What do I want? Revolutionary change – nothing less will do at this critical time in our history

I want nothing short of revolutionary change, a radical change, a renaissance. I think it is needed – urgently needed: and I do not think that human beings are going to survive at all without it. We have, inadvertently, pressed our backs against a wall. I think we need to rise to a higher level of awareness, or go extinct – and the choice is at hand, with zero time to delay. That is why I often sound so ferocious when I write: I believe, and feel deeply, and, I would say, I have seen, that we have no time left. The time for incremental, gradual changes has passed. We are literally in a do or die situation. Either we make major changes in our society now, or we cease to exist. Stand up now, people. As Thomas Paine said, we have it within our power to make the world again. We have everything we need to build a better world. We must simply act. And now.

September 18, 2014

2 Responses to “What do I want? Revolutionary change – nothing less will do at this critical time in our history”

  1. The longer we wait the greater the odds of revolutionary change. That said, I’m with Chris Hedges is considering revolution not just a last resort but probably a worst resort.

    Anyone who has studied revolution realizes that they usually result in a good deal of chaos and suffering, especially for those who chose revolt in the first place. Revolutions, once underway, tend to create waves of uprisings with the most powerful and most brutal ascending to control.

    Don’t forget that with the RCMP already reprising the role of the Stasi, criminalizing dissent and characterizing protest as subversive, cataloging suspects and maintaining dossiers, we can expect the full power of the state to meet uprising with brutal force.

    If it’s revolution you want, you had best be prepared to die for it and realize there won’t be many standing with you to face that consequence.


    • jtoddring Says:

      Thank you for the very thoughtful comment. I am not so pessimistic however. Yes, the elite will most likely try to hold onto power, and yes, that may get quite ugly, but I see no alternative to revolution, other than the self-induced collapse of our civilization, due to ecological madness and folly, followed by a dark age and extinction. I do not advocate violence and do not believe it is intelligent strategy in any event, as MLK also remarked, but non-violent revolution, a la Gandhi, can and must succeed – and will. What the people face by inaction is far worse than what they will face through action, I can assure you. And if that is not convincing enough, I simply say, we have a moral obligation to create a better world, and a viable future for the children of this earth. That to me is the bottom line. Courage is required of us. Conscience demands it.


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