Earth Day, corporatism, fascism and the saving of our future and our home

The only thing worse than capitalism is corporatism: which we have now, and which is a kind of neo-feudal oligarchy in which business and the state are merged – which, as Mussolini himself defined it, is the proper term for fascism. And to make matters worse, not only is our present global regime of neo-feudal corporatism, or corporate fascism, brutal, inhumane, radically unjust, parasitic, imperialistic, warlike, megalomaniacal, deranged, sociopathic, anti-democratic and tyrannical, but it is also ecocidal: which means, it is suicidal and it is destroying the planet and our future. Stand now.

On Earth Day, and until the people win, we must rise and stand, and we must, and will, defeat the currently ruling regime of global corporate rule. Now is the time. The fate of the world is in our hands. And the people have the power.

J. Todd Ring,
April 22, 2014


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