What is happening in Venezuela? It’s certainly not what the mainstream media is telling you

“Much of the reporting by the mass media gives the impression that Venezuela faces a national rebellion. The reality, says Miguel Tinker Salas, is that the protests have been restricted to mostly middle and upper middle class neighborhoods, not entire cities.”
  – Truthout, What is happening in Venezuela?
(Many, many thanks, to the honest journalism presented here, in this article, and in general at Truthout.)

Yes, as with the situation in Ukraine – and as is the usual norm, the truly pathological and dysfunctional norm under the rule of Western plutocracy and the corporate state – the people are being systematically lied to with regards to recent events in Venezuela.

What is happening in Venezuela? The left has won 18 out of the past 19 democratic elections, and the right wing, which used to rule the country, before Chavez changed all that – the right wing which is supported almost exclusively by the minority who are rich or middle class – is furious. That is what is happening in Venezuela.

“There is no evidence that broad sectors of society, especially the urban poor who provide the most support to the government, have joined the protests initiated by middle and upper class sectors. This division led one Colombian commentator to state, “Venezuela is an odd country, the only place were the rich protest and the poor celebrate.” It is doubtful the opposition can sustain the present level of protests. By seeking Maduro’s ouster through undemocratic means and without majority support, the opposition has once again entered a “callejon sin salida,” a political dead end…. The opposition will find it difficult to save face after this round of protests and many question their commitment to democratic principles and their ability to unite all of Venezuela.  Having radicalized their base, they now face the daunting task of demobilizing their followers if they are to salvage any credibility in future elections.”
   – Miguel Tinker Salas, Center for Economic and Policy Research, Truthout, March 6

Reading the mainstream media, you are given the impression, as you are meant to, that there is a national rebellion going on that has broad popular support. It doesn’t.

Municipal elections we recently held across the country, and the left won 70% of the vote, confirming that the democratic socialist government of Venezuela has broad and deep support among the people – as it has since Chavez took power through free and fair elections.

The same thing happened between 2002-2004, when the right wing staged a coup, and when that failed, staged “popular” protests, trying to destabilize the government and force a crisis of ungovernability, in order to overthrow the democratically elected government.

But Washington and the big corporations, including the corporations which control 90% of US media, despise both socialism and democracy, and especially when they are combined – and worst of all, when they prove it to be an illusion and a lie that socialism and democracy are not compatible, or even that democratic socialism must be a tyranny of the majority, as the right wing often likes to sloganeer about.

Venezuelan democracy is more populist, more grass-roots-based and more constitutionally based, not to mention far more free and fair and robust, than US politics have ever been, even before Wall Street consolidated its hold over the US “democratic” process. If we want to point to an anti-democratic tyranny, we don’t have to look very far. It is right here, in North American society, where the business elite rule, and democracy be damned.

Chavez re-drafted the Venezuelan constitution – not to give himself more power, but to write into the constitution, the right of the people to hold a presidential re-call vote, and to remove him or any other president from power. What dictator re-writes the constitution so that he can be removed from power by the people at any time? More to the point, which of our “democratic” and “freedom-loving” political elites – or prostitutes to the super-rich and the corporatocracy, I should say, to be more accurate – would even tolerate, let alone initiate, re-drafting the constitution to allow them to be removed from power at any time? Very, very few. In sum, Venezuela has been made, not only more prosperous, not only more equal, but also more free and more democratic under Chavez and his democratically elected successor, Nicolás Maduro.

Arguably, Venezuela is more democratic than the United States, which by every single measure, is run by and for Wall Street and the plutocratic, rabidly anti-democratic, quite literally fascist corporate elite. Washington should hang its head in shame, and bow low before the positive actions and the courage being demonstrated by the Veneuelan people and their elected government.

The rich, the right wing, Washington and the global corporate giants – and especially the oil giants, who do not like having to pay higher royalties to the Venezuelan people now, for the privilege of extracting the black gold from the country – are livid. But the people of Venezuela, aside from a rabidly anti-democratic and frequently violent, rich minority, support the democratic socialist government.

With Iraq, the US invaded – for the sake of the oil. In Ukraine, the US just staged a successful coup, as former CIA analyst Ray McGovern has made clear, and as Illinois professor of international law, Francis Boyle, also corroborated – in part, to gain control of gas pipelines supplying energy to Europe. In Libya, Washington staged a coup using Al Queda forces as their hired thugs – for oil. In Venezuela, Washington is backing the extreme right, in efforts to overthrow the democratically-elected government. So far, the people of Venezuela have held strong against such anti-democratic attempts to overthrow their widely supported and much-loved, elected government. I pray they will continue to succeed, and I believe they will. With the strength and solidarity of MERCOSUR, the powerful and fast-rising Latin American trade block, and with solidarity from people around the world, they will continue to win, I hope, I pray, and I do believe.

That is what is happening in Venezuela.

That, and the steady reduction of poverty and a fairer sharing of the wealth that comes from the country’s massive oil reserves (which are among the largest in the world), among other economic sectors as inequality shrinks, and constitutional, populist democracy is enshrined.

Meanwhile, in the United States, Canada and Europe, poverty and inequality are rising fast, while freedom, civil liberties and democracy are under attack. And who is pointing the finger at whom?

Really now. The hypocrisy of the Western, or rather, the North-Western media of North America and Europe, along with that of the political and business elite, would be shocking, if it were not so routine to have become banal. But it is certainly sickening and nauseating, nevertheless.


