A call to the drowning

I would love to celebrate the beauty of jazz, of blues, of classical music, and of this world, and life, and I do; but I must also relate to the suffering of this world, and attend to it, or I would feel myself to be heartless, and it would be unforgivable.

The central problem with this world is a lack of moral and intellectual courage, as Chomsky has said as well. And that failure of courage comes from a pervasive illusion of powerlessness. The great majority of people remain passive in the face of evil, because they are deluded into thinking they have no power. And so, evil flourishes.

At heart, is a mistrust of themselves, as Erich Fromm, C. Wright Mills, Huxley and others have said. They are killing themselves slowly, by a fundamental mistrust in themselves.

But they have no ears to hear, and no eyes to see. They are dancing to the band, playing beautifully, as the ship sinks. There seems to be no reaching them.

Find the life boats, you few who are not asleep. The ship is going down, and the vast majority seem intent to go down with it, and have no concern for anyone, or anything, except their present, pleasant time.

And the band plays on.

I will still try to wrest the helm from the madmen who control it, and steer us in a safer direction, as I think all sane minds should do; but be prepared, for the insane may not be forced from the wheel soon enough, and we may hit upon disaster greater than we have ever seen in our recorded history.

Brace yourselves, while we do everything in our power to make a change of course.

We will either avert the worst, or contend with it. But paralysis is the worst we can do. Shun that. Wake up. I know it has been said many times, but it is the most urgent call. Wake up. How can I say that more strongly? Wake up!

I don’t want to talk to idiots anymore. No more. No more. Deal with reality.

I know, I have no diplomacy. I have only fierce honesty, and love. It is time to wake up. Our civilization is sinking. Forgive me if I am not more polite in waking you before you drown.

(Now, every thoughtful person, and every thoughtless person, ignore this, for there are so many other, more trivial things to contend with.)

J. Todd Ring,
October 17, 2015

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