Scottish Independence: A few thoughts

I hope the people of Scotland vote yes in the referendum on independence. And I further hope that they will avoid the fate of other countries that won independence politically, only to be subjugated by economic means – for example, South Africa and Poland, after Apartheid and Communism, respectively, where the bankers, IMF and international corporate sharks essentially shackled and devoured these nations. (See Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine.) If the people of Scotland are to gain true independence, they will have to be bold in both economic as well as political terms, and take cues from Iceland and Argentina, who told the neoliberals and the IMF to take a hike. Otherwise, even a “yes” vote will be only a paper victory. I’m hoping for the best. We will see.

I think Scottish independence would be a good thing; but I think it will require more than a referendum vote for independence from the UK. It will require a sovereign currency, for example. It will require leaving the EU. And it will require a total rebuke of the IMF and corporate-driven neo-liberal policies. Once again, it will take, in short, considerable boldness on the economic front, as well as the political.

September 11, 2014

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