanders also has the support for the great majority of political independents. And we should also note that independents now outnumber both Democrats and Republicans in the US.

(Both major parties have disgraced and discredited themselves, as we have said, and more and more people are becoming independents, like Bernie Sanders is, as a result.)

So Bernie Sanders has a very large and passionate, growing number of supporters; and he has the overwhelming support of the two largest voting blocks in the nation, which are the youth and the independents. He has a very real chance of winning – barring election fraud, or the high-jacking of the democratic process by the “super-delegates” or the electoral college, or simple media manipulation of the people (see Amy Goodman’s comments below).

In fact, given the devastation of the Republican party on the one hand, and the facts pertaining to Hillary on the other, I would say that Bernie Sanders may well be the leading contender in the race, despite what the media have to say on the issue – if we are talking about the popular vote, and not about delegates. And this election may well yet come down a question of the democratic vote – stranger things have happened, and democracy just might arise in the United States, if enough people get off of the sidelines, shrug off their apathy and learned cynicism, and get involved.

We should also note two other very important points. One is that either Clinton or Trump would be perfectly acceptable to the corporate elite, and both are strongly backed by the Wall Street elite. Clinton is awash in Wall Street money, and both Clinton and Trump have received extremely favourable and extremely biased coverage and support by the corporate-controlled media on the whole. (Remember also that simple media presence means a tremendous amount – and in 2015 the US media gave Donald Trump 23 times the coverage they gave to Bernie Sanders. From that is is easy to tell who is Wall Street’s man, and who is not.)

Another important point is that in every match-up of candidates, Bernie Sanders would win over Trump in the election, while Hillary Clinton would most likely lose to Trump. And even early match-up polls have been accurate in recent presidential elections to within two percentage points of the final results. So the worst thing the Democratic party could do is to back Hillary Clinton.

Nevertheless, Clinton has the backing of the great majority of the (anti-democratic) super-delegates and the party establishment, precisely because she is Wall Street’s chosen candidate, and they know who butters their bread. So Clinton could win the Democratic nomination, despite the fact that it could prove disastrous to the Democratic party, and despite the grassroots populist uprising in support of Bernie Sanders.

(The party elite follow orders – and the money masters who call the shots care only that a compliant candidate who serves their interests, such as either Clinton or Trump, wins the election, and a candidate who has declared war on Wall Street, Bernie Sanders, does not. They care nothing about whether a Democratic of Republican candidate takes power, because what matters is not the party, but the compliance of the puppet installed.)

But what is most telling, is this. There are still several months left before the election, and in that time, a great deal could change. And one major element which may well be decisive is the fact that the more people learn about either Trump or Hillary, the less they trust them or support them: meanwhile, the opposite is true for Bernie Sanders – the more people find out about him, the more they trust him, and the more they like him, and tend to support him.

Remember also – it’s still early. Presidential elections are historically not decided until the final two months of the campaign, or less.

“Sanders’ campaign was dealt a body blow on March 15, when he lost 4 states to Hillary Clinton (he officially conceded Missouri days later after tying on March 15). However, the Vermont senator is positioned to win a majority, if not all of the coming primaries in Western states. Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Washington, Alaska, Wisconsin, and Wyoming all have caucuses and primaries in the coming two weeks, and Sanders is poised to win in nearly all of them.” – US UnCut, March 21, 2016

The system is corrupted deeply, but not beyond hope. There is always hope so long as there is breath. The people always hold the greater power. When, and if, they decide to make use of it, then everything changes. And that always remains a possibility, at virtually any, and every moment.

The people still have the power, and always have the greater power, as David Hume said. The question is whether they will realize it, and make us of it. Right now, most are asleep, and they seem to prefer it that way; but that can change any time. And more and more people are awakening, so there is definite hope, even though things look very bleak, and very ominous indeed.

As Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over ’till it’s over.” Racists and war-hawks and the servants of the elite may not have the last word in this possibly pivotal election of 2016. Let us hope that is the case.


March 22, 2016

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This is why millions of people love Bernie Sanders:

Back when Bernie Sanders was the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, C-SPAN asked him what his dream president would talk about.

Sanders, then in his mid-forties, began to speak earnestly about how Americans deserve a presidential candidate who would challenge the corrupt Washington establishment and take on the billionaires who run the political process. His response to the question sounded almost exactly like a Bernie Sanders stump speech in 2016.” (short video attached)


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2 Responses to “The Appeal of Sanders and Trump”

  1. You are so right on. Too bad that no one in the mainstream media have your comprehension and intelligence to analyse the situation and speak about it cogently. That is why the general public who get their news and analysis only from mainstream ‘reality-news outlets’ are so dumbed down, in a permanent state of fear, anger, or apathy….

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  2. jtoddring Says:

    Latest Polls:

    (From Reuters):

    47% of people would vote for Sanders, 32% for Trump, or Drumph, and 30% for “bomb-em-now” Hillary “The-Hawk” Clinton.

    So, if there is any trace of democracy left in the US, which admittedly is a very big if, then Sanders will win. He might. He has a strong chance of winning all, or at least most of the Western states, and that changes everything. It’s still very early in the race. The media is corporate owned and corporate controlled, and they want either Trump or Clinton to win, because they won’t ruffle any feathers on Wall Street. So you can’t trust them for information, of course. But the polls speak for themselves.

    If there is still some remnant of democracy in the US, Bernie will win. If not, then the system is clearly broken, and it’s time for plan B: which is a grassroots, Gandhian, democratic revolution. This will be a pivotal year one way or another. Either change will begin in earnest through the ballot box, or through the barricades. Either way, change, and real change, is coming. And none too soon.


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