An aside: Routine media distortions, illusions and lies

I just read – or read as much as I could stomach – the CBC’s “in-depth analysis” of the situation in Ukraine. It was titled, “Ukraine in crisis: key facts, major developments.” Well, they failed to report any of the truly central facts, and they completely misrepresented and distorted all of the major actual facts and the truth of what is happening. So much for honest journalism in Canada. For the real key facts on the situation in Ukraine, see the article I wrote yesterday: http://jtoddring.com/2014/03/06/ukraine-cia-coup-geopolitical-analysis-and-wwiii/  – Ukraine: CIA coup, geopolitical analysis, and WWIII.

(CBC is Canada’s most-watched television news network, a state-run corporation that is widely, and very confusedly believed to be liberal to centre-left, neutral, objective, free and fair – as it presents itself. Some “necessary illusions” die hard. The CBC may compare favourably to, say Fox News, MSNBC or CNN, but that is a pretty low bar to surpass – you really have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to do worse than them.)

CBC, in terms of international news, you are a complete write-off, I am sorry to say. As Thomas Jefferson said, “I look upon my fellow countrymen with commiseration when they believe that by reading the papers they have learned something about the world. Those who never read the newspapers are better off than those who do, for it is better to know nothing, than to have one’s head filled with lies, half-truths and illusions.”

Better to shut off the mainstream corporate and state-run media altogether. What a wasteland of lies, distortions, falsifications and misinformation. Shut it off. Turn off the morphine drip. The mainstream media, the corporate and state-run media, have become the opiate of the people. Pull the plug.

For the real story, turn to Truthout, the Centre For Research On Gloobalization, Gerald Celente of Trends Research, Z Magazine, Democracy Now! and The Real News Network, or other carefully chosen independent media. Many people are already fed up with the mainstream media, and all the figures show it: the major media are losing their audience in droves. For the rest of the population, who still tune into the old guard media, I would suggests the alternatives mentioned above – here, real journalism lives, and the truth can be told, and spoken freely.

The world needs our help. If we are not informed, then it will be difficult for us to help anyone, or even to help ourselves. Stay informed, and get the real news. Change the channel, if you haven’t already.

J. Todd Ring, March 7, 2014



4 Responses to “What is happening in Venezuela? It’s certainly not what the mainstream media is telling you”

  1. Another fucking ideologicial socialist moron without a clue about what is happening in Venezuela. You people are just as dangerous as Stephen Harper.


    • jtoddring Says:

      That made me laugh. But maybe I should not assume you are an ideologue yourself, with no rational basis for your slanderous words and your empty rhetoric and vitriol. Maybe you know something I do not. I could be very mistaken about Venezuela. I am quite certain I was right in my views of it up until the death of Chavez, and from what I have seen, the Venezuelan government still remains democratic and also populist, and widely supported by the people. But if I am mistaken, then please don’t simply rant at me and hurl insults and vicious words – tell me, precisely, where and how I am wrong. I am always happy to hear new opinions and perspectives, new ideas and new information. I am not thrilled about engaging in a discussion with someone who is not willing to conduct themselves with a basic level of mutual respect and courtesy, however, no matter how passionate we may be, or the conversation may get. Let me know where and precisely in what way you believe I am mistaken. Ideologues rant and hurl insults, speaking in terms of unassailable, unquestionable, sacrosanct dogmatism. That is what ideologues do. They are fixated and dogmatic, and can only “discuss” issues or ideas by avoiding all rational discussion, and instead sticking to sloganeering and name-calling, then storming off in a huff to hide the fact that they actually have nothing to say and have no idea what they are talking about. Give me verifiable facts, not empty rants, or leave me in peace, and take your bad attitude and your dogmatism elsewhere.


    • jtoddring Says:

      It is always a little creepy when someone hurls hatred about – even if they are not making any sense and are simply making themselves look foolish and juvenile. I feel like I have to take a shower after reading that comment.

      Fortunately, the great majority of comments to this blog are both thoughtful, and also respectful – as one would hope they would be. A few are not, and they usually get sent to the trash, or simply ignored.

      This one warranted as response, however, if for no other reason, than to simply lay down some ground rules for engagement and discussion on this forum, and to make it clear, publicly, where I stand on such matters of rational, respectful discussion versus ideological dogmatism and hate-filled puerile diatribes.

      If you want to speak respectfully and coherently, rationally, and have a dialogue, rather than a very tedious monologue, then we can talk. I’m all ears. If not, then I have no interest.

      Furthermore, if you are willing to learn how to discuss issues with a basic respectfulness, and to speak in rational rather than jingoistic terms, then maybe people will start listening to you – if that’s what you want. If you don’t care whether anyone pays any attention to you or listens to what you have to say, but just want to rant, then you can take your frothy-mouthed, childish impudence elsewhere.

      Enough said. This comment has taken enough of my time. And again, ideologues generally don’t listen in any case, so the entire response may have been a waste of time – except for the fact that there are good-natured, thoughtful people out there who may read this, and may be heartened to hear a troll be smacked on the nose with a rolled up newspaper, so to speak, and told to back off, simmer down, or simply go away.


      • jtoddring Says:

        One last thought: how would I be perceived, or my views be perceived, as in any way dangerous, by any sane or rational human being? Is constitutional democracy dangerous? Anyone who believes it is, can only be a fascist – or a very naive anarchist or libertarian. I strongly believe in non-violence, compassion for all, environmental sanity, peace, freedom, an end to war and to empire, dignity and equality for all, and grassroots, populist democracy, with constitutionally enshrined rights and freedoms for all. How is that in any way dangerous? Ah, but even the term, “socialism,” strikes terror in the hearts of the deeply indoctrinated. What is this, 1954? Are we not out of the McCarthy era yet? Does such Red Scare non-sense still frighten or fool anyone? Apparently it still holds sway with a small, but stubbornly dogmatic minority. Amazing. Truly amazing. But then again, there are people who still believe that Elvis is alive, and the earth is flat.


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